Jay Z and DeNiro Battle; Chris Brown a Model?

Rob Shuter has the day's Hollywood headlines.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Jay Z and DeNiro Battle; Chris Brown a Model?
You want celebrity gossip uh oh we've got celebrity gossip Huff post celebrities and Ron computer and -- -- lending and -- and -- welcome great. We don't have glasses and -- concert I love the -- stories of personal two celebrities that seemed to rule New York became the and Robert De Niro we're seeing getting into -- But these -- the empire state the thought to have didn't believe that this is do you -- doesn't belong to you this. You know wanted to -- -- -- populist -- party at a swanky place called the doll they. The party -- he was that. -- today it was that beyond -- what -- -- that. Massive massive amounts of celebrities. Up. In the middle of Paul the -- hero went up to giants today. I'm as we speak and. Records to the CI. Hate said and I -- it's like twelve year old girls -- -- he's at I've -- to six messages and you didn't return Michael Powell's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Apparently wouldn't let Robert W I was like we need to that we turn cools just make sure it's who you think you are -- -- -- come out of it's about time column that. It was a fast and I am. Really heated debates and it. After abruptly left the polled say this was the tool of the -- The -- What it was -- -- is -- the -- to allegedly promised to do a song for the TriBeCa film festival. Which mr. de Niro and runs and its -- real passion questions on it. And for some reasons the song didn't let it and they left many messages and as if he's not good enough but when it's that to -- miracles. You can pick now we now that we have an -- I call you Bob good. You don't let the -- -- that has done. -- -- -- Even -- New York centric story and it's not new markets New Jersey the real house that new parent saying. Sheila has -- the attention of the nation's one of the highest -- of all black eyes large shows. Trees -- did you did she has become sort of a household name from the shut that she started taping on Monday in new -- -- step -- hate -- And there's a lot of rumors that paradigm -- one of the house -- he's not coming back. That is not true what has happened she hasn't started taping yet so has -- -- storyline. Hasn't kicked in yet so for the first week we haven't had any cameras about parents -- some rivers patted on an -- but I'm told that is not true. They're all coming back and actually -- ones. And this medical -- stalled there's rumors of that she might -- Rather insiders. I'm not injured and one that -- the -- with a juicy background just how -- -- They read Harry hat but so she the shot to see some want this rumors that she's coming back she -- -- brawl in midtown and I'm so there are some rumors about that insiders telling me she is not how it's like she's not a contract she's not being paid -- If she wants to turn up at some policy of the last car that straight -- -- -- -- I cleared up -- that very important here is. A perfect rob. About Chris Brown we hear that the new -- -- -- beauty surprisingly -- ran -- on with what we need the models to be multiple felony now be a model that is done. Let's hope he does the -- was I. He's trying to release these -- is trying to make them make -- -- for the past. What's very interest and is that models not to make a lot of money from becoming spokes people if you remember that. That very controversial brought its. Commercial for Chanel number. Here's minutes at seven million for that so often celebrities get a modeling agency is full of with a -- Next and sign up to be models in the hope. That they get these big endorsements that doesn't mean he'll get one right wait and see him. I would imagine at some sponsors I'm a little area. -- we didn't think you know in the relative to three to Roberts -- The -- the period then -- the political. But all of that -- -- school. You know painting I did it.

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{"id":17730190,"title":"Jay Z and DeNiro Battle; Chris Brown a Model? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has the day's Hollywood headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jay-deniro-battle-chris-brown-model-17730190","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}