Jeffrey Tambor Talks the Emmys and His New Book

ABC News' Olivia Smith and Florinda Ricks interview actor Jeffrey Tambor at the 2016 Emmy Awards.
3:34 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Jeffrey Tambor Talks the Emmys and His New Book
I'm Libyan and its critics. Yeah every member write your strength at me. And I yeah. Reliant. Upon our hearts that he's doing gantlet let me ports insists today. Well this isn't the thing I can't open. Economic I'd gone. You know if the it's. Seeing. You are one of the worst actors. It has ever been and Hillary now it just isn't. Would you even think. Of appearing on the red carpet yeah you. I was. Yeah. You I sound. I. I love what you're good yeah. Eric favorite tonight you want category to 339. No I don't think I am I don't have actually going on the insidious and everywhere and I think it's going to be another. You know like. There's no best anything. They know best unfortunately. That's stale but anyhow. And it's been. Let him on. I long season you know what's great about this and get CPP happens. While and you also get to see people you walked up to them like I saw little heartburn and I've never met before her. And at seven years and years ago we got to and then the book and people rookie OJ thing. And city when he knocked it out of the park that's that's. Yet this is my least favorite. I'm only kidding I love you guys. Hello and Good Morning America but you can't get their attention to Oh yes dot com noticed that doing a little bit quiet. Watching the news. That bat yeah yeah now. I'm writing a book. Until I got here so I mean is ABC's good. And yet. That's channel seven's that yes he did I hadn't done it suits him I would say mom I'm on masks and resilient but I'm. I get ready Hughes right up look you're seven. Oh yeah I'm writing a book called are you anybody its her crown books. It was spurred on by a guy who. And the paparazzi in New York City are you anybody and that's it you know. That's. That's over another and another. Yeah. I'm sure you not demanded any events. Yeah I might. Look. This is going lie I had my apologies to everybody on the executive level at ABC. I'd love producers would you. Eight BC. It is one of the greatest networks. Voted by everybody. On the red carpet Jeffrey Campbell profoundly apologizes for his hurtful remarks. On channel seven in San Francisco. That'd be all. And I think he is so legs and didn't do you funny you ask the good news is going. They yeah I think that never seen that in. All you well. It was an okay with the occasionally yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith and Florinda Ricks interview actor Jeffrey Tambor at the 2016 Emmy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42185630","title":"Jeffrey Tambor Talks the Emmys and His New Book","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeffrey-tambor-talks-emmys-book-42185630"}