Justin Bieber Accepts Plea Deal for His Driving Charges

Bieber will not be charged with DUI, instead the charges will be reduced to careless driving.
8:32 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Accepts Plea Deal for His Driving Charges
You know we had so much to offer. And -- so much to -- I ask that you please whether or not he sees this proceeding. On video or you or whatever your colleagues can relate to him the importance of this mess is because I'm not here just to. Mete out punishment I'm also here -- hopefully educate and hopefully inspire. And here is someone who is your home -- twenty years of age. On his whole life is ahead. And and he's he just hopefully. We'll get the message. He will grow up. He will use all his -- positively. For young person's. I look I actually think of Robert Downey junior and I think we're that person was his at a young age because -- -- Drugs because of the alcohol because of the -- because all of the pressures that he had. On a daily basis and look at what he's done with his -- turned himself around. And with respect to. -- -- clients. He has so much to offer and I really hope that this will be behind him that he will learn from this. Incidence. And note this community won't be better for it. Just Indian who vs justice Bieber getting a lecture from the bench the judge will decide the punishment or is driving escapades in Miami. Making it very clear today Justin -- is case is in fact different. Because of his celebrity status of when I'm down Cutler in New York Justin Bieber is lawyer today agreed to a plea deal that means it. He won't be charged -- driving under the influence. Here in fact it's a state prosecutor explained the charges. And consistent with that plea agreement the state would -- in charge of do you like to careless driving. And would also advised the court that although it is not in the plea agreement. We have required mr. Bieber to make a charitable donation in -- 50000 dollars to our kids. The changing of the charges but how exactly did -- come about for the latest on -- bring an ABC's legal analyst -- Smith in new York and Bryant. The charges changed he's not been charged the -- no jail time. Is this a bit of and in usual plea deal. But not necessarily -- given a celebrity status it's not surprising. The difference between what he got here is really in the prison time had been found guilty -- DY. There is a possibility again kind of remote that he might see some serious jail time a couple of months now that doesn't always happen especially since this would be his first offense. But still with a careless driving not only does he get. No penalty in that nature no jail time. But more than that it is considered a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony. Which doesn't in any way endanger his immigration status and it's a relatively small -- to his record and a couple points on his license which. I'm thinking he's not so concerned about at this point possibly not with the escapades that we've been seen -- What about this charitable donation. Is -- strongly encouraged to perform it's not actually part of the plea agreement right now at -- but it's something that they agreed to and I'm sure a lot of people look at that and say -- -- -- second. Sounds like he paid a certain amount of money to get a lower charge. But I'm gonna back that up just a little bit and say a lot of times in cases like this you had Justin Bieber. Doing a breathalyzer test breeding under the legal limit for juveniles he did -- marijuana and xanax in his system. But in some cases. Prosecutors will make plea deals like this. Really for the sense of justice to kind of get things moving in a lot of cases because for all the cases out there that are do you -- DUI related. Sometimes prosecutors make that judgment do we really want to put this person in prison or spend a lot of community resources in order to penalize something that. -- comparison other crimes because it's small and being a believer or a non believer -- any time any celebrity gets put it into court there is always that question of what their status is going to matter as far as the judgment. This is what the judge had to say to that. Because while this is a case that involves -- driving under the influence that your client was originally charged with. He -- to be cognizant of the fact that there are many young. Persons who are living under the influence and heat is the influence. He is the one they look up to his role model. And he has so. Much. Going for him and you know I'm a judge among -- -- carrots and I'm also a fan of anybody who has musical -- such as him. -- I hope that he realizes that his actions. Not only. Lead to consequences that affect him but the immediate consequences that effect others who were looking up to him as a role model. So right what do you make of that lecture well I've seen it before I remember Lindsay Lowell and a couple years ago after she went to a series of criminal cases a judge said to her you're an example to others and I'm paraphrasing here you've got to see how your actions impact others. And unfortunately she went on to have some other cases after that not saying that she and Bieber are in the same situation. But I am saying that we've seen judges do this before and the question is. Justin Bieber really hearing that will he really change his behavior. On the basis of that he's still got some other cases coming up. And it remains to be see whether that we'll have an impact but I think for judges it's a chance for them to get on the record when they know the cameras are rolling. To put up that statement of hate you really need to change because if you don't change things could be a lot more serious in the future some of those cases resulting from. The activity that we had talked about earlier there was that egging incident in California there was a fight with the limo driver in Canada. A brawl now with Orlando Bloom. When a judge is deciding all of this perhaps the judge today in fact is he looking at the case in a vacuum or is he putting those factors into his decision if. It's in the same jurisdiction a lot of times he will factor that in but in most cases depending on what the offenses. CE can't necessarily factor all that and he -- in some small way. But let's say in a case like this they've agreed to the misdemeanor careless driving. That's not gonna carry jail time he can't say well. I've seen these other things happen in the past now I'm gonna make an example of -- and exceed what some of the limitations of the statute might be so I think in this case. He can't really do it but the issue is in later cases if something more serious happens then you've got to worry about that. Even though there have been two plea deals in a -- you've now got two misdemeanor plea deals might not seem like a lot. But if these things start to add up. Justin Bieber could be in some real trouble it's making -- charitable contribution part of the plea deal. Also taking an anger management course correct right taking an anger management course and not only that being forced to watch some of these really horrifying do you live videos. And people may laugh and snicker at that and say what's that gonna do well in a lot of cases people see those videos and they say wait a second. This is this could be the impact of my actions by continue down this path so. Maybe did the city there is saying if he does these things maybe he'll change his ways a little bit and it remains to be seen. I want to ask -- then -- -- These other four different incidents in four different locations. Are these other judges now watching as sort of the trailer progression what kind of pressure does that put on them as far as their judgment that they'll issue they may and in some cases it puts on a pressure hey -- got to penalize this guy at the cases found to be criminal in some way. And the prosecutors are really pushing for penalty. They are always limited say for example you have cases in LA sometimes. You might see what we want to give them the Max but they've got over crowding issues there's issues of resources so sometimes you wanna make an example of someone. But at the same time you say is this really in the interest of justice this is really help our jurisdiction so I think. In many ways there is some pressure and they know it's a high profile defendant who's been a lot of situations like this. But -- it's not a serious felony type case. I don't know what that judge is going to say let's throw the book him. The legal -- -- -- for Justin Bieber ABC's Brian Smith for the latest on this particular case right -- that appreciate it sure thing. And of course you can keep up with the story real time by downloading the ABC news dot star in the story -- with -- updates on the go. For now I'm -- -- New York.

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{"id":24970902,"title":"Justin Bieber Accepts Plea Deal for His Driving Charges","duration":"8:32","description":"Bieber will not be charged with DUI, instead the charges will be reduced to careless driving. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-bieber-accepts-plea-deal-driving-charges-24970902","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}