Jill Stein on Recount Efforts, Clinton's Involvement

Green Party nominee discusses her future in politics and why she thinks it is important to recount presidential election votes.
8:48 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Jill Stein on Recount Efforts, Clinton's Involvement
Now back until Stein is the Green Party candidate who has Donald Trump seeing red after she called for a recount. In three battleground state she joins us live from Boston right now. And I. I've got this time I asked a question you're pushing for recounts in three states that story speaking battling. Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now do you think this can actually overturn the election results tell yes. I'm so. It you know we don't know and and that's the thing about. About voting. You don't know unless you luck. You don't know and less actually count the paper ballots and if you count the paper ballots then we can be. Confident about what the number is and then we'll find out whether there is evidence of tampering of the machine error and we're using these machines that are quite prone to error whether there's been hacking human error. We need to help our confidence. Restored in what we've got. And will see where it takes us. We're not here to. Help one candidate and hurt another we're really here to help voters. Feel like we've got a system that's working for so what exactly trying to prove that if you're not really trying to help. One candidate hurt another. What is well. We're looking in three states that have some kind of red flags you could say now because the vote wasn't really really raisers then. Now being results when in the opposite direction of what was expected says. And may have problems. With their voting systems like they're using machines that are especially. Tamper or friendly they're really easy. To make mistakes son or did he hacked so why so bad for credit reasons we need. That was should have been corrected before the election now. It's not well. But that's not a sign that is applying hop. Thank you we're on the same page here and going forward we need to correct this this isn't rocket science. We shouldn't have to raise millions of dollars after the fact. And jumped through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops. In order to have confidence that the vote is accurate and that it was secure this should be built in. Doctors time. Donald's compact one I'm sorry if if Hillary Clinton had won by the same margin that Donald Trump one would you still be doing these recounts or is it about these candidates in the way the election turned out preempt. So let me just assure you. We had already identified Michigan as having these. These red flags even before it had a winner so it could and then Hillary. As much of the could have been Donald so you know from my point of view of the Green Party has always done this we've always stepped up to the played. When there have been concerns. About the election and the vote count this is what we do. When I was asked. Throughout the election I was asked will you stand up and will you call for a recount and jumped through the hopes that it takes. If there's doubts about the vote. And I always said. Yes I will do that for the sake of our voters for the sake a voting system we can believe in. With out regard to who is the winner this is about. Creating a process that we can trust because right now. Miss trust is rampant it was running wild in this election we need to get back. Time I've studied half cent. Hot during the final debate Donald Trump though suggested he might not accept the outcome of the election and Hillary Clinton called that statement horrifying. So now the Clinton Campaign said although there art initiating recounts they are going to participate. It recounts are initiated by others so what exactly is the Clinton campaign's involvement. In this and when did it start. Now so. Work you'd have to ask them basically. Because we're not. And we are not coordinating these. It. After we had filed. After we had actually launched the recount. In Wisconsin. Being lawyer from the Clinton Campaign. We wrote on a blog and then they were gonna support this so there's no formal contact but our lawyers. Got in touched just to say hey. You're welcome all parties should be we actually reached up to Donald Trump. And a Gary Johnson to say this isn't about one party or another party. This is about creating a voting system that our American people deserve. And that they can all have confidence in him. Millions of trying to recount effort which is almost double what you raising your presidential campaign ended president elect Donald Trump said this recount is just a Wafer Jill Stein to fill their coffers with money. Most of which she will never even spent on this ridiculous recount. Other states to build a donor list in case she decide to run again what happened to that money that's left over the past. So you know there he goes again kind of creating the facts as on the run the facts are actually very different. We are raising money into a dedicated account. 48. For a recount. Campaign the money cannot be used for anything else. It cannot be used for my campaign it cannot be used for the Green Party it can only be used for the recount and the wave this money. Flooded again you know this was the day before Thanksgiving. We thought everybody would be busy doing their families stop and looking forward to this really wonderful family reunion. We were shocked. That after when he came up put out a press release and we opened up the webpage. On the day before was like 2 o'clock the day before Thanksgiving. It's like the floodgates open is like the voters were standing up and saying this is what we're thankful for on Thanksgiving. We actually take a step. Is something doctors time what I had in you ran on the Green Party ticket. And you want only 1% of the popular votes not vote how many Hillary Clinton supporters didn't want you or Gary Johnson mr. O where is a left Bob. To ride. And they say that you took those key votes away from part now if you hadn't rot if Gary Johnson hadn't watched. Would Hillary Clinton be our president instead of Donald Trott. So lacking tell you is that green voters. Polls show. Green voters would not have voted for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Get rid of tejano. Lots of voters out there. Lots of Americans stayed home because they didn't like the choices that we're kind of forced down our throats people were screaming. Four other choices and other voices they wanted open debates. But the debates are controlled. By those same two parties and so the American people didn't even know that they had other choice I. They took him I I would oh lead look at what we've got a look at this so sense exact. That is not I hope that. That what you're saying you know what I hope that what you're saying is code if I'm descend it's well. I am hoping that it do you feel that way that we will not have to wait for years to hear about what you are. Ideas are out what you wanna do part of the problem is people don't. People everybody has a bitch about sob but nobody wants to do what he thinks I'm hoping. Bad. Not aware of who the Green Party is and why we should put you in place and not wait until the lack what I feel is the last minute when. It's also an up and you can't get it because nobody knows anybody we as it's likely he'll have to boil that loneliness yes you could com say you combat I don't. Utley year that's the point yeah it was. Come on back you will CNN thank you doctor deals.

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{"duration":"8:48","description":"Green Party nominee discusses her future in politics and why she thinks it is important to recount presidential election votes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43880803","title":"Jill Stein on Recount Efforts, Clinton's Involvement","url":"/Entertainment/video/jill-stein-recount-efforts-clintons-involvement-43880803"}