Jamie Lee Curtis Talks 'Brangelina' Divorce, Being A Democrat, 'Scream Queens' & New Book

The daughter of two of Hollywood's biggest stars talks about her new book and how difficult it is to be a child of divorce when your parents are in the spotlight.
7:57 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Jamie Lee Curtis Talks 'Brangelina' Divorce, Being A Democrat, 'Scream Queens' & New Book
Parent says back proceeds until it screamed yeah. Maybe you don't know I have a man she actually also just wrote an amazing new kids book. This is me a story of who we are and where we came from and this. Is James Lee Kurt. I kinda. Reverend I. I mean I. When you get out of this chant Ed Sullivan grants public Brad Pitt and Angelina yeah. Talk criticism that you know do you parents went very famous people in case you don't value very young Anthony Tony Curtis and gently. Beautiful talented family she comes up and Doug they were very active Democrats apparent. They weren't but you have not been that vocal so all of a sudden icy with a Hillary it would still not so a couple things other. You know my parents divorced and I'll tell you. For children of acrimonious divorce. It's horrible. And I'll tell you. That in my book this is media story who we are what we came from which is the story of immigration which is a story that all of us are immigrants and that if you were told you we're leaving tomorrow. For ever. As a child what would you put in the suitcase. In the back of the book but. The reason I tell you it is that what I would put in this. Suitcase. The first thing is a little gold box that says. Tony heart Jan. Now the reason I say that to you. Is that my parents hated each other. My whole life I was raised in the house of hatred for the other and is a child a famous people going through divorce I beg you. Do not buy magazines with these children on it do not support the public shaming. Of people who are public figures going through divorce because I'm a child of it and I will tell you it's heartbreaking and painful enough. Then tap tap up public scrutiny to its bets on one. But I would put the reason I would put that local box is because it represents the my parents loved each other. And that I was born out of luck. And even though their marriage ended that item along by the way with lying. Wedding picture which has my entire family the only time in my life. It was ever in one room. That would both ban Tony Janet I stepfather my grandmother my god parents my sister all my siblings and my husband's family one room one picture. So Tim me and I know I've gone off and Hillary but I go back yeah. But that it it it it it certainly does jibes with what we're all talking about which is just. It's a hot topic but it's a very personal topic so I just you know anyway Hilary doubt so. I'm you know I have an edge. My famous parent when they were married. We're very active they performed in the famous 1961. Snowed in. An all girl for John Kennedy. And my mother under the Johnson administration was offered an ambassadorship. I mean you have to have been and pretty. The big supporter to be offered an ambassadorship she turned it down she was a mom and a wife and didn't feel like was right to do that to our family but. They were very active and then my mom kind of went to the dark side married businessman who was a Reagan Republican and sort of stay that way I and I. I can whatever. And so what happened is when I was at the Golden Globes and it was the beginning of this political race. There was this moment where I felt like bite didn't finally just opened my mouth say what I thought and felt in a public way which sent I went to Iowa. And I settle a lot and I'm that a lot of people and I've been around the country talking about what she represents. Amount of experience she has the promise for this country. And it's been a very enlightening experience at a Florida next. You know I'm in the middle of shooting. Hey. Tell. A great cast and Roberts Kiki Tom bar have been ill bred. Aor and my. Yeah he's. And we're now at a hospital and now we're all doctors tonight I'm a doctor instead of the dean. Mom I was given me an honorary doctorate that they stripped from bill Cosby's. Hot hot hot hot hot. And the chamber of America hurt and I as a doctor Kathy munch and by the way a fan. Like fanned Jamie made me this you would think fox. Would think to maybe make a lunch box. That's not screaming my response and they don't and so my super fan Iranian made much when I'm yeah. Your best selling children's book off theater I am and you give some homework assignment did each had a brief time tell my book is up. Out from a teacher's standpoint. She talks about bringing her great grandmother suitcase into the classroom sing when my great grandmother was seven. She was told you're leaving forever tomorrow fill up this case with what he would take and then the teacher gives it to Egypt for students. And the book goes through what each kid would take. And then as he sought has a suitcase at the back. So liked my assignment to you guys was what would you take if you were leaving tomorrow for at that assignment I don't know. I'm Michael Joyce eating an illegal person in recent times that whenever want to be able to get their think this is my son's baby bond. Well my my my my ankle at the conference of my parents and I nice Alley. I didn't but I don't it's your Bible hello beautiful. I also put a. Your guts for my children over the years and rent and T and such heated and not only in the use at your movies like your books it's and it had a ball. It in the book. Is ultimately about this country which is that this country was founded by immigrants there's not anybody. From. America but they even made it migrated because the continental drift so the point is this. We keep talking about exclusion. And this is a book and a country that is inclusive. And that's the key message that I hope a lot about the message but they getting out there if they. Allan thank. Simply amazing in fabulous Jamie Lee Curtis. Here and see improvement. This story up. They are and where we came from is available now and you lucky people in the audience you lucky lucky people you all bowling what it.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"The daughter of two of Hollywood's biggest stars talks about her new book and how difficult it is to be a child of divorce when your parents are in the spotlight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42229843","title":"Jamie Lee Curtis Talks 'Brangelina' Divorce, Being A Democrat, 'Scream Queens' & New Book","url":"/Entertainment/video/jamie-lee-curtis-talks-brangelina-divorce-democrat-scream-42229843"}