Jimmy Kimmel's comedy club in Las Vegas celebrates its grand opening!

The late-night comedian laughed it up at The Linq Promenade. Profits from the club will go to charity.
6:24 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel's comedy club in Las Vegas celebrates its grand opening!
I'm Clinton's infidelity ABC news coming to you from Las Vegas, Nevada we are yeah opening. Campbell's comedy club and we got to sit down with the man himself. You. Did not come up through the stand up world. Wide into an open your own stand up club. Well it's not something I really planned to do this season. Palace called me and said hey we would like to open a comedy club I think our eyes you know Batavia. A bill would Soledad some. Where a victory in the one day. You know serve cocktails won't be bored college goat I was excited about it because I always the maybe open a restaurant and this is kind of restaurant with comedy and makes a lot more sense I think. So with the design that is what does that bright so designs got. How did that sort of a ball well this is a weird thing because I saw the first set of designs tonight scandal of them for the part. Said. Let me show you things of what it's better here at the latest single my house looked like because we have a far far next to my house. And I showed it to them they're like OK get get get get get and what. That the group preferred. It's identical to my home I mean is both the weirdest thing it's likely that they built a replica of mindful. Here is clear it's really weird especially where my wife who had no idea this stuff Phil. It's really like being in my house. Though that's the stage as you might have guessed. This is where the comedians would. This is a microphone one of the things I demanded I said we're not gonna do this unless I have. A stool and they sat. I don't know they're expensive followed as the secret passage in the green room is my agent James baby doll victims. This multi everywhere we've tried to fill this. Long live all this stuff my wife doesn't want in our house. That's really is more storage it is currently done anything for me I set out to make nice you won't work meetings Michael a club for comics what does that mean. It means that I want them to be comfortable lot of times Reeves for doing on the road. You go to club and it's not so great he's they have some crappy condolence and that he and treated like dirt so we want to treat me and very well. And you know mail marketer. Also it's good to get them really really drunk before they work. As you know I've had a long and storied career triple. And and I was ordered to get some of the stuff out of our house so. Have the original sign for a man show that neon sign of our logo and some of the cranky anchors puppets from are show on Comedy Central and there are photographs from. Jimmy Kimmel Live in barriers lament goes have. Guillermo handcuffed to the bar so he'll be here at all times when he's not on my actual work a lot of lot of might help steer volume memorabilia and it looks like your house colleague many bracelet. Yeah you're right it is kinda like Graceland and away and it also for me will be a comfortable place to live should I ever get picked out of my home. And it's cool and I mean everything you do pretty much involves your family and this is no exception you have your sister. On stage tonight but like an open field Campbell's a comedian and she is on stage tonight. Jimmy just messes are a couple weeks ago and said you know I'd love to have no but apparently. He really didn't know who I'm sick could he wanted to impress more than your Big Brother right. We brought some of my. Comedian friends Sarah Silverman the whole Guillermo came along Whitney from LA. Thing that's it nice. I'm Rick Jimmy Kimmel. My band leader Toledo. My aunt chippy is here with drag her away from the poker machines get here. It yet it was fun. Don Rickles that this is to FaceBook is no. If you look at me like I'm a chemistry set. What do you think Don Rickles would would think about this I'm sure he have a lot of criticisms. Not I'm sure it. You in big part of how many pictures there are of me on the wall and how frequently my name appears in the local he would like stairs. He would hate everything about it and I would love and I wish he could be here and I know you know adds that something I have been thinking about back back to Solomon. Toy Story for the united voice and I was thinking about a singing cowboy it would have been really great to have him here this morning your favorite memories. Living in this now well blowing up the Las Vegas is a weird thing. To do it and it didn't seem weird to me what I've lived here but looking back it is weird and people often comment that its range. And this is true I know this sounds like a joke but. I so Liberace buying me. At the Mayfair mark he's wearing a hair net going to. The state consistently gave his junior shopping for pants in the boys department. Saks fifth a very small time so that's something that you don't see when you grow often in Omaha. But this. Club for me it. A place to gather it's a place where my friends could go on stage where I could go onstage we now on. Welcome to lark comedy club thank you for being here all the money I made from this club I'm giving to charities need to local charities bureau of Las Vegas. And there it just I just feel like it. I have too many comedy clubs you know you can't have much company. And we're hoping that its places where in Las Vegas. And they go to Michelle or they're out gambling wherever they come here into the night and come watch football here on Sundays and think of it as kind of their neighborhood hangout. Pray a yeah. Congratulations. Jimmy Kimmel and his lovely and now I'm Clayton citadel in Las Vegas and you are watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The late-night comedian laughed it up at The Linq Promenade. Profits from the club will go to charity. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63798380","title":"Jimmy Kimmel's comedy club in Las Vegas celebrates its grand opening!","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmels-comedy-club-las-vegas-celebrates-grand-63798380"}