Joshua McKinley's In Fashion

"Project Runway All-Stars" contestant talks style and sizes up the competition.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joshua McKinley's In Fashion
He with a runner up on season nine a Project Runway now Joshua McKinley is back to win it all the latest installment of Project Runway all stars. Is currently airing on lifetime and we got -- to right here to talk about the drama unfolding on the runway document great to have you are you for having me. So you said that when it comes to style. That more is often more is this -- -- He's is turning you know I always say people think less is -- for me I think a lot of the times more is better lake really go for -- think you know. We live in a time where individualism is very important to people and you know. -- gets you know whereas Kelly could turn south Philly right so I think you know Morris patterns really amount of that island. I love that I love that is now you or runner -- he's denying left here through and I and I having a great time being back I have you know I think that the show. Is great for up and coming and emerging designers as well as established designers and for myself you know. Living in the city where there's such -- People that are artists and designers you know. With a great opportunity -- really showcase what I do and have enough to be able to deal with the -- Indians -- And -- you have just ride your style when it comes to decide what would that -- You know I think I'd love to work. With. Materials that juxtaposed one another you know whether the mother with you know with though -- about you know -- you know or. Textures neoprene things had a really. Tangible that you know have a great -- and -- like I want you to feel like here. Wearing the clothes not that there you know wearing it very very exciting time for the fantastic. Guest judges that you had on the day that it -- summoning full face names in the fashion world how this season I think they really just Bob Carden. You know we have everyone from. The beautiful Katie Holmes has an Ohio native like my thought it day by an interest in like Cleveland -- -- out here. -- One of my favorites -- Great musical artist because I think for myself you know what I do is very. It's -- showing customers like -- you know for myself. Really I love this from to relieve some musical artists -- I'm capable of doing you know. Whether it's an editorial standpoint you know music video style points what we what you're doing entangling and we thank you so much for being with -- -- having.

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{"id":17619651,"title":"Joshua McKinley's In Fashion ","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Project Runway All-Stars\" contestant talks style and sizes up the competition.","url":"/Entertainment/video/joshua-mckinleys-fashion-17619651","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}