Jeff Sessions' Controversial Record Could Make Difficult Confirmation

Many people have issues with Sessions based on what he has said and done concerning issues.
3:24 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Jeff Sessions' Controversial Record Could Make Difficult Confirmation
Snow. Dad this morning Donald Trump's pick for attorney general Jeff Sessions has his senate confirmation hearing. One of several come controversial figures trump wants and his administration. Republicans point out that they made sure all modest tax Obama's cabinet was confirmed by inauguration next. And Democrats should do this pain. But realistically. I mean. Should they are not be questioning on people like mr. sessions who is now denying. Then he ever said that the NAACP was an undamaged pick him. Organizational and that civil rights attorney. That he was had been talking about what had been a disgrace to his race sex he'd finally denounced the kkk and one would think that. Wolf once you've got that call to comment being that job maybe you wanna say what you know what let me just say this because people believe there's but he didn't say anything that until Matt is sitting on. That's I I you know I was at the justice department for a couple years and I can tell you from experience at the attorney general sets the tone. For the entire department. She is would be the chief of a 100000. Attorneys who. So at an end he would employ also special agents other law enforcement personnel. And there are nine divisions including that the civil rights division that the criminal division the national security division and so I I think that they should question him. I think they have to question him on his record and honoring Matt. Yet but but I don't what I saw this morning was he made some opening remarks he did denounce the kkk. And he he also said that he would recuse himself from any questions involving possible Clinton emails he said he follow the Supreme Court decision unsafe sex marriage. But he does have a history at bigotry. And I yeah basically questioned. On that the real the real question I have is of all the lawyers all the people in the country had to pick that was about you know how big of a woman gin joints in normal world he comes in tomorrow. Why can't there are some people to choose why would you pick somebody who's tainted like that what who has this horrible you know to realize that in 1986 he was rejected by the Judiciary Committee. That was headed by Strom Thurmond. Nobody was more racist and Strom Thurmond was Republican and this year as it against him held Powell while hello America I. Know a lot about him and tell trumps liked and I hadn't followed call of his his record. And so I started to read it and I kept finding all these headlines about that case thirty years ago our hot you know what. Let me keep an open mind I can give him. Thirty years to have changed horrible truth and then I saw some things I can't that don't set well with me wanna bump he just said which we would have missed because we're rocking out here. Was that Roe vs. Wade violated the constitution which. There's an it there are some issues that I don't budge on and that is one of them and and he also said at one point that he was he didn't become miracle would be okay with a gay Supreme Court Jeff. Just ask them that was in 2009 so I even with thirty year window to look all that I've seen some things now that I have to say I act I would not be okay keep. Claims he believes that gay marriage cheapen straight marriages while his boss was married three times already. Metal yeah. I want my. Kids. It's impacts wrong. Marriages what I'd like I wanna say he also argued in favor using religion as a reason to ban immigrants from entering the united state we finally a judge should be secular either that's right and that's a problem came out against justice Sotomayor and that's at.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Many people have issues with Sessions based on what he has said and done concerning issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44682804","title":"Jeff Sessions' Controversial Record Could Make Difficult Confirmation","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeff-sessions-controversial-record-make-difficult-confirmation-44682804"}