'Modern Family' Actress Julie Bowen Raises Awareness On Anaphylaxis

Julie Talks About Anaphylaxis, Modern Family And Happy Gilmore.
6:42 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for 'Modern Family' Actress Julie Bowen Raises Awareness On Anaphylaxis
Since September of 2012 modern apparently started to ten -- the winners really behind has been a spokeswoman for health initiative called get schooled and and a -- access and here today with us. Is Julie Bowen to talk about a condition. She holds very close to her -- in -- somebody in her family welcome. Julie thank you thank you so much for having me yes it dies as matter of fact my oldest son Oliver -- six years old. Had an influx of reaction which is an allergic to it's it it it's -- certain kind of life threatening allergy and his reaction can. Take on all kinds of forms from us it was a swollen face trouble breathing and had to rush into the hospital. And it's a terrifying thing to have to deal with and not just for you but the people around you in your community because obviously they need to know what's going on how do you. Educate your peers about well. We think very fortunate you know the word -- axes and and and getting that word out there in the signs and symptoms up and that's why it got involved with this campaign. Because food allergies are incredibly -- right now. Lots of people have food allergies but what a lot of people don't seem to understands that severe acne. -- some food allergies can happen that you could have and a -- reaction and by the way if anything I'm saying he seems inaccurate or silly or -- just -- -- -- good and flexes 101 dot com for the whole all the facts in his eyes symptoms. I found it's actually not that hard to educate people they're very eager to know. And arsenal many kids -- I think it's one -- thirteen. Who have food allergies and it's more than more than more often than not. But you are very eager to find out. And offer -- -- that treats for Halloween -- sailed -- are not free or -- begin or gluten free or whatever this allergies -- and -- -- -- a tough time -- year Halloween because they -- anti they do want candy we definitely haven't no no eating candy on the road policy like when they're going from house to house and collecting it. Because it's dark and I can't -- an -- on my -- and we have to get a moment. Put it all together some things -- know right away mean it has not sitting on top of it. But mostly I can sit there and of that -- but it could be a tiny amount yeah. -- on the cannot -- it's difficult that a lot of keeping an easy one and thirteen children has now -- people -- almost disbelieving that you have to really tell people -- this could kill a child you know I was one of those people who thought it was mind over matter at times that somehow this wasn't a real thing and it is very real. What and when my son had his reaction he happened to be seeking -- -- not for the first time either. He had a before so we -- he was fine but that sometimes not the -- allergies present themselves they can be progressive they can get. They can suddenly come on so that's why we really won't really know what to be looking for. To using. Yes -- on -- -- the kids Larry Israeli Ross and yeah and you missed wall. We've not had that magical combination since. Obviously we appoint these things just because nobody really wants them. But and we have since tested for nut allergies and found out that he -- them up and down and anything comes off of any trees -- ground it gives me to -- you've written a book and no I didn't write I just narrated the people I always over a -- I am not a writer -- Thanks to tell us about -- -- you marry even not in and fill axes and I know it's kind of silly to have those names but it's great because we want again. That word is big and that Greek and cold and scary just like Heimlich used to be. But when you start making it you breaking it down and make it in and sell -- -- -- it's easy. And about snared. And setting up a carnival at a school. And what can you do that includes everybody. And it's actually something that my own kids do they think about that when they were cooking -- A little late you know all of a -- and to -- we should do something different that's really actual users to view now -- he talked about a website you can go -- there's a supermarket search which is not. That is actually really -- adjusted for the first time yesterday that kids can do it. And it's on and -- -- has -- -- one dot com again and they can go through the supermarket. Buying ingredients first say wanna make up as -- -- And depending on what the characters allergies are eight. You know won't let you -- -- and you know and sorry no peanut butter chips for you or your milk is also -- year go to let's. And it's actually very fun and help kids learn. And listen I have to -- -- -- -- hundredth episode of modern family -- How does that feel how to has the cast doing it feels. It feels constrained and we thought a hundred episodes sort of iconic you know it meant that. It meant something like you were -- show it forever but we still go to work every day. Got -- important over the scripts and I'm worried about making it better and worried that you know. How to make this unfunny year. So it doesn't it's not like Elvis and everybody just laid down and started eating bon bonds easier than an hour -- we're filming the hundredth episode -- down. Yes -- tell you we did yesterday did know. And we to I've got to think about it because. A look at me don't you in front of a live audience. -- -- -- -- -- nervous in front of audiences so. You know I went to work in it was another day in and tried not to think about any of that but when it Ayers and it's one who -- I'm so grateful for it ultimately we do it so that people will watch it but at this same time. The joy the greatest joy is actually -- -- my job now got to be great thing we assets and have to get more fans in the house. Now. -- Indiana's Danny Gilmore and and that her or the pair from an apparent it did not moves. And yeah I was really rocking there -- is check princess -- people opt. I was too afraid of that the first I think that's the the first -- idea and I was terrified to say that I was uncomfortable with that hair news. I just solid shut up and smile you don't want anybody I did not wanna Rock the Vote. And it's there every time somebody brings up to remind me sometimes it's a good thing to rock the -- -- there's a way to say. His -- very sadly -- it's at this rate he's out of -- -- its day and I am thinking that it did for twenty years in. Today's day. Her long time chilly but thank you so much for joining -- thing -- and thank you. --

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{"id":20670124,"title":"'Modern Family' Actress Julie Bowen Raises Awareness On Anaphylaxis","duration":"6:42","description":"Julie Talks About Anaphylaxis, Modern Family And Happy Gilmore.","url":"/Entertainment/video/julie-bowen-interview-2013-modern-family-actress-raises-20670124","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}