Jesse Williams Delivers Inspiring Speech at BET Awards

Actor expresses outrage over cultural appropriation in the arts.
10:20 | 06/27/16

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Transcript for Jesse Williams Delivers Inspiring Speech at BET Awards
I had on the BT awards it was full of amazing tributes to the legacy of France. But Grey's Anatomy Stein just williams' speech was one of the standout moments of evening tech left. We're done watching and waiting while this invention. Called whiteness uses and abuses us burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture our dollars our entertainment like oil. Black gold. Yet allied thing and demeaning. Our creations and stealing them intensifying our genius and it's trying us on like. Students. I'll. You you would very inspired by. I want I was I was just struck by his delivery of course because it was like poetry but his message was also. One of cultural appropriation. And how you know a dominant group in a society exploits the culture of a less privileged group with out understanding that group's experience. And I think that some guiding example. Send idea. I means and Diane spoken about often where you have. You know you've EU where corn rose as as someone that's that's African American. That's because homage to the look no because over the summer hair gets kind of crazy and so you've put the Braves in. But what can he couldn't Mike's my friends or her are feeling me. And you know you have someone like Kendall Jenner who who will Wear it and all of a sudden it's fun and fresh and hip. And its new. When it really is a form of cultural appropriation and I I think that you know it's a wonderful sensitive forest for Kiley to addition she not do it or you know I I think intent is really important and so yes she she can do it but. It's it's wonderful to love black culture. But when black people are being murdered on the street and and went black people are are are being discriminated against where are you. Where are you so. What's really interesting is Justin Timberlake was similarly moved as I was and he treated out. Jesse Williams though inspired. BT 2016. But then people started really coming for him and saying well are you gonna stop appropriating our music our you can apologize to Janet Jackson. And then he says oh you sweet soul the more you realize that we are the same the more we can have a conversation. But I think that misses the point. Fifth but he got backlash after the first tweet which was it was inspired that might threaten. Why I am so frustrated about this topic is. When content comes out it feels move they may not understand the plight or that he everyone grew up with different experiences when people come out of these eight negative hammering or. You know. That was so bad hash tag you know all this eats it's not the right way to have a conversation because. I once had a conversation about the Kylie Jenner and the hair and I asked friend of mine is but they said. Behind closed doors let me just be able to have this conversation without offending you wanted to disclaim each got home. I know you're not trying to say anything so we have a dialogue it's very scary to come out and see something or open the conversation when people hate on you. From the first point you speak up. Like why can't make you limit and why can't they see but why can't they see that ad with that first tweet Justin Timberlake probably had a really good intentions and then it that's that's a good way to open a dialogue but and that dialogue instance shots when people copper hand and don't realize yes. He's at step one he may be needs to go to step ten. But he he open that dialogue and he took it took a big step and I'm sure he had good intent I think he had good intentions but when he tweeted out again the more you realize that we are the same can have a converse all I can think that aren't treated the same and so we haven't I don't the difference when I was a kid like in the fifties we now. So you'd have James Brown singing. Two to thirty a lot of learning the wrong I've got added to. I think he. I've I. What makes it okay little rich I'll ask why don't that's when it is so he's doing and he's rocket and rolling now pat. Boom. Who is as white says that this the back of this thing here and he's saying to Rudy Crew being. You blow to Rudy and he becomes the big hit it comes to his became the appropriate that's what she's talking about the fact that his. Then I don't know. If it's the same now I think it literacy totally back. Asked advised music I think that was the worst thing that anything to do the Little Richard sorry defend any if I didn't know what lies. But. I think I think it happens I think it happens. So long pharaonic very often and a soccer stadium I'm do want to if something's well you know I. I'm not. City Craig and also into different at. 200 C very. There was a great speech. I think it wasn't necessarily directed. At Justin Timberlake and adjusted to blank was saying OK I get out as is flat out I guess that's out. It's hard adventure about this now win us air finds. Justin Bieber. Who is a wrap our. And says hey come and do this and the reason why. I think Justin Timberlake talks about want to those musicians are a whole different. Thing and I think they're different because. All of those years of music disappearing. From different musicians. I think musicians saw that. And so now they are listening to some music. It's the one language in the world where you don't have to know what's being said you get the grew. So I think that. There's a lot of appropriation. One back and fourth but we. The Wien doesn't look like net. But we've kind of looks like it. Yes a lot of weeds look lacked that so so I just feel like. If you're going to talk about appropriating. And what's cool and what's not cool. We're all and deep do do because we're doing it to each other constantly but but I don't know that campaign. I don't know that as the less privileged group you can be guilty of cultural appropriation because. What when and if you high culturally appropriate what you think is going to be making them yet exhibition. Wow so when you see all of these wonderful black women. Who have. Blond hair. Okay that is that we eat my. I'm so that that you have black women for so long have been told that bats with the Stanton elementary got knocked up forget is that why now we're trying to get to the place. That says we are as good as you that's what everybody still. That's what everybody says sudden you're appropriating. There appropriate everybody Edwards at Japanese are appropriate that black coats appropriate Spanish people applaud wept. Appropriating each object it's not just a black thinks this is happening all over the place we do all the time we get all that we going get bold tax we don't any. I think to yourself I'm Matt. What I said we. I didn't mean you have been out everybody. I want to I don't need it out. And conversation we have a gonna continue it because we're it was still too long and Matt on an off there will be talking about you know someone like Eminem. Whose life reflects a lot of what rappers lives have reflected and asked and so. Where does he's fallen and what happens when you have an artist who is as good as he is. Is that how we saying that he doesn't know all the lies you know how does one have a week. I assume it's pat Jordan you're even saying is it so much maybe he's paying homage almost it's almost Dino isn't it between homage cultural appropriation but I think I think let me tell you the example of the fifties and had blown yeah. Though black not artists were being minimized what not being paid for their work that everything was deployed air being exploited there have been stolen from them. Nowadays I think that black eyes are in the main stream and south so you might cola Danone mine I because everybody people in not being exploited the one that I think it's gotten better. But I think took so what beast point when you talk about an Eminem who who has kind of culturally appropriate to rap music I think. They then went it went black similar and gunned down on the streets. When when a black is back again to do with and you need to be an ally you need to be a vocal ally and he again I'm cy bevy. He's he has written about this he's written about people being gunned down Sam is the product out called I just as any on any front clients edit it any points so you're saying when you look so any day you have to also. We have that in your lyrics if you're not if you're exploiting fear being exploitative. And you love black culture yes so much. The NB a chew ally because all the innocent all right Alex yeah I'm assuming that people are not yet I know I'm not sure I think that's why it has it's I haven't. I haven't. Heard about Eminem's activism. That's all I'm saying Ed Henry Ed and I think that's what Jesse Williams was talking maybe we should happened come on the show so that he can explain it for himself not action and like at the music and musicians write about their experience when you look we're Eminem grew up it was his experience wasn't appropriating her pulling from. You know I'd like you said if he writes songs any media black out the activist for another glass not Alice is is that were originally slated up rationing has typically going in the street what teams do you admitted to appropriating black music he's admitted fat. But the point is that you're going to tell if you're going to talk as you're going to write that. We'll be right back. Now. This just doesn't work on about Lin Manuel you know what rap we're talking about pull a wide in this op all think you're gonna miss it. But you know what we're glad that you were with us today we want to add rate data that little out to enjoy whatever really you happened upon the and I.

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{"id":40165374,"title":"Jesse Williams Delivers Inspiring Speech at BET Awards","duration":"10:20","description":"Actor expresses outrage over cultural appropriation in the arts.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jesse-williams-delivers-inspiring-speech-bet-awards-40165374","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}