Jay-Z explains why he and Beyonce didn't divorce

"You know, most people walk away," the rapper told the New York Times.
1:29 | 11/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay-Z explains why he and Beyonce didn't divorce
One of the most watched couples on the planet beyoncé and daisy. Have earned him a new interview out where he talks about their tough times together. Yeah the superstars marital rift have been well documented. Mainly by the artists themselves after rumors of daisies cheating beyoncé released her album lemonade. Album of the year to many of us bearing her soul about the pain in their relations. An earlier this year daisy released his album is my fourth or more where you've committed heinous transgressions and rapped about it's how they chose to stick it out. What an interview with the New York Times executive editor screech and decay when it daisies latest reveal that Dalian beyoncé originally recorded songs together just as there be. Before releasing a separate out instance. That just. Most people walk away and I divorce rate is like 50% of sun because most people can't. Scene and so the hottest thing is seen pain or someone's face that you callers and then have to deal which itself there seal most futile when Dudek there. You want to look inside yourself. And so you walk away. OK so we may have actually buried the lead barely there beyoncé Jay-Z apparently have a joint album that is already recorded. That's all we know so far that they recorded some songs together is therapy but. Many are now holding out hopes that those songs will be released in the future and we will get here use solemn. Time.

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{"id":51486694,"title":"Jay-Z explains why he and Beyonce didn't divorce","duration":"1:29","description":"\"You know, most people walk away,\" the rapper told the New York Times.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jay-explains-beyonce-divorce-51486694","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}