Johnny Gill discusses his new album ‘Game Changer II’

The legendary singer talks music, album and his new film role.
18:58 | 11/20/19

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Transcript for Johnny Gill discusses his new album ‘Game Changer II’
It's Canas lands ABC radio well all my goodness you guys in for a treat I have a legendary man I'll go. And our teeth a man who takes music and make this is all owned the one the only Johnny hill Almonte. Added. Parent. I am well I feel very very good to have you would studio today to talk about so many things one of them being this upcoming album. Gains to change gears Phillies game the second. And it's like they're so good first average on duty at the bed and think there is them where policy it would even be possible to out do. Game change what has gained ten to one point four years. And we had six singles all top ten animal actors so. Eyes and we just coming out of the box right now game changes to debuting at number one on billboard and then signaled one number one. Styles like okay we're off to a great start. And he has the perfect name for as some of his music is saying goal. I think he's very familiar way. Lee is not a name Ralph China's ban. Yeah. At the S and who insisted I I I have to say you know it's it's so great to have. You hear the iconic ness of it all. Interestingly enough. It was his kind of funny I I I wish you guys had kind of synchronize your timing a little bit more. I just had little James sitting right here a moment ago no way yet Baghdad I just the loop a couple of days ago. Biting while funny or really sitting here and I said like all my guys. You know johnnies come in here around 330. Wild animals like you've got to be kidding me so I was light all the timing had been. Why act apparently had you guys bump into each that's moving crazy by now ion. Does talk reason and it's it's it's a good feeling because you know I have talked to a lot of the new addition group members of course your your your own. Our teeth in your own right I mean clearly you had such a catalog of great songs that I still to this day out my plan. Yeah Manhattan. So odd to get into it. I want to talk about this album please. It's it's it's a great time for you to be Johnny gill because everybody's. Everybody loves Johnny get. At noon it. Hello everybody I'm so your thousand buddy don't halt until everybody going used to human type of bureau. Your view of all time they resolve ago thumb while and one that I guarantee you get him four million lags. There's going to be somebody wealth fund now there's a story but there's no reason it. Everybody knows Johnny yeah eat it Anwar but they I'm themselves alive. I'm just so grateful yeah. I'm really grateful and snow are we gonna very big in me. Treating people with a low of respect that. That I believe all of deserves so you know it's a I come from a family my dad was a minister and and he taught us plan proceeds about how we need to treat each other so. Absolutely NN it's coming back to you obviously 112 million on the let's talk about obviously not the album but the single day that we would just mentioned because her feet as you mentioned. You know you signed Ralph you're many people. How what of bet the process and that because we know he's his own little entity but the fact that you wanted to like to have them part of your teen. What why specifically did you feel the need to do I want to do. I think Ralph was one of the few out of all of us that never really nurtures his community never went from. Did and and and took his brand to the level ultimate level that we all did he was always the guy that was the leasing of the group. Always go home at we've done for Morgan. Oh a new addition and he goes until and to those found to go back and eases than they have are never really. Had an opportunity. Two or capitalize on. Its brand and so I was telling them you know when you. The live in a long time and you have a lot to say and wanted to be it was expresses so it's a different ball game is a different worlds a different industry. But there is nothing that she changed or stop you from being able to have the opportunity. To do so if you get from this new so I said to Noah Friedman only able. And I've had violence 2010. Skills to his skills so it allowed me now is as rampant as some other people on the connect that I wanna. Given opportunity to in the platform to be able to express themselves. And so with that I mean clearly you know you've known him for so long now did you guys like basically run errands and yet have some snow with that being said how much of is it. Do you all feel like you're it. It all Erica manager RD gone to let him do what he does. Unduly does that we talk and you have to do that and with every artist and allow them to be able to express themselves and though and here. Listen to what they want and figure out how to help them to get to where they wanna go and what they're touting to achieve that's what's important most important. As a CEO and as also even as an artist and yeah yeah. That's a good mean you know there's some people that are micro manages the Johnny you know he's not micromanage it Michael micromanage your career and I guess I had to be a breath of fresh air because I'm sure you've been through that whole thing. When you're on the well in the early days you know you kind of learn I guess have. Your own process when you now. Kinda work at artists as well Tim. So they and that's why I find it is important. As an artist to recognize that people sometimes might not so a lot of some autism even know they are Smart as don't know what. They want to do where they wanted to be ultimately in the near us on the due to storm how to get there we have to sit down figure out who listen and look and see what it is. That this time achievement figure out how you come in to help them because when you can have them they can be and there are happy to be him being able to the stage for consults express themselves. If to submit it benefits or Reba and you yeah. Now when we were talking about perfect but we also talk about the hit number one in the old woman and I mean you mean talk about that we now that's songs inspired by her mother. My mom has C. I tell you that was I had that song for about five I've used that insistent that make the games into one album so licenses for his songs is among listening pleasure. And when I sort of backward corner of the very first song I recorded and you know would come home and I'm that I you know please you know some stuff from a family my -- Brothers. And she heard that song and she was is like. And next thing you know she's singing at Munich's millionaires is seen images like okay NC just kept him out I'm on the road to Allen in the Brodeur. Yeah Mamas and you sing that song I should monitor to elect its missile. She goes out. Like that's on. That's an okay Nancy say this is gonna be really successful and aisles legroom and you know I chose that as the personal answer enough. Went straight through his top lieutenants and l.'s best mama knows best rank as you must tell you you know the original owner yes it was so so crazy and funny but I I just love the fact that. When that song guitar about how. We read on the strength of so many women's shoulders because. And it's a reminder for all stood on the stand that. You know that is it's with this whole move me to movement allowing. Fellows to be reminded. Room reminding women that it's they're powerful and they have a voice and it is time to be heard so it's a number of things that comes. The mrs. Dougal songs. The man and talking about you know to some of the songs that really be I think our. Their own specialness but couple but that's already paid tribute to Luther. Follow me it's Miami as Alia and it's you know. I miss him dearly heats loop that to me was the one of the greatest storytellers. Ever as a singer as a writer as produce a he just a campaign and tell a story the cameras and tells story that was just like the no other. And he was a good friend and I miss some kind of moved to its people know how the guy with blue to a so fast. On his feet would talk and you would just and would have you scream and in tears but he I can always tell moment I think you mystical. But look so your favorite memories like I know you said he's so fast that he what's one of the little things that you. Kind of remember him doing that you can tell you're with a moment one year I have a and it could spark a New Year's Eve party. And I forgot to eat and I was drink and winding one thing and one thing I want Agilent at some point I think I just passed out. And number of those I'm talking about the that's all I remember and it was like oh man passed the and so I think I sit down before the New Year's game in salute and everybody's at the band's plans revised plan and immigrants. Vehicle vivid Morin. Coelho he goes. Blow on Al appointees is should've been there. And really what that he brought up. An outline agreement on Hannity Rivera minerals when you about a moment. Now you know I mean clearly the music we we identify you with this these magical moment that you make through song. Let's have a little though the top school among the act dean. Can we talk about this. Portraying. This new role Mary Burke you me. In this and that whatever whenever the opportunity jets it's attributes it you know I just don't update. When the phone ring only demands Obama allies is go out they didn't. Now that. Now you'll be featured in spinning gold I'm coming very highly anticipated anticipated because there's so many great act men mom that are gonna be featured. And you know you haven't just in relation was Samuel Jackson right here and I aren't you bonuses. Tawdry news and knows so great amounts so I'm so grateful because my friends I don't sit we don't ask he says I don't ask him can you put in a movie gave his. In Vince's my friends there's just my family in. When the phone rings and never have to look at them and they're going okay what is you. I just my friends and family just people I love and that is truth in my road though love for him to death so it's like. And he's he just. Set out to him Sam get well soon I tell you. He just had back surgery and in life on the golf course without Sam tests is not the same. I'm not saying you are not anywhere buddy almighty god men don't fight we going. And there's nobody nothing I look forward to in the morning is more and maybe didn't up and go on to fight because we that's all we do fight by fight it. But not you know it's funny because I am I failed to realize sometimes that. You know aside from being these superstar. There's scenery and good news. Mike good in this. As it means to greater count mean that shielded his goals on his sleigh. And we all have just you know a great time and it's nonstop protests talking. Back home now of course you know that film we humans there's going to be so many great people involved how did you. Yeah. Prepare for something like at a mean obviously you know that with the guy is the talk to anybody specifically eat like what what was your way to kind of. Mo just as it's it was I knew of him in at new. When he was what he did then and the way of a did so that it wasn't like me you know a resuming with all the group it was just me. It is between him because he was on the right is. And produces of its own and and that it was just about anybody in that. Who him in the moment four. In the scene where. He was actually creating that song so. It was not hard to do it all it was you know and who don't wrestle him and one of my players Sloan zone. I houses on it also wanted to be a part of it. Via and Intel just everybody so they can no toppled about spinning golden kind of what it's all about noble art never. Yeah mold that is I mean he was he's an iconic need he discovered and work with so many from down Osama is suit. Fiscal loss in the eyes of these two. All my good in this. Since so many and the story was actually it's a true story you know about him about his life and his sons who has taken on the news the the the responsibility you're putting this put me this movie together has. Been doing and in the make an accurate job of bringing it together so I'm I'm so excited about seeing him and seeing how it comes ago entered as. As so many good people. Rule most men from Mets fan and I lab and so many people EC gonna come and while mrs. going to be interest it's going to be a big fan yeah. Lee is and talking about. You know just you went and being this act are but also kind of watching lying on the screen as well. You know another it's all said and done the new edition story. Thoughts on that at me I know you've already I commented up and down about that whole thing but. You know where you surprise could lead to talk to that data guys you know men about it and I'm curious your thoughts. Aren't we pride by just the ad duration in and the response. By that series and kind of the impact that it had to get back to kind of be one of boasting that does poorly brought back. All these memories once again in an air base. You know. It was I think for me. The news we only just scratched the surface this so much more event. Fans the new chance to see and I don't even think up for our 50 more we could do it for what we've done what we've gone. I was absolute surprise having all of us we knew and felt that it would do will but nobody had any idea how well and just watching how people it is really embrace this that that the movie and it was amazing it was really amazing. A and I we wait what does Johnny gill stories that you not Fannie athletica everybody's morale tell me liquids or Gilles. All right chip oust ordered Terry Lewis. The other day and he was to say in the same thing it was like Johnny. When would you into this you'll stories says people I have no idea they have no idea. And it's them all of them at some point we'll do we'll get there yet known and well. The latest American. It made an over here. Com and of course we got he did before he you know wrap everything up game changes to. So what now get the on this could. The day oh. No it's it's out now and death and. I mean when he appears in wanted out that games and it's who just came to me this came out my oh my tunnel without already and. Workers and grades to call Santana as Celia and a song called fiesta. My dream come true I I'm I'm a musician and plan and I have several guitars from Paul Smith's that. Calls please demise of Corzine's languages but just having him to bless us with. Being on the song and Sealy. It's going to be its it is definitely a departure from what I do but it's still old Johnny who is never compromise who I am and what I do. And then we have Ralph has been an imperfect and then. I'm Kim on Edmonds on. On them a hoax on call home that is really powerful so. It's just that best album this album. Every artist says my album my alma album's greatness work done today. I only wanna say that assist you get it listened to it and you and you're the jury you can make that decision I tell you this. It is it's this problem. Is absolutely it's truly a special infamy and I've done 37 years and has came in this the first time of an album. The debut at number one on billboard. Simply by its debt that powerful. Yeah that is to Mazen and I'm just excited at arms and want the world to us here. Whenever you. Yet from and at that point it's on you but I know what happens. When when you listen to that somehow. It has bins it's so powerful soul of a woman like a Sid is a messes for every woman to recognize how strong she is and the soldiers that we stand console me about great women. How perfect is a song that talks about. Women chasing these girls also some media is trying to do that keep over dancing ram models and all the stuff to recognize understand that. You know you are who god made you embrace short imperfections. And love who you are be who you are and understand that that's what god major and that's what makes a perfect so. These powerful message is I just want to get out. Was he loves so hate the song I don't care but it is a messes it needs to be that needs to get out and the. Is really McCann a firm to so many women so many guys to be reminded. Absolutely and I think you know part of it is like there's just so many nuggets that you have been there. That I want people to come and listen to it over and over all and not just like you know miss all of the little nuances yeah things that I think are just. Within those crevices so jut Johnny thank you so much for stopping and I have a mom I know all first and foremost as the holiday season are you had anywhere especially. You home with mom in the family and my son at. Yeah you have a great time of course. Please gains in how now original I mean you know I need of reissue that the goods like you needed need to keep wondered out. Pitted landowners magical moment that it captivate from the top and the bottom yeah. And I don't it responds particularly vulnerable because. I'm not talking when he hit a the last. He's learning when I'm by ABC radio have to go but please. Continue to support this man you know he's elected in June and I wanna sign off now the next time for must have been abused. May and June.

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