Justin Bieber Charged With Criminal Assault

Pop singer faces assault charges for allegedly attacking a limo driver.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Charged With Criminal Assault
Hello I'm -- Hernandez in New York this is an ABC news digital special report Justin Bieber is back -- is -- native Canada where he's turned himself over to Toronto police to face charges he assaulted a limo driver on December 30. Adding up to a busy month for the -- is now scheduled to appear in court on March 10 in Canada. That after -- Valentine's Day arraignment in Miami following arrest for drag racing under the influence last week. He's Austin Delaney. The late. Justin Bieber last night turning himself into Toronto police. Who escorted him through a throng of reporters and fans camped out in frigid temperatures -- -- -- -- Once inside the doors of 52 division. The -- as seen adjusting his baseball cap. The same cap he is wearing in it aims to -- video released around the same time promoting his new music video released yesterday as well. There is terror I did is it was an interesting -- video that appears to have shot inside the police station last night. The assault charge stems from an incident that happened after Justin Bieber took -- -- police hockey game. December 30 in Toronto. It is alleged that -- struck the limo driver several times on the had. The limo driver pulled over and call police but -- left the scene before police arrived. Here's a port handling his family like you wanna look your family when they get arrested on and be there for them supporting them when they -- -- the jail and go to jail it. Get charged -- even know he's going through life he's a teenager everyone goes Davis we've gone through it just hasn't Vince. Publicized. Its hold -- I think of lake at this stage -- life but yet to go through. A -- snapped this shot outside -- York bill hotel. After Bieber was escorted out a side door the police station last night. The hazel -- hotel is the same hotel that this picture was taken this past summer of -- spitting on fans from his balcony. Just last week -- was arrested in Miami for allegedly driving under. With the influence resisting arrest and drag racing. That was CTV's Austin Delaney reporting an hour joined from CTV in Toronto by Scott Lightfoot who was on hand for -- as a driver beepers are rivals last night that a man mr. Also it is right here in New York entertainment editor Lesley -- from ABC news Alice start -- here. In this spot right now what can you tell us -- you've you've been outside beepers hotel morning what's the scene like. Well the -- and continues here I can -- there's a lot of media here and there's smattering of fans. It to be honest it's so cold out here that people aren't really willing to stand out here but they can sort of stopping by to see if he's here. And that's the million dollar question right now we believe he is still inside the hotel there are two black SUVs like what we saw him traveling in last night that are around the back. And security is being very edgy whenever we get sort of close to them -- our camera now they won't say whether he's inside or not but this is the hotel. That he came two straight after he was released by police last night. It's the same hotel people saw him stop -- he was signing autographs taking pictures with fans last night we're waiting to see if he makes an appearance here today. -- in secrecy did his home country you know he's been -- a bit of trouble and obviously he just ran into some more -- as the eastern himself then. Has -- -- going strong there. Absolutely. He's sort of the small town boy makes good story a lot of people remember him in his hometown busting. He watched his career rise and then the turn that it's sort of taken and that in the past few months. I can tell you last night when we are standing outside the police station waiting for him to arrive in turn himself in a lot of people would stop when they saw the cameras -- -- what's going on and we said -- Justin Bieber is coming to turn himself into police. People just didn't believe us good without we -- making it out but it was in fact true. Not -- did they really stand a chance suspending any time behind bars in Canada we know in Miami is unlikely to. Yet it's also probably and -- -- that he will hear will know more in March when he makes his first court appearance. But he did not spend any time behind bars last night it was prearranged that he would turn himself in by his lawyer really took everybody by surprise actually nobody even knew he was in town. And news broke sort of late yesterday afternoon that he would be turning himself in. As you mentioned this incident happened December 30 here so it happens at the end of last year he and some friends were at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. After the game -- going to some bars and that's when these allegations came out so it took everybody off sort of off guard but today he did. Turn himself in last night he was processed when he was released about an hour and a half later now the question is where does he go from here. All right let's let's talk about that courier wise -- does he go from here. -- we're actually posted this in -- -- video about seventeen hours ago Leslie let's watch. Me is Karen I had is I was so guys just can't companies out right now. Aren't -- vote and -- too. -- to us community. Go look at it no comment. And yeah. The lesson we have some people speculating that ignited an in the Toronto jail house Courtney shot that video. Yeah I've heard that Hewlett Justin Bieber wants so desperately to be looked at again. As a musician and has sort of a heartthrob the last thing he wants is for people Q. Disregard him as an artist and look at him only as a bit of a punk kids so this is a bit of an -- I think on his part Q. I reestablished his his reputation and make people focus on the good things he's doing as opposed to the -- and -- My goodness wearing his -- that we always ask this when we have someone kind of follow -- the wagon. In terms of behavior you know what do we know about that after he was arrested in Miami photos came out Justin hanging out his -- -- -- his father. Put up a picture of him taking a -- with his brother are. So they're really trying anything to get -- -- him but again he's just a nineteen year old kid. I am not sure that it's easy for any parent of a teenager necessarily get them to do it they -- But hopefully as more of these issues come to light he will be a little more receptive to advice from people who care about them. To back over to the Canadian -- -- for his second Bieber turns out has some high profile support may be. Not one that he would like that rob Ford today weighed in on the Washington DC radio show asked about -- he said -- -- young guy nineteen years old. I would say it was a successful he was nineteen years old guys think back to when you're nineteen you know. I don't know if I hit it is this a good thing that rob -- coming to his defense. That's an interesting press I'm not sure that someone he needs in his corner it's also insisting that that's one of the questions that rob -- is being asked -- -- -- has his own personal problems. -- has some political problems here in Toronto they're in the -- and a very that the middle of a very heated budget discussions. And people are asking him about Justin Bieber I can tell you the premiere of this province has been asked about Justin Bieber. It's a question that everyone's being asked right now but. I don't know. That we. -- talked about the fact the -- probably won't face jail time in. Toronto but is there is there a possibility he'll be asked to stay in the country pending an illegal proceedings. Well we've heard from immigration lawyers who said that -- his his charges in the states likely won't lead to any problems crossing the border it's unsure right now whether that will be the case either. Toronto police really aren't saying much about what happened last night we're not getting as many details about. That incident -- police as we did about the incident in Florida for example you won't see a mug shot from here it's just not what we do here in this country. But. We're not receiving any. You would think that if that were concerned they would have lifted on May be done something sooner so. As of now we just don't know. All right speaking of his past four -- Lesley -- you know we have an online petition. Deport Justin Bieber and revoked his green card nearly 200000 signatures we don't have that it exists out there are should say. And then we -- the State Department reacting. To the Bieber mania let's -- and that that this is Jen -- speaking. Well -- work getting done quite a rabbit -- hair with Justin -- I will check and see what Z visa implications would be for anybody who has found. Possibly isolating what as -- -- -- -- -- -- In our I don't know have that we take -- this story too far the State Department is not commenting on and on Justin Bieber. Mission calling for his deportation and enough people signed more than a 100000. People signed -- So they have to -- have to respond. It is very very unlikely that he will be deported from the United States he's on of these meant for. Artists of extraordinary talent and and -- he does something. Really really shocking and horrible. -- a sad that it is highly unlikely that that will be revoked having -- that if he continues to get into trouble. That might make it a little harder for him to stay in the country but I do not think -- according Justin Bieber is at the top of the governments to do list right now. And he had he needs to travel to make all those -- states. Exactly I now he's gotten into a lot of trouble lately all around the world -- big gap. Well -- seeking visas Scott Lightfoot in Toronto and ABC news entertainment editor Lesley messer -- thank you both for joining us. You can -- get a complete recap and everything -- right here on ABC news -- comfort outside Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22307806,"title":"Justin Bieber Charged With Criminal Assault","duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer faces assault charges for allegedly attacking a limo driver.","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-bieber-charged-criminal-assault-22307806","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}