'Jeopardy James' loses to librarian

The game show phenom left the show just shy of setting a record.
2:12 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for 'Jeopardy James' loses to librarian
We got to move on to something else that I know and on the top of your mind go can't and that's jeopardy. Sales of I had problems and make Deng's yes. I guess I think it never happened 32 Wednesday and in one game short of breaking Ken Jennings 2.5 million dollar records a look at the last yet. So Emma it's up to you if you came up with a correct response. You're going to be the new jeopardy champion. Did you you did what did you wager. Oh god. All right so he locked last night but didn't really. Answer right he got the answer right but when you're only 60000 dollars sort of breaking -- city streets and yet the whole world watching he was so close are. So close tabs Obama by it elicited sobs and mind Emma I think it is strong and it was local but in this he wasn't afraid to go. Games out and every other contestant right to was so nervous she went with his aggressive strategy of starting with the highest prize clues in the beginning whether that thousand dollars a 2000 dollar at least they seem for the daily doubles as he wasn't afraid to go day when harper statements you buy or make it through David double. Out of bank Bob weighs in trouble began to lately it hasn't thrown the librarian and Loeb wrote the jeopardy street and really we're not shot to library to run a business groups are librarians and library into my home are the acts of information and quiet after audit raises aren't is Iberian. Does she can access our brave because I thought to be doing at the Dewey decimal system remember I have yet to learn that I am a busy man is out that Emma but always saying. Yeah. He's gonna get on the left hand clap we do it is now. Really any sting out to claim now he's get but he changed arena I think it's I salute rang jeopardy of being now was to be aggressive. And going for the big money clothes are secure is the Honda that produces a jeopardy would be making any changes. So that that strategy doesn't move forward who know. Mean these. You know what's true though might you are the bad thank you are happy always. And it's yours so don't think those.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The game show phenom left the show just shy of setting a record. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63480415","title":"'Jeopardy James' loses to librarian ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeopardy-james-loses-librarian-63480415"}