Jan. 14, 2003: Jimmy Kimmel talks about his new talk show, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Kimmel discusses his career as an on-air comedian and what viewers can expect from his new TV show.
3:31 | 11/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jan. 14, 2003: Jimmy Kimmel talks about his new talk show, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Some boys go up when he didn't doctors some wanna be lawyers are firemen but what kind of kids says it's very early age that he wants to grow up to be a late night talk show. Not on television a late night talk show well he got his wish Jimmy Kimmel brings his special brand of no holds barred humor to the midnight hour. There will be a net because Jimmy Kimmel is going to go live and yes Virginia Leno and Letterman are not live but Jimmy will be and he's even live this morning I did and leisure memorex. About half a line. Apnea did I know that feeling I had I haven't been up early enough decision but I've been still up late enough to see the show so it's prepared at this is an expert at aggravated made his way back seat and haven't debut after the City Hall. Pressure watches. Yes but big pressure I was told about this. Yeah the pressure is on but it's mostly on the people that hired because worst comes to worse I get thrown out of cash the check and you never hear from me again I'm you know among some reality island somewhere that it suffered yes with Gary Coleman and get back Gilligan or something you've been in radio for twelve years long ago that threaten how you. I guess refined what you do most people you gotta go on the road to do that and hear the audience laugh that you did at all by yourself in a room with a minor I don't know refined as the best word for what I do but. I've ever been used before I was aware are they meet him at a lot of different places Ida lived in Las Vegas and was fired and Phoenix and and camp by and Seattle in Tucson and Palm Springs. You name the city I've been fired from it. Everybody says not to. Not to indicate that you might be fired from this case at all I wanna suggest that this would be the next went but it's really rough out there. The come up with something new that Leno hasn't done or Letterman or Conan I'm so many people have gone into that territory and Jennifer. How do you think Kim deciding how you're going to be different make everybody laugh. We'll make no mistake about it I will be fired from the job just a matter of the matter blues six weeks or six years but. Something will happen make an odd that the boat. I don't like that you really I don't think you can invent anything altogether new I think we try to have little differences like the show's live and wildly against co host every week but at least into ruling in the city years ago Mike Douglas and against foes. Every they have the weekend there's trying to do some things that are different if death co hosting yeah and and by the way. They're buying it. What NAFTA to. Com you you sit there and ideally pretend I think what I'm saying it's funny it's hard and maybe. Pattern to may be it's snoop dog might be on the show on might have to. Have a little conversation with him. Yeah it's it's yet something I think you've been very good at. To do like. Jiggle TV here you know well about it is that as well yes we'll. You will be in a bikini Diane but what happened tickled well we'll see we'll be the judges that look at. Will let the trampoline this side. Are superstitious and do something before now on Super Bowl Sunday when news debut but just kill a chicken just the normal. A blood you know thinking everyone. Jimmy Kimball will be here on ABC. Me than that birds survive this yeah.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Kimmel discusses his career as an on-air comedian and what viewers can expect from his new TV show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51040326","title":"Jan. 14, 2003: Jimmy Kimmel talks about his new talk show, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'","url":"/Entertainment/video/jan-14-2003-jimmy-kimmel-talks-talk-show-51040326"}