Justin Bieber's Fans Wait in Snowstorm

Rob Shuter has today's Hollywood headlines.
3:24 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Justin Bieber's Fans Wait in Snowstorm
The weather outside be frightful here in New York but adding -- shooter from out of celebrity here to give us the latest entertainment news that is just delightful. That nice that that twisted you see how I think that -- -- accept expect home already in August when a -- right back -- Justin -- cause a lot of by a wild ride this is masses that just is on Saturday Night -- -- -- his as a pretty -- and they already lining up on forty ninth street to get standby tickets to get into the -- A -- is coming to these. The carpet collect the deficit in the foot baby -- fetus however I just to people. The -- and they said the Kennedy about the standby tickets -- nights at about 11 PM. Instead of in the morning so good these great beat the funds will not happen again I have is not a -- 11 o'clock tonight right during the height of the storm. -- It hasn't exactly the youthful group but that is what the -- but I guess it's better than spending the whole evening. In the still waiting for that -- the other thing too that the fund should know -- that built -- does happen underground guy garage so that waiting to see him. -- and exit the building. It is not gonna happen he will enter through -- you are breaking the hearts a fourteen year old all over -- I had dinner at the instruments in the truth and ice and sleet in the week ending doubts about the event I -- -- -- -- -- below in his back in as well and splashed over the cover of the daily news my friend of -- that broke this story. That -- -- Haas moved back in with Baum says she's been in -- you'll eight months she's living at home she's moved into that you named Andrew which has. Wolf police. And this is because the daily news -- she's having terrible financial issues NC. He's back in -- you'll watch New York yeah of course record -- -- New York don't -- in front of any cards necessary that -- behind the -- up. Real housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville Isabel is brought this story as I have been more twists and earnings than absolutely -- -- -- added details that the Bentley below and behind that we -- yet. -- or is it heats up again in the right into the switch so cool who'll. Yeah and they've really -- -- each -- on switch. What's happening -- has a book coming out next week's I think -- is really enjoying. This attention she is being tweeted Lindsay has been tweaking. Sorry -- has been tweeting back it's getting very and expect to -- -- yesterday. And say -- -- I could very much world's attention what it does his health sounds like please six. Lane on the -- diagram this model of how -- -- -- and Leann Rimes Brandi where they all work with the show Garnett. Date married to -- I -- -- that with Leon let -- is not married to Leon. Now us weekly is claiming that were under actually she -- -- -- With brown and besides this is absolutely not true when she thinks -- suspicious -- -- week before the book comes out. This death is being threatened an accident to make he'd make it looked like about. -- this when in fact it was a husband that left. And all she's -- -- okay there's -- -- number one being a book -- ever do is she hasn't been making any not a -- a body chooses to talk about me this is great for my books rock shooter breaking it down for the real man like me to be able to understand. The relationship Hollywood -- -- may have brought here have a great weekends there.

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{"id":18444277,"title":"Justin Bieber's Fans Wait in Snowstorm ","duration":"3:24","description":"Rob Shuter has today's Hollywood headlines. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-biebers-fans-wait-snowstorm-18444277","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}