Inspired by the force of imagination

Inside the largest private collection of "Star Wars" merchandise at the Rancho Obi Wan museum.
4:45 | 10/23/18

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Transcript for Inspired by the force of imagination
Yeah yankees Clayton send all of ABC news we are here in Petaluma California today. We have come to the mid cap four Star Wars fans it's called Rancho Obi wan it's the largest collection of Star Wars merchandise. Anywhere in the world it's a nonprofit museum and they are now celebrating their twentieth year. Well grant jovial up. Hit me with some stats of cable we've got all the original action figures you're the vintage action figures and that's really help people started collecting we've got things from all over the world. Japanese true doctor that says it's to move troops far. And how many pieces do you think you have we think we have about over 400000. Separate items giant Lego pieces Darth Vader. BD eight focus collection we love BBA's is probably 110 of the stuff that they've made for B behavior and yet it is. A lot. You can buy Colgate camel cream with an action figure unfortunately the action figures the character with the worst teeth and Star Wars. I do have embroidered toilet paper I have one that says storm trooper and one with fewer than this is what you will see. We'll lace of originated because in some countries where they didn't have Star Wars toys or are they were too expensive we have. The famous Turkish blindfolds. Starr's war the Hungarian bootlegs. Actual pieces of the death star. People make knee is a Star Wars characters. Pretty frightening. It's of course started Vator is becoming iconic evil so this starts. Creator of man again is composed. There is parts some of which were screen news new helmet and mask prescreen use in return guy. The whether under soothe the cod piece and the other K porch screen used in the original Star Wars. Mrs. something we put together to be protect kids bedroom from saying 1983. Move. Everything from Star Wars empire strikes back in return and yet I. Thanks Star Wars is fan made items this is set folk art and that's always been one of my favorite pieces it's just shows that love for war. Family and that love for Star Wars and the ability to well I can't buy it I can make it. This is the treasurer and walking through now. You're both versions of the rocket fire and move the Fed which were never released and this could be the most famous action figure. Ever made. Especially because it was never sold. Because of product safety issues. There are super legendary and they go an auction for crazy prices. No I don't like to talk about money but one of these when 486000. Dollars at a recent option. Which just means that there are people with more money than common sense. People don't know how you've got all of this stuff I am not independently wealthy spent all my money for the last 41 years on Star Wars memorabilia. Star Wars just a week in the kid in the again I was 31 years old when Star Wars came out. I was like can he kid again I can go into the toy store I combine stuff. As a kid I couldn't. Some people just have a collecting genes. And I know I've had that since I was a kid it's happening at peace. Of the movie that you can have with you. In the early days of course there was no home video so inventories represented the only thing that you could have the toys in the comic books now it's a matter of nostalgia and third generation of Star Wars fans watching the movies watching the TV shows. You name it. There is just an incredible amount of very cool stuff here and the best part is branch OOB one. Is open to the public's you can come here and check it out for yourself I'm Clayton center dough in Petaluma California. And watching ABC news live you are. Sorry it's stuck in my throat.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Inside the largest private collection of \"Star Wars\" merchandise at the Rancho Obi Wan museum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58697901","title":"Inspired by the force of imagination","url":"/Entertainment/video/inspired-force-imagination-58697901"}