Jim Rash Reveals TV's Biggest Secrets in New Show

Star goes inside "The Writers' Room" on some of TV's best shows.
6:32 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for Jim Rash Reveals TV's Biggest Secrets in New Show
He is best known as the flamboyant dean on the hit series community and his Oscar win for best screenplay for the descendants and now Jim rash is getting the inside scoop on what. Goes into some of TV's most coveted writing rooms. As the host of the Sundance channel's new show the writer's room and we are welcome that he was able to stop by today yes congratulations on the huge success -- -- really hitting everything community. Oscar win which -- -- you were called the Angelina Jolie. Leg nod yeah. Over -- -- not to mess with my -- stats of other -- room. The -- its. It this is like a Sunday it's on Sundance Channel and partnership with intent weekly actually and they they approached me about. Have been a host of what pretty much is a panel discussion. With people's most popular you know great popular interest in history shows. So what we do business -- is breaking bad -- I sat down with Damon jones' Dexter and parks and rec. And it really is a conversation with the writing staff of about the process. For instance writing about what it takes to bring all of these great stories -- his -- on the -- the choices they may experience the house. The disruptions in the room -- arguments and and really just what's at the core that. Makes these series ones that we -- I mean and. As a viewer I mean these are serious that we've become addicted to you not to play up the breaking bad but how would you then. Convince some of these shows to sign on to something like this because often times it is -- of that mystery that gets built into the formula that keeps people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did their writers who are using behind the scene working as a team. I think you know they get very open and talking about it this show that they love. Is -- word we're going to these spoilers and tie rant that. Although you know people who. Watch these shows probably want to have watched the whole shows we discuss that because we're talking about the choices they made and -- -- -- really. Get excited about 10 we weren't going to killed actor oh here's what happened -- -- -- you know she said he said that's how we decided that and I think that's exciting to them because. They were part of that process. To get parks and Brett you Becky restaurants that bring -- you've got Dexter means -- American story adds all all the across the board to what spent does that mean you have been in the creative process full from the development. And the execution angles of think what's been the most surprising in this news. You know I. I I was surprised by the little things along the way one I I wasn't surprised but it was nice to see what -- such a family unit these things come become and -- How close they are connection with the shows like Dexter and bring about which were coming to there and so again talk about what it means to close that chapter. And the emotional ride you've taken. And then just as a writer them -- you know that unselfishly. Trying to gain any. Wonderful sense of not -- -- makes this process any bit better. Hands. And realize that were all. Neurotic and and and I think I'll have -- -- and we are all artwork and staff found the writers' room. Support group where it is pretty much -- of -- group because a lot of those stories in especially when new girl and parks -- when you have comedy right. There like writers go home bring us what happens to you. -- -- so people are pitching -- personal things you know Liz meriwether who created new -- put herself out there. Or what -- is plain you know what here's here's what I did you know -- Mexican president. They like halt its value more endeared to rush -- you know I -- that fiction written now now embraces it it now. And -- in film the way way back yeah. And I understand I read somewhere that you had -- and you had it in your mind that you -- Steve -- in this thing so badly in fact that you -- -- with his family and you can thinking we look back and ask that we third. Which is still arms are coming -- -- and you unleashing. A movie here and that's but it was legalized. You know we really wanted -- Steve was perfect for this role. Mr. and it's against site and wrote a letter this saying instance there goes -- -- -- -- -- that supplies plus that com. Back to my own family I spent every summer with my family and rest into the discussion. And we were encouraged just try and -- would happen if we moved. Two where he and move in move Q where he was and we room and a letter and -- what we shot. Figuratively in your backyard -- and that's what we did we shot in the small town called Marshfield where he vacations with a Stanley itself. So in a way now at -- this is no -- -- -- -- well I think that yes I'm sorry between harbor area Marshfield. Yeah Poconos here Correll and get ready for Aristide but now I think he was pretty open about that area so and he loves that area so I think he was happy -- To give it some support you've got everything I mean BE legacy he you've really got to run again when it comes to roles in any kind of entertainment production what's next for you. Well mean that migraine Burnett -- back to writing you know now that we that -- back -- out in theaters and and and we are writing something for our fellow friend -- -- -- we came to the ground means with which -- smile and improper care and LA and and then writing and stand some of -- of fox Irsay family ran a small dysfunctional thing for them and then I start community and this coming month so -- yes but it's all I mean this is like the last two years have been since the descendants stuff right. -- in writing and acting both of us and small things and bigger things. This just feels like all of a sudden here. Super busy but I think we've always wanted to. -- toes and everything Campbell want to thank you -- and an end and went to -- horizon if you're not going to be crashed into people's vacation Bible and that and it's now been key to getting big movie stars to say what if we -- where you -- I think all of them would jump on -- yeah I think they might -- that's stalking but I now I have addiction I -- still cameras and perhaps service. It's a movie script that it's called the writer's room against Sundance Channel to -- thank you so which was occupied since thank you for -- absolutely.

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{"id":19807864,"title":"Jim Rash Reveals TV's Biggest Secrets in New Show","duration":"6:32","description":"Star goes inside \"The Writers' Room\" on some of TV's best shows.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jim-rash-reveals-tvs-biggest-secrets-show-19807864","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}