Joel Osteen talks new book 'Blessed in the Darkness'

The senior pastor of America's largest church has penned a book about seeing the positive in negative situations.
9:32 | 10/23/17

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Transcript for Joel Osteen talks new book 'Blessed in the Darkness'
Hi good day this is Byron Pitts from ABC news I'm joined today by my longtime friend. The senior pastor liquid church Jolson. Nine time your time best selling author. Pressure a lot of books that's a lot of books I don't know how half indicated bar but great to be with you could do with her so your newest book. That comes out this week. Blessed said in the darkness now I read it I finish it over over the weekend. And it's it's that there's the same level of inspirational your book separate. But I'm struck by how on this book you start in dark places that for people who were in the midst of a sore. Yeah it is different for me siren because a lot of other books talk about being happy B and hostage stated fate. This is but it's a little different twist but. And that the premises we all go through difficult times I mean no matter how much of a person you a faith you are. Going to be lost or disappointments are projected to betrayal. Mop my point in this is to not fight everything that happens to you. Because god has a plan and I believe it's even in those difficult times you growing. You're getting stronger. We don't always understand that the time that's really what the book is all about to say in those times you have to trust in an Austin in accidents caused sometimes they don't but you have to trust that. God you're in control and somehow you can work this for like what led you to this book. Just the difficulties that we all go to me. You know getting to deal with a lot of people in a pastor and traveling. But funny no matter who you're going into the best person in the world and you have challenges you health issues and financial issues and he's interest in baron because I wrote this. Put it together basically a year ago never dream and it was going to come out you know tomorrow. And you know a month ago the big issues being couple months ago the biggest flood in Houston in early is animal positive person but there is darkness all ran away. You know in a big suits and I think in our own lives and who doesn't suffer from. You know rejection some time the trail unfair situations in and again I think. When you choose to get bitter there in name life's not fair use a God's good but look what's happening that is key to there PPP turn it around this OK don't understand this but. I still believe must step to being directed and ordered. And some down some weight is somewhere down the road I'll believe you'll see that somehow work for Uga. You mention the the the flooding historic flooding in Houston. Your church Lakeland and you personal were criticized the response would after re litigate that but. What was it take away from you coming out of it yet. Well you know we had to do with the safety issues before you open the building but. Guess the take away is always you know how can you do it better and we we talked before about. You know when everything settles down to have some experts that this do evacuations. And but that's not our expertise where a church where a ministry. You know just how we can learn from it. You know I think that negative narrative was started and it was really hard to get back hit but an Omaha we did the right thing that you know. It's always should be learning from something so we can do it better and. I guess one take away to me would probably be to have people on side. Before a big storms that gets there because we couldn't get staff there and so you know just learned these thing and turn the media. Little more. More prepared for for. PG EKG it's certainly we've talked about it that how that the church has a history of being a distribution center for the city in the history has been the city context you say we need this. You don't own your own jump out front. We really don't you know and I think it's hard for people understand that Lakewood is that. Is that its large church that building was owned by the city for 35 years and disinterested and never used at this shelter. Well there was a reason causes blood to. But. Is it just what you said you know we work hand in hand with the city he they would specifically asking people to go you know certain other places but you know what do you live you learn how can you do better. I think the main thing is. We've been there was started with my parents fifty years helping the community and that's what we're all about and really what we're doing now bar in this we're helping to rebuild homes. We've given away we had a. I mean he won't mind me saying mr. Steve when problems that we and resorts. He donated brought it four million dollars to help to have to give to people that are in dire need right there so we just. Helped about 2000 fan was with the gift of. 2000 dollar something like that. And plus there's been millions of other dollars and in manpower that we do what do so now you know we get past that we how can we help the community. Because you know 100000 homes were flooded and many of them lost and it's it's very devastating. And reading this book people on the I think many people they know you for your television ministry than you for him for your books and everything this again that the very charmed life. We talk about the book the the loss of your father Rainier very very close to your your mother's. Experience with liver cancer in men and thank goodness she's she's still with C is so if you've had parked on zero. Yeah exactly you know I earn my father. We were close like you sit at work with him for seventeen years that you just you know we just friends he was my dad we traveled the world together. Well I was naive but I thought it live forever 77 he had a heart attack instantly was taken away again. You know Arthel you know and have a face anything like that before. But in October but the book that's where Ethel to peace that I didn't had not felt before in their current situation. Yes I was. You know mourned the loss of my father and it was you know it was not easy but didn't go in with lockup fell apart in talk about this is well. What I thought would be my darkest hour the loss of my father it really launch me into what I'm doing did. I had the from minister before and when that they had done I felt caucus opposed to step up and passed to the church and took that step of faith no it war but you know here we are today and that's what's easy for immediate encourage people. You know in this difficult time if you can just somehow turned your faith and and believe that. You know he did something good still is up in front in the fold and that depression. Got an opening the door and the and the loss of a loved one is not the end. Of our life there aren't that job you lost your relationship. And you that you keep movement for what you look up and you think well I never dreamed I'd be here. What's next tree I know you have so nine your time's best sellers out of that they're more books in your future. We have a program a serious radio what what's next for Joseph lost in liquid. You know pharmacist at a day at a time just continue and it took hope hopefully grow and I'm always trying to be more effective as a speaker as a pastor in so. I spend a lot of time doing that and them. And god continues open an outdoor from just always interested in how can we reach the. General public and not just the church world from the very start that's what I have tried to do not just me others as well but. I'm interested in you know one hope hopefully affecting the culture with a good. I think about even when Jesus was on the if you didn't just stay in the synagogue in the temples. He went the people where they are in the marketplace and so. I like it avenue east of the media and you know different ways that we can get the message now so that that excites me. Most and other liquid is a very marchers naked men know how incredibly diverse churches large African American population large Hispanic population. With this racial divide in our nation. Well. What would you say about where we are. Well you know darn I think like anything its it's troubling to see some of the things happening but I think over all. The heart of America's could do great people there of course I'm optimistic that this is what I see in my church every week like you said. I don't know how it happened but it every race it's it's different economic classes as well it's the rich the poor. And I just see how it can all work together in. I just seen courage our congregation and myself every day to be a part of the solution to treat people with respect with honor to to modeling. You know maybe not just with words that. How can we model it and you know like this and the blast through four years we've heard and been named John great great African American minister but. I didn't think about it when we happen just because he's he's a friend and he's a great minister but. Never realizing that now you know. You know he's the past report until the largest churches in America to alongside with this but. I think that's you know part of it is just be an example in treatment for body with respect because. You know you get right past that its skin color we're all the same all mated in which have gone. Just a few more questions. Eight in them Nightline anchor I was in that with a quote. From someone of note meant to encourage people or give the moment we're in his nation some context so I ask is a personal note. A fought a quote we can in their broadcast. I want to think about this don't look at what's wrong in your life thank god the way try. Don't focus to what you don't and I think on what to do. Don't always look at how far you have to go sometimes look back and thank god for help party told people she. Joseph hosting senior pastor of Lakewood church in. Author of the new book blessed in the darkness nighttime New York Times bestseller thank you so much for. They expect great being with us.

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{"duration":"9:32","description":"The senior pastor of America's largest church has penned a book about seeing the positive in negative situations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50665825","title":"Joel Osteen talks new book 'Blessed in the Darkness'","url":"/Entertainment/video/joel-osteen-talks-book-blessed-darkness-50665825"}