Jennifer Aniston Walking Down The Aisle?

Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.
2:07 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Walking Down The Aisle?
-- daily fix of celebrity buzz they'll where we've got you covered outpost celebrities prosecutors here are the latest headlines from Hollywood rob always good to see in my Brazilian big news that certainly is Jennifer Aniston Justin -- -- People Magazine how are on the -- she is telling friends and sources. That she has indeed set the date of the wedding dress she has the ring she has the day. It's going to be -- -- on the issue she hasn't revealed. Many -- pieces of information but we do it and it's an good for her because you -- are sure to a couple of rough years in the romance department Eddie Griffin. Yeah badly did she -- up with -- had been waiting for the state to arrive so hopefully people finally. Leave -- alive and that -- get married and happy happy Sunday to Rome that he we don't how the thankful that she -- it. We're expecting a very low key wedding nothing they can ground on the contact -- in. Something lately that what the cameras that she's very problem it's about her love life but I do you suspect they will release. One official pictures we get to see that beautiful symbol find out what toaster Brad and Angelina decides that everything -- -- Iraq. I -- Jack is out obviously he's got a new album lot of big announcement that it a fault as lullaby is -- is the title of his album he just -- -- -- today actually the cover of the album is -- these beautiful baby. Looking at each other -- beautiful beautiful cover sort of -- history it's when he broke up with just Simpson. He released a song about it's not his fault that -- -- -- -- about dot. So would get -- take Nick's life through song. To the next hour and the next chapter forcefully for a couple that is split the bill now Michelle Williams Jason sees both the only been together yeah they looked really happy together -- -- -- with a little -- The Tilden his -- -- -- book about biological -- That what they're saying is that the distance really really kept this couple Paul he lives in LA -- he shoots his TV show. She's legal place to do with -- here in New York so -- back and forth. Didn't ultimately work which is because they look like your great great they always look I've always looks good on paper -- -- -- in fact -- you're always a pleasure my friend thank you.

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{"id":18610402,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Walking Down The Aisle?","duration":"2:07","description":"Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jennifer-aniston-walking-aisle-18610402","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}