Go inside this year's Governors Ball

ABC News' Lesley Messer gives a preview of the food and décor for the post-Oscars after party.
21:14 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Go inside this year's Governors Ball
I ever want it. It's slightly after digital entertainment editor for 80 senior than I am in Hollywood at the preview for the governor's ball which is of course the after party for the Oscars. I have with me the shaft. For the event Wolfgang Puck and didn't bring the camera that you can see him and all the delicious thing. Hat and chef Eric yeah you can the other delicious finger whipping up for the parties to back. Alan you know what I'm doing Larry behind reaction on behalf. Hopefully. You know hospital. We have significant at a rate putting them and I can attest in the audit my back on around them everybody else. That same morning at which what is. Rick and hopefully. Com and that ended tonight steady speed front Tom pop the ball room. Tel Aviv that I want minute look at how much smaller towns on the arts because. Every yeah and it's not through I didn't ever thinks. I doubt that outraged by I think. But coming to him we might get and they think but they don't think popping up may be added that obviously superintendent doctor rob. Thought if you want me to and I again what Sam replied if you look at Hollywood's top college experience this year we gonna make an amazing. You can. We happen to him I kept having this dinner at a restaurant to get back at them up the count great time. So it is concentrated. But it's brought it distances on the black ever admit it makes. Just hang tight and hot idea with my song on April as. And beat that can restaurants. Gets its image that the it's even if you have a Davidson and noisy got Cuba's doctors about showcases rain we do in order time. Has raised an outbreak that money back yeah she isn't making any genuine Lana Clarkson told that knocked off as payment. So we have via liquid nitrogen and you conceded his falling hand so we've raised chocolate. And NB and then raspberry sauce. And ended up some jail. And I let. Chocolate that's because now being how can something be done but ultimately it's okay. An outcry has been a product that you get all it is amazing. They have us. You can pays them. The black boys don't have anything. So it. After the and that I imagine people are starving yeah what is the most popular dishes that you are facts they'll do you don't get them. It makes him pop up that says but we'll. Mike Collins and Bob and I and I'm he of people. Like don't applaud that rides that did not get it not. Chicken pot by metropolis or that I have talked about some might come morning and instead went with it. It's Dallas got a couple of teeth it's okay to bring up. A coveted like my mom my difficult. And our respect and once you have to hit a public but that month that they have to make at at a lot of people really love it went so people. Rea think it's a great it's because. We salvage really that though that I think it's ludicrous Alexei it and beat it bluntly thank you give me. Planning now that one of your most famous dishes you're truffle Mac and she. He'll have gotten lots fighters on his sushi bar knock these so we have got a lot of mistakes do happen every. Yep because you know I mean it when six that they become and that it. We want to be ready so we have admirable thing around me dollar ovitz that I you have to think that some days it. Which by the content behind people's faith has. That's not sort of have to make some you because you it would be our army will let on that. And another benefit is like an opt out quote oh boy. Invite more than an artificial snow within them propped up on that. Or they might want to pick but he that was coming up high enough I don't know how NN. And then if tonight's face we have to have one that was filled with so we have been nice. They outlined in the hunt. Cool let them what political influence its cargo by its assortment. We put an attack against India we maintain our rockets three when had they can. I'm months ended and new benefits and you really things that not. And not office boy just like. Money Catholic. 500 pounds up to office just to make that chocolate cakes and that talk that this Ted and chuck that bomb bonds but the old so make your company's foods. You make Imus a I knew they looked. Eleven I don't think it's much harder time to keep touting what meets the Oscars different from all the other teachers. He went out that's it's really the biggest body heat fatherhood in a Mac or even the book everybody in public about. Because god and finally I that it doesn't help my case and favorite book advance. New York just the eight hour netbook but I think. Start into weekend and think he felt saying you gifts. I'm going to you walk you guys around the you can eat and then the other thing that aren't going to be served at the very. Either really means either arts chocolate that are covered. And even if you don't win an honest character. Take my call. I'm yeah. Your heart and. There are here not in the mood of the current thinking that we retain Sharon. Yeah. It's right behind you. A backpack on. My kids. I'm gonna continue to take you guys around the. And mining and lastly that there I am at Adobe theater in holly plant which is that Barrett the Oscars after party will equally. After the award shows that this is an actual look inside. What the celebrities will be seeing after the courts at the theme for this year's party its chance for me. Every year that faith is renovated it and be done to look a little bit different because obviously. You'll a lot of repeat. A lot of repeat attendees. Though at this year they're really trying to transition from the red in front of the room which you just not. To the white behind I'm gonna locker and the little show you that are around you got that champagne curt Barrett the line her parent if the party planner we had. Flores all of them can kind of talent a little bit about what's next act on Oscar's and I think he'll get more of it just by looking and you know what I'm Gannon didn't turn. Camera and lock you around about. So what you're looking at a lot of crap and obviously that the path. Obedience and there's. There are tons of reporters here on trains he gets an early idea of what the party and a look like I you can kind of see from this side. It goes through anymore. Randy three. Regal looking left to cleaner. Simpler detour in the back. So. Just to give you an idea how much the stream can be shipped out this is what it looks like last year. And in years past. CC there's a lot of of a lot of Brad obviously Oscars the red carpet in. Kind of an implied didn't PM. But they've really done their back to make it different every time. This is with the seating area trying to play again you have. After all sort of doing their jobs figuring out what to expect that they attorney. Even letting us trials over the the food's here so I can tell you it's as good as you would imagine an. Mark's garden is giving flowers twenty urinary don't. And you can see in keeping with the red white. There is a lot of. You mean. Mark's garden it's and the flowers for this event for twenty years he knows what he's doing. So OK so again we're in front of the flowers. They can save the date for as well. Can see that there's. Critics who matters. And then returned twenty game. White House so they want it. The room to really hot they had lasted these. An evening. Caricatures of old Hollywood and they think they really wanted those two kind of stand on Arabs that they tried to make the flowers. A little more low key last year this year they're doing a pop and Brad a little bit pink but mostly it's might again. The room I think that the courts transiting from red in front to wait and back. I'm might cast would be and we can talk to mark a little bit more about that. They don't want the flowers necessarily conflict with a restive city power and one thing I think it used to be that I haven't shown yet. It's as light installation that's on the feelings are seeing you looking up it's because it's very distracting. That theme again it's your chance for an ancient. And they wanted to be feeling too kind of tie everything together so I'm going to let the camera opposite you can take a look at it. And you keep the lights on any we'll keep looking at. Com. Here on the feeling old and my. And he really think. I'm really really time. Grooming and where all the liberties. After the words it's winner. The official after party where the yeah. And a half hour here on February 20. Seating everything that's really. You. Are being cat. T. The we really wanted to be an events. Has all the details. Number income tax Smart cal. Eat in Lawrence behind its. Concerning explained that they're going. Quarterly regard. You're at I think yeah you again we've seen. I'm so this is your 28 Oscar bill I would think that that's kind of scary and I meaning you have this down to a science. You know you would think so we have a year's new challenge. It's got to be better than last year. Right I talked to you last year you were going for an all white moves it. Because I think he wanted to caricature it's just sort of stand on their own and on the record this year I noticed there's why that you punched a couple of we're having. Here revenue. This house but act but that decision. So let's watch where the let them. Chair. No we can't. Cocktails are ready everything talk to spread so that's very sexy to unity and red walls read partners. Yeah and rent cars and people walk into the ballroom its white walls white aren't quite. White flowers with pots of red so he's going from like out. And I sexy movie look into something. It is happy. You can't help but smile and I love how you sort of done to keep the white roses one red road and work a little surprising touches like that to what the inspiration behind. Look I was Jeffrey early this kind of thing. Idea he wanted to be mainly white my. Pops of color across. Sort of green employee eight into the and it's also. Mid century modern California design and it we feel we're not mixing flowers it's one kind of flower flower stand on their own it's. It's not I was gonna save not pretty but it is very right but it isn't like. This. We go look at them and see what exactly we're dealing. Why are some of your favorites and here is there a lot to. Absurdity yet. Well he can walk around you members. God. Single plant flowers from. Ball and hope that all the bowl flowers. That's one of the most popular and flowers at a moment where nonviolent people are loving it loving it we can I get an overnight but. This is amazing enough my gosh. Tiger and emanating from Italy. I think this is going to be the star of the ball myself. Because and yemenis are so hot and we're having just flown in the first time ever anything from Italy and we've got that Boston's here. Data Powell. We don't always have come to California we always have it. Arrogantly ignored yeah wow. So he mentioned that there from Italy and others are from Holland. How do you get an Indian time what is that lets you have to ship them pretty close to the tech grade they're living. Our minds. It's a little bit scary right name but I think I think we have it down we have help coming from. It's going to be scared and we're gonna have it. So how many how many people do you have putting all of you together in the days leading up to be up. We have about 25 people working boldly on exclusively on the outskirts sides and then it's. Stalling here it is. It's amazing itself. You got bad about. Around and I know that the room is obviously coming together so beautifully not just the flowers and with all of indie quirk. How wanted to answer you all sort of start the down and figure out what you want to look at the party unity. It's in November. Its start doing prototypes December. Together we love this we don't mind now we want to go this direction when it look that way but yeah takes a few months actually yeah yeah. And you're also doing wedding party is in. Everything else in the new. Wow yeah. Look anything else about this year that really POP3 I know I loved how those flowers are different anything that you're especially excited about the we have. Covering up I love the way he's the way I'm thinking about it this year has been taking them. Mid century. The California design thanks. Architectural. Not mixing flowers. Trying to do. We. And let it. We're going to be with you I think next week when the flowers girl and I'll see you then but being keystone. You well I hope that show. I'm going to turn the camera and you wearing. I about the traffic each year for the cabinet in Hollywood again that the official after party for the Oscars which are now just a week and a half way. I'm hardy talk to Wolfgang Puck is doing all of the catering money going to Tiki back one lap times you can take a look at all the delicious. I think he has prepared and I can tell you firsthand that they are delicious because I've gotten to try some of them. And they have everything from little lighters Q well locked vault to lobster Mac and cheese pot I. And credit you're gonna either is an outrage at keep it spreads silently turning evening. I. Looking at what the after party for the Oscars going to be like the theme this year is transparent sand colored car a red light a lot of quality act back. Wolfgang Puck is doing hearings that Colin you think you plan here at the national hot and she actually extracting the Acton area. They're pretty remarkable. After the Oscars which are on Sunday February 2 point six live on EVE. ABC news we'll have all the coverage across platforms including right here on digital that you stick with us again. Lastly master at the digital entertainment out of her.

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{"id":45543841,"title":"Go inside this year's Governors Ball","duration":"21:14","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer gives a preview of the food and décor for the post-Oscars after party.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-years-governors-ball-45543841","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}