Jillian Bell on how her new role in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon'

The actress appears on “Popcorn with Peter Travers” and talks about the making of “Brittany Runs a Marathon.”
22:06 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Jillian Bell on how her new role in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon'
So everybody I am Peter Travers bits with popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now I love I just love a 100% that's the way it is so. We're done here. And we don't let that well all we're not that it is call Brittany who runs a marathon that is and I start my guess Chilean ballots so convenient. That you're the one he's in it. And we're talking about this together. I wish you'd like ending it's like someone set it up percent look at that couldn't attack. Now we just. I was walking by and you saw that sign down there you wore. Which is yours we talk with the we're going to talk about all this here. How the well what does that rule like when you just. Walked in December it all year. Well honey used to it because my home is outweigh I have mulling these photographs of myself throughout every part of I don't think more from many things or they hope will did not know there's a Hinsdale had sat for a lot of a lot of pain. Others as well I don't have any pictures that the house years would you really great atmosphere. Up. And I hope healthy good morning and I'm just staring out oil well I've already lost control which is not good usually I tried this in the first three minutes were where art and it's this not to act. But we're gonna try OK we'll trash will actually. Sure. Once this Brittany Renton man well who do you. I'll that you asked I think Britney Brittany runs a marathon is a film out real life woman Brittany O'Neal was inspired. I her life story she was sort of stuck in feeling like she wasn't. I'm going places and doing enough with their own with her own existence and she decided to set a goal. To run the New York City Marathon and what a goal that is. When I won a gold added that we've seen she is. And I'm not now and we'll keep its stand comedy it's got a little drama in it you hopefully feel things. And in the air and went well yeah that's what it'll at its meeting. Hooked up and hopefully the thing I got home got to go left her pregnant right I did. Let you know you do the things and. Sometimes you feel sad for gore and sometimes you feel really good far and you'll accompany them so you don't know what to feel that's my favorite thing him. That's your favorite moment is because I don't want to be where I know it in the first human rights and Monaco. That's it says Britney run the marathon I think what it's gonna run America what it a day film was just America but it does more running it's not yet it's not it's not as the story of her real life and ups and downs that come with. Making a big change in your life that Saturday Lama it's got comedy it's got all those things and me who's a major. It's for well c'mon in everything. And what. You know I could just listen to that loop. To it to jump street here you tell Jonah Hill hell is it just. We weren't the exact same age two I believe at that I you Lucy Liu missing a little bit before about how rule you can be well armed dangerous. I don't know we just meant to that we just met that you didn't say what was at that immediately respond to say that. That you have an aura of danger that the coolest thing anyone's at percent of me. Identical and fun you know I'm in a printed on it I'm gonna sell and into my jeans and I'm aware memory. And people are innocent witnesses say on your genes it's in person it's hard to read it and I'm gonna say look close today. It is this aura of danger about me this is my regulars that come to my home and you could feel all of the photographs. I think. You come and I hope you all are. Danger if you do think he's seen every angle bits you haven't been inside my home now you just and now when you see this movie. Brittany at as we meet her. It's kind of not good chick. Doctors are saying well she's she's struggling with their health well that ends and her doctors. There's some concern about that and you know from there she decides to sort of make a change and do something for herself that helped me in positive and she decides rotten. Do we think this do we miss me and say a home you know I need to run. This is something I won I think I. Would run the marathon. But I would love to do you look a healthy five K at whole day. And be nice I would do that this movie truly inspired me to change per share. I've liked the fact. That this movie has this dramatic. Aspect to his. You're not just somebody that's passions they not just because it's great to be funny I can't be funny you know you can't even funny has told the audience can beat you. Nobody well. People that work with you there go like this is Jonah Hill zone saying. Chileans like it which is crazy as chairman helens what I now talented people on the planet that's ridiculous like is that. Is this the direction you also want to going I would Bonnie Jay quick flash actress. I mean there's always going to be danger they're you know. Did you know I'm going about. Yeah but it did not the end Britney turned to a Psycho. As well to do with the recipes well it is. But no I would like to do. More of more and more dramatic roles are or comedy that has a little job with it I was always curious and and I I would you know taking this on and I it was a big challenge in I was very nervous about how vulnerable have to be because I relate to the care here and a lot of problems than. And but but I really enjoy doing and loved it and think got after we came out at Sundance. Knoll was saying don't act again that thank god was saying because that I would what you what I would have taken it to heart and never thought I'd send just one person just one person on the Internet but one person had to get up and don't you can't repeat it and yet at the signing and that I would ask you wouldn't I be notes that wouldn't happen. Because there is no objection I I might. Do you think come to you and say do I got the script from my manager Pam and she sent it to me and she said. You're going to be a little nervous reading list with a little scary as soon probably relate to it and then you read the whole thing you're gonna fall out with that. And I had. That exact thing happened to me I I I read it and I was like this is going to be scary and I have put myself out there no way I haven't gotten to mourn. And then ice and I don't want any mosque plan Pena and I really want to play this part I I I've experienced a lot of the year emotional things she goes through in the film and I just and I was precious went there how impossible are you now in pop son. I mean I was there. You know they practically carried view on shall remembered that well idea. A lot of people with you and you that there are a lot of that all there were little people who heard part of known as well well again tried not to throw the holes dark. The thing I tried I think I LL art and you can try so hard I like the good verdicts and no no I had my family apparently which has really my mom and sister came out and and a bad that they said give it up we felt was easy to my mind goes. Just like well that's hiking rates drop out. I go okay while. I won't blurred flying in the theater and I think it's that did or I allegedly. Do you. How it. Rain are we going to eat. Yeah we'll and we went and hate that we had an AF that's what might protect it at look at where we are yeah yeah we're going on Sunday we sent her two hour film. And no but it was news. But you come from bank yes thank you. That's like I don't think I've ever met anybody. Who actually born and bred in vague foreign race and so you just like a gambling addict to and that's the next thing it's. Well. Sheer no I don't. I I I you feel like why it. We do is like actors it's kind of gambling you're always trying to pick the right projects in the three people who work witness and and tried a victory material. That people wall relate to it it is it's sort of like saying he ample you have no idea what's gonna work at what's not and it. And then you just like when that one didn't work in swift move on and a right. Contest keep doing it for now you can deal with it but how does. That effect. You or your own tender sensibilities. As the China. Well what I happen. Oh as a child and we wish you growing up would be great. Picture I am you know and so to rest of us it seems well kind of glamorous. It isn't what we are friends with Wayne Newton. Well. Not close purse for about what's. Commingling. No. We actually did go to lake a lot of shows what we are a little my sister went to the first. Siegfried and Roy a family show that they had and they that are her on their shoulders and walked around it is so we have like a lot of those fun moments my. Neighbors across the street from us were circus performers so they would practice in the backyard. Doing that the bow and arrow thing word that wife would have an apple now and then era when she racer it. It's it's everybody's life I. Not. Nothing you think I did it's just I thought I was going to be different but now now now no it's not that if it. Just this. But somewhere along the line you say to yourself while Siegfried Roy. I'm going to be in this pigeons what was that moment what was that. To hand down moment where she says. This is for me. Now. It's. I don't know I like you well I feel like I need my parents laughed and some think silly when it is at its head and I was just like. What is it that I I fell in love with making people laugh. And so every day and I think with your mob scene you know yeah good yeah. My mom is it critic she is that it more news that's theater. No she's very supportive but my and yeah I love making him laugh and putting on little play is in western did so many home videos me did. Manic and three. So there is manic and one panic in two want to move move. And then manic and three year notes that no subtitles we thought it this bull in it and Angela. And yes it was. Some apps work and Nolan mercy because it's weird. That there it's there trust me out I don't when they start doing unit Oscar real. That they're gonna want a little of their who want to look click on that. I want it well but that I wanted let's roll that I really want it. But what somebody I read somewhere about you that you started TV in crop. Yes when I was eight years old C that's really strange but in the good what it is strange I think my parents sort of wanted me today. Some go away from for about an hour. All is because I was a lot you know it was a lot of yes. Eight but you have some the united says there I think I do you have his instant distract them from L. A little bit but then she was sort of Blake. You know everybody was certainly take a hike and so I went and did it rob classes. And a lot of kids there were just doing it because they were shy and their parents wanted them to come shell that for me it was lake. I would Abbott the shelf and the Sheldon exists I was just like bouncing off the walls but I loved. Improvise and I fell out with this in this. Euro the gap theory if he had yeah and one that we just didn't look. This. Hopeful. If you are gonna do it it was a whole lot negative impossible. Well. You I was in a lot think you had to be you've chewing and brought you're looking for this yes. And did everything everybody is part of a routine. Investor that's true it may be it was just great. Because you're out Chris I think my early show horse but Ehrlich shows would. I think there's a lot of my parents going on double dates of other couples and they came back the house. And a glass a wine and that would be like who's ready for the show and everyone Gallup L I have to go and I'd like that out. And then do like and how can I regret I. To do that. It's just so many things that you've done I've only get touched on twenty jump street but you know worker high accidents like. He just so good. I PO and I'm not the only one there's a whole audience including Paul Thomas Anderson. That put you into the you know he's my favorite of all he's ever in favor is that that's why would not be ETA capture you call. Well after all that time you know like column Polly today. Pauly. I'd be okay it might enlighten I really don't what and I got it. But yet you're here if you are in the master and the inherent yes. Now those aren't long seen. But your Eden home poly team to poly team movies I know I couldn't believe that he was a fan of workaholics. I found out I think who isn't well I was surprised that. He loved so much I mean but he loves comedy so they -- when I came to set he's like I think and a workaholic thanks for being this and I fed and kick me. I did to my first day I think was just watching. Philip Seymour Hoffman Pugh a speech a wedding speech over and over and over again denies that this is the coolest thing I'll ever be to wit it's just a brilliant it was like my college experience. Well because I didn't go to college cool brag. Look who need to. Look out let's just say it now let's not do that dutiful. Yet kids and kids you need go to school. I don't know a name that out that it's all there if you're taking the money to her home. In we will better looked his brother and I hope you if you feel a lot of photographs on the final. Heat my faith. Off brought up on a wild throw out a few hundred bucks your way. This is all good bye for children. Would carry it always but why. More. In your life of you because there when I'm thinking of the Oscar real you know. I think it I think what's gonna happen with Brittany and I also think it people saying what we want joined to be in this this this and all be bothering you and annoying you know. Gilbert I think that in real angry and well aerial sighting at Carolina. But we view telling those people but don't know the early work engine. But the two or three things that you think they should see. Not because it's the greatest thing that it was that will help them understand you home. Higher levels. It's half. And I. 22 chemistry. And I really loved. And loved doing everything but rough night is one of my favorite yeah both. I had a rate high eighties with those. Ladies those women are just so it's. Rule and Smart and cool dude loves them I just wanted to hang out with them. And you have brighter on this in now for a whole week. Working with Christian we now and we wrote so many sketches that never made it to air because they were so. Incredibly weird but. And dangerous. Anti this year hit. I've got two little few people from the outside world to ask you. Eat because I don't know why but I'm gonna do and it's too am. At have a DOS as I have going through my own Brittany moment right now trying to live a healthier life. Do you see this as a motivational. Oh I do you instantly I mean it motivated me I knew I had never. I've never been much of a runner and I decided to start from the beginning when when I first got the script and then you know. Parts of Britney actually became. Reflected my real life and and after seeing the film and talking so many people. And a lot of people had said that they're signing up for the marathon this year which is because of this much as I mean the biggest compliment I can ever get CIO. It kind of is you know. Would see it you'll authority moving for you from all of these other things where. You were making people laugh and they make them laugh and cry and now basically you're making them there. Look at what we get what more can we ask of the year. Than a play that it's just in my house next to my pictures you'll be the one other states what a loud in my house on alternate Wednesdays. He went on every Wednesday that notes Hickory is alternate art one more question here from LAM. I would love to see you do a comedy special well he's back something you never do. I mean I would do a comedy special and that stealing it what do you well I don't understand up. So with the honestly from. He had an error you know I don't have it I I I eat. I think it'll vary incidents and that they just filling a very different thing than. I used to do sketch and in Prague no pictures in Atlantic ramblings even though you left at that it was a moment in your feet. Response yet that seem real to. Now does that you did you try and stand up and something didn't happen the way you want to you know what I did a once but I don't even counted. As real Santa because I did it with Abby Elliott for us now we're over there together and and we both didn't impression Ter bury more and we did your very we're talks to her very more on stage and we where fox crew. But that how we meet the little hug your dress. And so this movie Britney rents marathon is coming out very soon and it means so much to me. And it made me laugh at me Ky eight. But at the heart it that it story about it Carl. Hope you win. Sorry every I didn't see how do you run really can't do that is really an. And have to come here and prove that we've anyway I can't believe that you have to be taken away from because it wrong way on there. It's just unfair and yet life the first time in your seat don't know we end the show everybody. In small. What's. To be anything I mean. You didn't do stand up now you can tell me that you probably didn't do it Vegas lounge act. I did sketch where healthy agent banner. Latch and was there was there a musical tiny snippet of something you can. Oh and it I would saying the end of it to people would be holding out because basically the premises it's my last Vegas show Crist Toni Braxton is replacing me. A big pop artist. And so my two sons who are in tuxedos are pushing me back and force that looks like at swain and I would say. And found the end is the air we had a ball. Some people are heaters. And then. You did it now. We all we're live. And now we're living. Not all the words what and then just goes like this to wrap it up at those and did it not Iowa and. Every big race. Doing it if you keep doing your way we're all going to be there watch. I mean. Really one the great people. And one of the great when you walk you just icu in things and it's always great. It was he doing that and I'll turn on you when you start to sock. But you haven't done that I can't wait for the are there any discernible the colonel would definitely. In fact not it has to happen why would you like to thank you so much else.

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