Is Justin Bieber Headed for Lindsay Lohan Land?

ABC's Lesley Messer and marketing strategist Peter Shankman on the singer's next moves.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Is Justin Bieber Headed for Lindsay Lohan Land?
This is a special group. Hello I'm tired and as -- New York with an -- -- digital special report on the Iraq the pop star Justin Bieber. Here's the mug shot folks released just a short time ago. A smiling mug shot -- he will -- is accused of drag racing in Miami this morning while under the influence. Smiling for the picture but the young star is in serious trouble -- was transported to -- Miami Dade county jail -- short time ago. Expected to be bailed out shortly singer. Karen Travers rather joins us how from Washington with more on this developing story this -- -- in them. Hot water -- he's smiling that -- -- look Karen I think good -- -- hot water but have. -- have mug shot is amazing and it is blowing up the Internet right now I you can't go on sweater and not see that photo. This very big day for the millions of believers that's what the fans of Justin Bieber have nicknamed themselves it's rocky couple of weeks -- had. The felony search warrant at Justin -- home in California last week you now have pictures of him partying it up at a strip club in South Florida. And of course today's arrest and -- many are wondering is this one time -- -- part of a larger meltdown. -- -- -- -- Nineteen year old pop sensation Justin Bieber was arrested at 4:11 this morning in Miami Beach police say he was drag racing. In a -- -- yellow Lamborghini. He field sobriety test and was booked for driving under the influence resisting arrest without violence and having an expired license. He did acknowledge that he was using that he did take a prescription medication. And that he used that Gibbons brought -- marijuana that he did consume -- beer. Today's incident is just the latest in a growing list of legal woes for the Canadian superstar. He's accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor's house earlier this month. DNC said -- it was captured on this cellphone video yeah. -- Oh the damage was estimated at roughly 20000. Dollars. Last week authorities -- -- beavers home while he was the -- Serving a felony search warrant. They were looking for security camera footage and -- but they found drugs that led to a felony narcotics charge for -- -- beavers buddies. The baby baby baby singer has become something of a bad boy speeding run ins with his neighbors. And his bizarre incident with a picture of Bill Clinton. But he's insisted he's misunderstood. There. Justin -- could be facing six months in jail but it is more likely he'll be placed on probation. As a first time offender -- all right Karen Travers in Washington DC thanks for that report. And I so many more questions about the stories that we're gonna bring in ABC's entertainment editor Lesley messer along went. Celebrity branding expert Peter -- man. Let's let's start with you and this question is Justin Bieber the new Lindsay Lohan. Justin Huber is a man who has never heard the word now he had so much money as women throwing themselves at him. And everyone around him is allowing it happens so. I don't think he is necessarily going take the same path as Lindsay. -- parents were having their own issues and there -- a number of other troubles surrounding her. But they are of the same category of being young very famous and very very -- Wealthy and you know hitting a point in -- career -- maybe they weren't getting the attention that they UCL. Yeah I would I would I would correct one thing he's a young boy. Who has never a man child that matters out other other words I'd call him I was -- -- -- -- -- -- about him you know he he. Hasn't been doing well album wise and he still he still selling selling out concerts but. A lot of -- is for the spectacle that he's become not so much for his musical talents his original hits -- what three years old -- old -- now so he's in a statement is but not a good way. Agree -- he doesn't have. Some of the -- -- he doesn't have not trusting maybe you should pull back a little bit. Sadly I don't think this is the stopping point for him this is it's usually not in celebrity cases it's usually take a while longer couple more things -- more jail trips. The Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. -- he has the potential turnaround but I don't think it's happening -- You know Communist skeptic but he admitted to police right after the arrest that -- What had beer. It -- prescription drugs you know a number of things. He's driving around in a bright yellow amber he would keep smiling for his mug shot. Does he want to be a bad -- this per prisoner you know for the purpose of making the next step in his career from. Child singer to -- as having a little rougher and tougher. Justin loves attention -- he likes it in likes his own terms that he is very active on social media he has -- program photos. Thousands of them and you know I think he wants people to see how. Wealthy he is to see all of his famous friends to see all the fun that there have saying. But he doesn't necessarily want it. Without. You know what without his own spin on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her money comes from endorsements hundred million dollars a -- -- things like that no one's gonna touch this it's you know this is Charlie Sheen situation with out the back of Charlie Sheen tells you had 25 years on him where he had these relationships then he went crazy. He came back. It was very easy for him to come back Justin -- has none of that you think that that AT&T or that Verizon or anyone to -- okay hill we'll take a chance on him at thirty million dollar ad campaign right now. Not a chance so if he is if he's managers are Smart and they wanna get paid down the road they're sitting down -- take it seriously. -- to stop being this thank you that you are in a -- relevancy got to get better yet a group. I think needs to go to rehab I think he needs parental figure obviously not as parents are doing great job but some sort of parental -- to say -- seriously you're done. Take some time out go sit in -- quarter. You know -- at six months we needs to be an adult. And look the kid has some talent he has the ability to resurrect a career but along this route all we're doing now is -- in -- And we're putting into that zone where where where only following the mistakes he's making. And no one to remember his songs so if he wants to fix this and he wants to continue making money. -- well into his later years you know when he I don't know maybe -- when one. You know it's gonna have to start sitting down say okay we need to chill for -- Dad you know good white because a lot of the big money as you say it doesn't necessarily come from that tabloid coverage you want -- -- -- winter doesn't pay your mortgage. Here is for any -- I'll tell us about that the legal trouble you couldn't nineteen years old Miami is a no tolerance city. Right -- -- -- no tolerance day. Canadian a lot of trouble and some people are even. Questioning whether or not could be deported he's Canadians living -- -- can't wrap up -- there aren't -- conversation over whether or not will be -- in the country. I think you well but at this this is not this is not a joke this is not only is he in trouble for the -- throwing incident with his neighbors. Which some people are laughing off that is okay this child's -- this is someone who was driving under the influence in drag racing in Miami. Putting not only himself is under arrest but putting others at risk as well and so that is -- very serious -- and this is something that. He'll be taken unit which you'll be going to court dealing -- and -- but also to your point. This is adding work for his entire team -- revamp his image. Maybe someone is getting into you know semantics here -- -- idealize -- separate yet. There's trouble in the national and he's just about to cross that line coupled with the Florida they do have he -- he's in jail for that he will get -- they have a program for for the first time offender. So a six month program yes that's where drugs and alcohol -- -- he's not in the jail. -- but he's he's here on -- is that what they called exceptional talent these people exceptional talent science the arts mathematics. I don't quite know exactly what -- exceptional on this but it apparently managed to get his is that they could pull. Now they gonna do that probably not you know if we didn't do with Celine Dion. Or you know anyone like that we're coming -- we do with with him. On Bryan Adams but you know that the the question does remain. There are people getting pretty sick of his and -- and especially. When -- drag racing in Florida. Which is a place predominantly known for older people who don't necessarily get out of the way of cars that quickly right you know they had a very little if you -- exactly that. Declaring that as -- -- They are don't -- exactly for that reason because countless people have been killed from drag racing you know -- not it's not this isn't taking the house. Whatever that affected one of the person this could had a really bad -- but what happened just few -- on the fast and furious -- so. -- so this is this is not for the joke right he's gonna get a very certain that it. You're very soon. I don't know how -- the house became a felony you know felony warrant for right out that this is W get it it -- much more serious. And he hasn't -- his bodyguards in Miami and officers from the building. Bad publicity campaign well and as a tax cut earlier it seems that there are always people willing not necessarily -- -- -- -- -- but there people who end up becoming the focus. Criminal problems other than just -- so even more recently when. Police raided his house looking for evidence and the egg throwing incidents. His friend was arrested for drug -- action now. That wasn't necessarily just in beepers problem her say Sara -- but it isn't news. -- -- -- -- You know these are. These are who who knows what's going on and people with whom he surrounds himself it speaks to the bigger issue of the fact that. This is someone who has nobody necessarily taking the reins to say this is the right way you should do things this is -- -- -- -- Very gently he does have -- again that the stop. -- at some point. Some of incidents probably be managers to be someone. Who's realizing this is impacting the financial future of not only him but -- -- currently probably -- guess 7500 people in terms of his employees. You know and as soon as that's not happening in the money starts stops flowing he's gonna get that talking. You know I think is someone that was famous at sixteen millionaire at sixteen how do you convince. We need these kids really think they'd they know it all they come very -- in the very -- -- how do you convince them seem so hard right a lot in that case is less you know. Think about what you in 1919. People weren't having a very easy time telling patients -- -- you know you -- probably making it. I like. -- -- -- -- -- Exactly I think there's going to be a moments and I don't know if it's going to be because as you studies that are brought his manager will say something and get through to have someone who's known him. For ever maybe it'll be his parent. Who knows. But there will come a light album and I hope for him because if you think. At the end of the day he's kind of acting like a punk was acting out I don't think this is necessarily indicative of who he is as a person so much as he's just incredibly. It needs to mean isn't this is it it wouldn't it would be even funnier if there was a hint of sadness -- as well in nineteen -- -- didn't get every once and you know. Much like about boulevard in in. -- probably want to thank you you know I want it now daddy well here's the -- Arafat also there's one other factor. This the Michael Jackson after the close Michael Jackson -- -- celebrity and and branding in the respect that. Michael Jackson regardless of what he did OK was beloved. By millions and when you have an audience of millions and my family earning millions of people -- that decision -- not fifteen year old screaming girls. People who grew up with Michael Jackson's albums they stood -- him. You know and they they -- well now maybe he's he's a great singer and -- was -- was -- morning when when this guy dot. Justin Bieber has an audience of fifteen year old girls who really don't have that much control over the way things work on the -- it was a very large percentage of the population. It's getting pretty sickness. And as well you know again why he did what I said. I say if Osama FaceBook page -- going to talk but doesn't -- is why -- still in this country was the overwhelming. Answer anti hero or are these people looked at over there like they don't see -- and -- all this money. You know -- all the -- you can do whatever you want you choose to drag racing -- went to wake up. -- amassed. A lot of it apps they break. I think isn't much for joining is Lesley messer and -- -- men -- -- and talk about the think. You've been watching it.

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