Jeff Garlin on the making of his new film 'Handsome'

Garlin appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his role as Gene Handsome in the new Netflix mystery movie.
3:00 | 05/31/17

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Transcript for Jeff Garlin on the making of his new film 'Handsome'
Morning everybody. Things on the issue I really got going here. Holy. If anyone else notice this. But it looks like her body's put into the shape of the star of David. A man Jesus. Cities. Cheese. Seven quit the force them please. You wanna quit the force. Watch because causes cynic has the talking about this time though woman in this artist's best. Were casually talking about the lady. We're trying to figure out who did that theorized that theory you don't what are you got suicide. But it does it. And reduce that stupid. How easy were all trying here hi everybody I'm Peter Travers look when the popcorn we we tell you what is puppet in the culture and people. EU all have Netflix so get on it and watch this movie hands them it's start my very hands and get stepped on. In. Well I'm not gonna say what it is I'm just gonna say you have to see it suggest welcome. What an honor well it does say they have to see. Ice should it thinks he used an outline the white what I would like it is of people actually lightly. And they're gonna watch it. If you're not interactive like ten minutes Netflix knows if you turn an opera not that you do they have all those they have all the numbers so. Others go have lunch or just thought that this particular team. Role in serving people they keep watching you. Know it as Edwards called. Anyone to go out have lots of war during their jobs look at another first there is yet but that's just the part where. Before I just lose control which had. Been making widgets like. Do but in a few. In valley the doubt yes that's my favorite. Are right so handsome yes I wanna start because I don't know how it time to doing you have the Goldberg's don't do odd cat. You're doing six other shows you're just working all the time yet and yet you sit and make a movie but it. I don't want to confuse people that Hanson is a theories. Or do more of them you should do more well hopefully if people watch it. We will do more Netflix mr. Natale went my character handsome. But other characters. So when you came up with the ID thought I want to play tactical pants and 'cause everybody's that Hanson. Get in this office. I think if you would ethnic Serbs. It really cool peoples that there tomorrow. And I thought I also thought the billboards Jeff Ireland as handsome. Yet just in yet but he is. Manson and now all that is Chemtura yes and because. What you do in this at what you do in the lobby work curb your beat Diaz and anything you'd think to follow the formula. Right could just because. Before we went I've told you that ice on not only Colombo on this but a lot of Robert Altman's the long goodbye which has a convicted pan. Takes its time group. The worst protest murderer you know to do it yeah so did they try to do in intervention you know and say. Come on you can't do it oak you know. That's the reason your work for Netflix they hire people they believe in and let them do what they do. That's. The team back that it happened in it's happening oh in the world of Netflix you know. It's it's an honor to me make another movie for them this summer. And you didn't want the time opted. Britain. A week off you know more than a week and I'm go crazy but I did per week in and I love a good now. So like rest and don't get it wrong at. Might but you know you have to strike while the iron is hot I have an opportunity to. Direct. Another film that I would star and why would not through that and something they're really wanted to do so because I think it's that. Potential for sequels of polyps is so great yet still handsome yet now etched them. What some one more time you know it's like to grit but just tell the people who he has in this. Well Jean Hanson Regina and of that homicide detective in Los Angeles. And he is a really. Great homicide detective. And he's pretty horrible life. Which by the way. Pretty good like time that show you know I mean. But I don't mind making films or television or doing stand up I don't find any of that stressful. I'd flying life can be stressed. You know so you gonna get an argument labs and so white that theme in the movie of someone's really good at their job. But in their personal life. They're not a jerk but they're not they're having trouble. A lot of people like that so people can associate with that but. Jean Hanson yeah he does he has some relationship issues yes. He has the issue with the cookies yes he he he's trying to be healthy. Pets act. What and number I don't what I do our tribe of things that put in things that resonate with me. I'd never think about the audience in terms of all of this'll resonate with the audience if I do what's true to me. I hope that people can associate with the it's like what self reliance you know that you yes that one question. And then everyone goes oh I wish I asked what you don't know what to ask beat out you don't know anything yet but. It had this is so different and that thing because the murderer basically it's O. The first thing our papers is that Webber gets out of a swimming pool looks in the Cameron says. I'm Stephen Weber and I play the murderer in this handsome mystery movie. So away so. I don't know for lunch when you see that you doll that's how they'll stay that's before the credits and then I gotta really cool credits sequence people enjoy. With the hula hoop girl. And then. I know people that the movie it's the best thing in terms of what I may it's the best thing I've ever done and I hope people. I'll never be one that people something's great I'm really proud of soil. Well I can tell them you don't say it and you. They're very modest and say oh yeah this okay. You're today. Let me know what gets me I don't wanna give him that way because there's really nothing to giveaway that yeah we all know who did yeah but the fact is there's a scene very early on which you wouldn't talk to him where you're just in the call are doing movie reviews. And you're saying that you saw the greatest movie that ever was the Gator fan and and then instead of her saying what's wrong with you she's yes. The best of the best movie ever made where does that come brown. It comes from me thoroughly enjoyed San Andreas for all the right reasons actually legitimate thing. It's like if you're the welcome. The reluctantly Neeson I think they're the two that tend to make movies. That. It doesn't matter. Like you just if you just jump into the joy of whatever is going. It's great it's great I mean certainly San Andreas is a horrible movie. But it's the greatest movie government that's right on one level are all the other on the level and so. I just ripped about it and she agreed with he and it was great you know that was not even written that would that let's talk about San Andreas. Let's say at that would then we did yeah and it just happened yet. So me sitting there looking added his death. It it is. All of that because that is what is going on right and that's why I think it's a news will be at most television that this. And lists it outside of the network right. As we have to hit these beats Walden. Works all about votes trying to appeal to everyone. Netflix. The differences they have to offer something to everyone something. Not necessarily my movie. Not necessarily Poehler how's or whatever other things there's so they're asked to be something for but for every one. Amongst it whereas on network they're trying to make everything in the one thing you know it's. But you can't win the only people that do that really here like. That's when something's brilliant. Sit out the thing networks are trying for to be brilliant and really was brilliant Pixar is brilliant picks are there always will appeal. To the highest level of intelligence. And the dumbest people on earth. You know some won't get something yeah another is truly brilliant politically it is impossible to do it's it's pretty much of possible new. So that's what network Tobin strives to though. And how can they do anything but fail. Though the bat it even though you're currently on a network show this net. Perch. Golden spoke part yet there is love amnesty now almost you could say this show is. Geared towards families you know it's the number one show on television. For Pamela is watching together so there you go. That's sort of almost like that Netflix thing you're appealing to one thing we want families to watch this and I'm really proud of it. And I'm lucky to via legit look when you're on the go works in Europe laugh yeah you got no pants on most time sometimes yes yeah Hanson. Kind of what are you just. I got but I personally am a fan of melancholy. I don't I let I love my own. Every standup comic in the same way they came up the way you did probably a fan yeah I think that's part of that life has to be. Quite knowing it. Spent many a nights alone in the hotel. Yes is horrible but maybe watching movies like San Andreas who knows what by the white. But that's one of the joys of being on the road being able to watch on your TB in the hotel room salmon. How. I saw. It was performing somewhere or doing publicity something and I watched in the hotel room and I was Getty I was so happy. Well I'm sure you gonna get a lot of nice notes from the rock. That would be got to appreciate our government adamant that but I'm and prog rock. He's old enough and I looked border Baywatch. Died. On. Everybody feels that way and I have to be guilty about it you don't do it you just don't do it in. It's it's it's it's just joyful and so in a matter everything I don't the art but. What you said before about how difficult it is to be everything to every you can't do that the godfathers the dot by the candidates right it just looks like it and it is our men and at the same time what's going on he could just sit there and let go that's what The Sopranos was so successful so I think we have the formula people this has. Jeff by something that's really good yeah. Forewarned him. What form I want you who how did you become this man sitting in front me. Well. Besides wonderful parents yeah. And wonderful friends and all that I have always loved comedy. But even more so like for example when I sit back to relax I let listening to Marvin gays what's going non. Which is about as dark and Malin an album that's more of where I go Newton went on one night when I'm alone. And I would have to say what forming an already mentioned earlier I mean movies. The outlines why am re unequivocally meant movies movies movies and I say what's most influenced by. Frank Capra. Yes. Preston surges too but there's something about watching. Mr. deeds. And films like that that help me or. It was movies. Where it help for me as a person. Like I I might dream by the way the one thing I would love to do is doable we with a big enough budget that is. Akin to a processor this movie. And they haven't made those screeners while now and if if employment attacks Robert wrist and writes a beautiful script and a talent like present surge isn't. Having similar Jimmy Stewart. Org Garrick superstar your movies it's got and we is that much of as a witness but that is really if there's one goal. That I would love to achieve its doing something like that. But in terms of pink curb is back her beer and yes is coming back this ball you know what we're almost done what can happen. I can and allowed holiday I Larry gave the duty cares. Here's what I what are the exact producer of that unit with air miles I know quietly that the yeah it's it's coming back it's been five years it's coming back. With all the things about it that people love but it's not following. Any big formula the story line is. Rather insane. Like Cabrera go I can't believe they're doing this. That's what they're gonna say and I often think that whether to a lot of people to over the aren't comfortable and I think about the scene they're talking about and I remember thinking what's for lunch. A grower filming and up again anything else and now so. It's it's it's going to be I'm really proud of it. As more fun than any season that before the muscle memory. Going back something that disappeared but it felt like putting on an old pair of shoes and didn't think so there was nothing in the hiatus that made you feel god go site. Who is this guy who I hope nothing it was. It was just person I shot was what Larry and Jay please move who plays Leon and it was we all began laughing. Because. It felt just there was no. Pickups there was nothing. But I mentioned earlier because we're talking about with the cameras are right the lag. But here's the thing on Curb Your Enthusiasm as has happened for years let and I will be. Getting ready to start to see cameras are rolling and I looked at him he looks at me we have no idea what the scenes of not a so we have to cut and go could someone tell us what we're doing and and they tell us and we turned back congress that role because we don't rehearse we never utters now. The project at the wall the world that but with there are times we have no idea what we are shoe. And lethal. But I keep that fresh. Yet they keep that expression can it be that the you guys know what you're doing in terms of him prop it is lucky that we know what we're doing you know. But there's lots of things and like I can't do. One thing I can do is improvise like my stand up. I don't have an act I just thought the start talked. That's it that's all have done so. Did you having a life married yeah he would yeah. What it what is your family thinking of you I think critical. When they see something they have no interest no interest at all yeah I like my children should be dead show. You want like my son James my old boy he just worked as a PA. Production assistant on Curb Your Enthusiasm season it was delightful to be with him. I love my boys that we just themselves. There's seventeenth when he one. And I says some idol album. Those great thing with them but really. There are not impressed by mean they have no interest. To have my wife. A everyone when Hanson is on that argument even on and then go while. And they don't earn enough. That's a rigging and door belt vulnerable. It didn't like borders ripen on the Erica Andre show watch that and ignore me. Even my family I don't need anyone. But I want people to watch this sort of make more things and I hope they digit and it eases their pain because I think that's. My job as a comedian and filmmaker is to ease people's pain like the so challenging. And so hard to be so overwhelming. That it's nice to go into a world where you get lost on the appealing the primary. I'm in this world and I like that that's that's that to me is the highest level of what I do. They're calling for you'd be taken away from which is just terrible thing but. I don't believe you I like I wrapping up additional debt is threatening do that that's no kids. People are call extract. People that is probably isn't all you're getting I hope you're. Okay and may well I can't I want. Your people had to I don't know that's actually. I've never shouted. Like do you dated it was your PU. There's buying your the most loveable guy his. Now it's kinda ridiculous that it reading your Rolling Stone for years I've loved your right but I didn't know that you were that's a discovered at Bali and its program like we simply a great job yet the daughter and watching the popcorn. And being here with you you're the sweetest man. There's people that I know want me dead but your sweet tooth and that. By the way it's none bigger business but it's not my business that except when they threatened me you know. And I can get a little who's behind you say that you're because they bought. But we'll do that anyway. This show ends in song. Oh I'll always talk to me a little something that the in your head. That will tell that audience out there basically Newt Jeff gone. I don't know what you listen to. I. Oh a but there's must be something musical. I don't know was pumping my head. I like it provides one but it also the song common people like fault pulpit is popping in my hope and I went a little like common people. I'm going to be like common people. But in all sincerity and witnessing something do it I want since there either. Local theater. It's been such a delight to be with you yes I did my sparkling water from the delicious. Yes there was fresh popcorn of a secret origin and nature. But I loved being here as your full of joy and your Smart and it's delightful. And it's wonderful. To have you with you who. Peter Travers. In this world we live in him. Are right up I want a copy. We added. They user but thank you.

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{"id":47748041,"title":"Jeff Garlin on the making of his new film 'Handsome' ","duration":"3:00","description":"Garlin appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his role as Gene Handsome in the new Netflix mystery movie. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeff-garlin-making-film-handsome-47748041","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}