June 13, 2002: Matt Damon on 'The Bourne Identity'

Damon discusses how he prepared for the role of Jason Bourne.
3:35 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for June 13, 2002: Matt Damon on 'The Bourne Identity'
So is this a true story or not a true story. The director had some nerves that when you were getting ready to do the Bourne identity the director came to you lifted off your shirt and had hit the Jim yeah that's true Napster. Well we were trying to figure out what the guy should look like then and all the work that would go into it and we decided on this pretty it's serious regiment of martial arts and boxing weapons training and on the stuff and we're kind of talking about your eyes and kind of waves and six months out of something. And and he came up over and just pick the shirt up and let it been since like aren't enough you know enough time has. And a little bit we use. Now king is I'm glad I'm out of my gut when not working I'm I'm. I think every part of my god it's hard to make. Credible. Amnesia for you because you do it you get it done. But I wonder going in if you think how do you do you convince people that you really don't know the essentials of July yeah we we kind of decided. Early on that that I'd. Just do a lot of you know all this physical stuff so because we we kind of assumed the that is bearing would be the same as the it's physical you know presence would would be the same as it was before he lost his memory so. Saw that training and stuff was you know that. All the boxing I was doing Doug Lyman the directors that I want the character to walk like a boxer on the stand like a boxer this little things like you know when you talk to a cop even if he doesn't have his. Has gone on he's off duty. They'll stand he's right handed with his right away from you and just and that an angle and just because your body remembers who you are even when you're down right. Just also say about its frank took a tentative front of the tenth for the tenth as the girl in that you. You freeze him pulling someone's hair has had to Alter their level I got error rate things go into the city's alive and hit after. Have ever done that before congress as well that was did you know four months of cosmetology school that there that's yeah. Well that's where you've learned to do that they had their feet and that was funny we only had one where guys you know like champ who are and I cut it we only had one way to do that and it was an expensive way it was the week that she wears for the first part of the movie itself. And it's supposed to be her hair now and then. So when I cut it I'm cutting it in these like clumps and you know we got a kick and the fact that you know in the next game winner here comes that it looks really kinda. Contempt marketer incorrect and pleased it is they have been asking a fog cut their hair and. That's a lot to go anywhere near Al I don't know which has anyway. The action steps turning that amazing card change your climbing up it and buildings and yet use that. Even working with the stunt man that you kept hitting him. Oh yeah yeah while the all the fighting I wanted to do myself I mean everything I can do I wanted to do cause. You know Doug and I were you know decided and Anne Frank Marshall the producers have been of these. Audiences are so Smart now an analysis view and they note that system and and so. The more I can do the more the more and carry off the more credible though bowl performances in the more fun the audiences can have watching it so. So yeah this this for a stunt man in this and if he's an actor named Nikki noted he is an ax kick boxer. So we rehearse the scene for six weeks this fight and we Molina drafted in. Why knew I was gonna accidentally punched him so I told him might let them and accidentally hit you saw give your bottle of champagne for every time accidentally. Punch you in the face and so this is only good for me. Thank you had to get retire now there'll by the end of that I am a case of champagne Bethesda.

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{"id":50324216,"title":"June 13, 2002: Matt Damon on 'The Bourne Identity'","duration":"3:35","description":"Damon discusses how he prepared for the role of Jason Bourne.","url":"/Entertainment/video/june-13-2002-matt-damon-bourne-identity-50324216","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}