Royal Baby Due Date: Is It Sooner Than the Palace Says?

Mark Ellwood discusses Kate Middleton's due date and why it may come sooner rather than later.
2:59 | 06/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Royal Baby Due Date: Is It Sooner Than the Palace Says?
Everyone is on royal baby watch the countdown is on and the buzz today Clinton -- due date be much earlier than the palace of land not. How did you date all -- -- winds to keep the actual date -- secretly here to bring us the scoop. On why this might be true it lifestyle journalists an avid by elevating watcher mark -- -- market. You can't I can't even -- -- -- about the must -- -- and will add that what did it Indian. So why is this story getting some credibility. I think the crucial thing to understand is this story broke -- in a tabloid in Britain not innocent starlets whack. But in a very prestigious New York Times -- on -- Which you succeed is very close the palace to the minute the talent Crawford was -- paper says this ever want things in medicine in -- and didn't Princess Diana do the same thing. I mean -- right. William who is slow months the -- -- -- it's very understandable she said she was due on July 1 one was will embolden. Jeans when it. Very interesting so of course the whole reason for this -- -- the throw off the media the -- with the journalists off. And allow porky to have her baby in some eats right and we can can deeply deeply moved up all. Three. I think that she's shown a very deft hand with the media. And she's national -- it and she said on out in public she was -- when -- -- she -- said July right. She fudged at a little unable sort of -- its mid July and I bet we'll find that you she can cut -- of the -- -- about. This baby is that as we know are very unpredictable also having heard her due date could mean nothing. My interest here as she -- -- -- on February 5. That's a long flight from London it makes much more sense that she was out of -- first trimester to take that flight and if she's due a little earlier she given out preposterous. Good point do we know what happens she said about the -- we don't know gender are. Now it seems we've cut -- due date what do we know she doesn't say it she's human -- to me she added. Someone -- doesn't -- everything she has no opinion she discloses nothing. She said very little no agenda we just assume we just -- the -- going to be healthy and so. If this is true -- the story that means I'm thinking July for. Wouldn't that be amazing for America and gifts to America well she would be the perfect -- about it at that point not an issue of America gift she was a commoner who became a princess -- -- I mean I think this is another it just shows you how far she's calm that she was just a regular go -- and now she is hood winking the world's media up. And I just want her to Fuller -- caught -- she ends trick. Because today can -- -- was reported to have tweeted -- didn't just texted -- and friends different pictures to see who was gonna sell them to the media. And she got busted because someone sold -- -- She found the trader in her ranks I love Ed let that be a lesson big pay without air for I think. -- thinking that left it is about us.

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{"id":19507712,"title":"Royal Baby Due Date: Is It Sooner Than the Palace Says?","duration":"2:59","description":"Mark Ellwood discusses Kate Middleton's due date and why it may come sooner rather than later.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-royal-baby-due-date-sooner-19507712","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}