Jay-Z Goes Unnoticed on NYC Subway

The rapper spoke to a female passenger who was unfamiliar with his musical career.
1:10 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Jay-Z Goes Unnoticed on NYC Subway
This this is -- two -- of course it had a big run. About. Barclays center. Camera in Brooklyn new stadium -- -- new arena out here. -- -- 43 birthday was this week as well. -- -- -- released this documentary kind of documenting his eight show stint there in Brooklyn at one highlight from the movie which are document which is called where I'm from. He's taking the subway to his final show in Brooklyn and meets a woman who just has no idea who in the world he has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My name -- yeah. It's Helen McCain and Palin. What do you. You mr. today -- a you have an automated -- literally had no idea but I'm very sweet conversation coolly to the subway -- that he was talking to a woman who clearly that didn't overall -- care who he was a critical moment caught on film so again that documentary is called where I'm from check it out. And you have to believe for somebody as famous and iconic as -- it's kind of nice to have -- He anonymity -- muscle maybe -- add up quick little subway --

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{"id":17883999,"title":"Jay-Z Goes Unnoticed on NYC Subway","duration":"1:10","description":"The rapper spoke to a female passenger who was unfamiliar with his musical career.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jay-unnoticed-nyc-subway-17883999","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}