'Get Out': Jordan Peele's directorial debut

ABC News Radio's Candice Williams interviews Peele about the film.
17:03 | 02/21/17

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Transcript for 'Get Out': Jordan Peele's directorial debut
Very talented man sitting in front of need he's a director now directed. Jordan. In any way is hilarious and scary at the same time thank you yeah that's master get out but don't you leave here. I'm out we seized Friday. And I'm excited I actually saw the film and I I I love it honestly are you horror movie junkie the funny thing is I don't like horror movies that are based on reality light you know exorcism it's done when hammer. But the ones that kind of our like super kind of Dan band SPN and goblins I can deal with them so I didn't know how I would hate this particular failure but I enjoyed it. Because it does it does hack and I have somehow reality and then it has like. In a crazy stuff that happens as well but. You know I'm I'm with you liked the scariest movies to me are always the ones that feel like they they're grounded again take place in reality and that's. As a so I try to do it this one might make. Make it so that you have characters saying. Things you wish characters was saying horror movie like little round you know as rod. I love him I truly love him he he brought it together for me and many ways you know there have to be that one that's that. Voice of reason who would like bra exactly a life yeah yeah. These are electric the conceit your best friend as a conspiracy theorist and he now so leg you have reason to doubt his opinion. But at the same time he's actually more he's more keyed into what's happening because he's I mean he's got that perception on. Absolutely and I feel in many ways it still was a long time coming for you for you because. On you flirted with the idea I mean beefed up on key appeal leaves little vignettes these little less sketches that you know touched on the Har. Part of what your craft is so how much was this a work in progress in and how long did it take for you to really put it in fruition. Iced first got the idea about eight years ago and I dislike the thought of it you know. Thought of what it could be foot five years. After which I knew what the project was. And men you know sat down to write it and yeah I was more from our there's this super a movie. I thought would never get made. I really I really did I really thought yet because you know this is this is one of those tight you know there's a reason we haven't seen. A horror movie that tackles the real life horror of race in a long time since you know late night of the living dead law. Fifty years ago long. This candy man and people on the stairs but they don't really you know it's not a bow out. Racism though the monster that is racism in the way this one is so. That's one of the reasons I felt like normal ever make it it's too it's too messed up its two. Is too edgy. Yes it's very jarring because EEO it's like the scariest thing in the world. Actually recent got him you know it's like how do you conceptualize. That and make that into something people can I chat you know that that's the tricky thing because. It's such a big. Hot topic within the realm of the level of what that could possibly. Okay this is great majority in Dubai. The climate that we witnesses great Jordan but do we really need to go here. You know if if there was apprehension it was it was it behind closed doors but I was not involved and you know all I got to see was really the faith that the producers and universal put she it in the project and and in me. Come to go and you know own it and promote it and to not sort of shy away from the controversy. That's possible there. I think it just. It all ma the timing of it is kind of uncanny. And it feels like we're now worn out a time where you can't get away from. The discussion. Of race and racism anymore and people are. People are intrigued and willing to have this conversation. Yeah and come. As you said it's like it's a very intrigued being conversation. Can eat a little bit peace be to the themes that that I'm seeing an acre plant again what I thought of talking about some things he might not only is it like. I feel picked on political. An and and more so you know overreaching. Archer of racism and what that means today cultural appropriation things like that that I meet like OK you know he he's really. Looking at different angles of this land he's not just saying this is what is this is how we should see it he saying there's so many different ways that we interpret it. So can you talk a little it not only that just the idea of the opening scene and you know it brings back to the unarmed you know black man being shot at Philip Q talk about some of the themes being that you kind of injected in the air so people who are. Watching listening will be able to say okay you know let's beat this have a little bit wider eyes will be watching an egg not to take it for what the per feel it's. You know I wanted to you know through sort of making. Though plot connections to Eaton and thematic connections. Imagery that really represents. You know a metaphor for a lot of ways we look at race. You know I wanted to like he's at wanted to cover an entire spectrum. Of racial. A conversation with this movie yet as you say it starts off when we are. With Andre played in the Keith Stansfield walking down a in a black man walking down a white neighborhood at night and we're sort of meant to feel. The the fear that that a black man may have in that scenario where you feel like oh I'm going to be. I could be considered the other and that. That might not go so well. So really for me like my whole thing is like I don't like to be preachy I don't like to like tell people what to think. Valmont my personal. Craft is about. Presenting people with the and the situation to feel. To feel that fear. To the field that laughter to field that. I'm joy or torch year moment and when you feel. First. Its nature it is more powerful then if someone's like well here's something you should think about bombs so. I'm I'm really leading what the gut. When I discuss all these things and and I feel like win win when people RO allow themselves to feel. What it feels like to be in a black man's shoes in this scenario. It will. It will continue to pay dividends in that the conversation will change via. I think it did for me like I was talking to friends about insane or my practices like whole areas but at the same time kind of eerie and weird and scary at this you know it simultaneously. And you don't just looking at your work though you know I thought to myself. Yale. We I see you on the can't EI CU and Indies different projects. Was there any type of in transco perhaps. You know I. Even though you're directing it did you want wouldn't have been okay it would have not been O'Keefe you'd actually be in the film and to some capacity you know. I think he would not and be okay because I'm not thagard and cooker. If I'm crazy. Liking. How are your crazy now of course I would that's a lot of it. From now I you know I wanted to focus on the directing part of it. And and and and then also I'd I found a cast you know it's like I don't know what first time director gates this lucky that they it'll work with the cast this. Talented and accomplished and you know the dedicated to getting this right. So it was very you know very very quickly I think I moved us all past the idea that I might come and do when he scared to Bosnia could let me. I kind of could feel eight Q what have been too far back to seamlessly Easter music and irony in the lead. You would be Walter you need to be. It physically capable to be Walter. But that's just one that's one of me for who prerequisite I mean I could we could spend a lot of money on some kind of prosthetics budget to Bosnia this ultimate. I don't think that would work. Yet you know it was. If it it's it's. I just didn't get the role. So little bit about you. Obviously you're the director here but I'll talk a little bit about. What you've been able to accomplish throughout the years as Jordan peel you know clearly. We we love what you and I say your partner in crime I don't know if that's the crack. Terminology and I'm leaving because we meet on partner Primedia. Have done for first sketch comedy. Yo U obviously you are you're an actor as well. Is this like an official turned into directing or will we see you in the capacity of this. You know other talent that you you've been able to do sketch comedy will you be doing other things are is this kind of like an official turns. You know it's a pretty you know never say never. This is this is. This is an official term I I feel like this is. Mean using all of my abilities. That level arm to to the best of my ability. I feel like it's. It is my purest form of expression so far and I love I'm guy I've got. Several different social thrillers I wanna make. Well and is this like your John is this what your focus. This is I mean I love it's likely he said like comedy. Is the real perfect background for this for me and it is it does. You know there's there's lightness and fun and in in the movie there are laughs. You know there's not really jokes. But even despite the premise has a satirical element to it that he now is thought of movies like rose mideast prisoners may be Stafford wives. The scream. You know as movies where it's like that's definitely a thriller but there's something kind of ironic and crazy gone. Absolutely absolutely. You know I I think. We all kind of are interested Sissy. Where this is going to go because of the fact that you have this talent and now that we're seeing it come full circle. Part of the the thought process is okay you have now placed yourself into another row this is a different route. So clearly there's going to be questions well. You know you have this long standing relationship with that is that your partner in crime will you utilized his talent for upcoming things are is this something that you're just taking. Could I guess they are weird fantasy world we see you guys doing that hit the impact. On. We've grown accustomed to that isn't totally separate of anything that you guys with potentially do ours is a believer he started to think about how to incorporate you know. Levy keep him. This pretty is pretty separate and you know I think I think that's part of why why we are we do you know he and I are both. Geared up to like hit on some of our individual. Perception because it did you know. We we we we we've had an amazing column experienced together but you know he's he's an incredible dramatic actor and it was going to be doing some of that. I can see a situation where. I would calling key in the B cache air in a movie. You know I don't know if it's going to be. The social thriller or if it's you know why I'm dual comedy or some sense. But. You're you know really the fear is you know with both he or die cast in any one of these things it's like real quick it's directive feel and look like. Always seconds this like. Is this like. Scary movie except that not okay you know as this. So you know it's we will move but to answer question we will definitely work together there'll be more some more key appealed type stuff going on. OK well yeah I'm sure it's refreshing because. You know it's like we've had death. Relationship to let you know you can't break you have right we've had this don't have had this freeway going with America. And now inside yet since it's like. The parents are getting divorced and something in the separating exactly whether that's what it is just this is little time or part of column we've we both love you very much. This this. Luke misses a beat this is a because of you this is not your fault. That we are taking some time apart. You know year. Yes maybe maybe Keegan has found another comedy partner for look you know whose you know. It which is fine as and now yet but has. Of that week instill hope it didn't see. This feature evolve but again you're director and I'm excited about this film. I'll I have to mention all of today is. Earlier today is presidents I did do did make myself aware of that. CL. Lee. Like this is a day that we honor our president and none of that means and so I'm our president I eat it would be remiss if I did it adds I don't know how you feel about it. But I think we're all getting that like separation anxiety. I'll American I think these are mind. There were real quick emotional plea. In burial still here. He's thinking about chip and that the of that. I guarantee you. More or organ or gonna make it out okay. Least that's what I tell myself at night don't believe it myself but you should. Progress is is and always straight line. You know. What you Michelle opened up to act like Alley beauty pigeon breeders done bothered by it. How long till. Moon. Michelle and I challenge we're having fun I'm trying to I'm trying to get away. A certain point here. Analyst and whose rules tough. Albanian rim president. Soon. These. Number arms and then will tough. And you know. PM today I'll still be here for you I just might be in a wetsuit home on the middle Pacific. Clearly are enormous. Interview over or over satellite phone. Are here for him. And bank you. And thank you and your Beck and year old. All right guys well again I know we're right we have to kind of wrap it all but I I just want you kind of reiterate how exceptional this film is. This is like very much something that I am on board for any high. Have been like talking about it until it comes out this Friday and on his way program line Ina. You know I saw Malia was at the crowd and Sunday Somalia side. Digi. I would love I would love to but I would I was afraid that like apparently a red dot in my head its sides talking Malia and nowhere. As Stephen I'm I'm she's gonna have a hard time beating was has put it that way you know. You know it's funny you know it's light winds you feel weird if you did like you know the impression of para que Malia and her yeah. Apparently the big critical. I'd probably be the way the way in. So to speak so any any any young man out there. Who ones take to get given get a chance with the first star America's first are. Learn impression first. I love it stay here and here I don't have to go and though I appreciate it please everyone anything that you're doing. This Friday. Stop it right now engulfing this movie get out that's right get out and see get out maybe not an. Our big story aunt Mary Kennedy.

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