Kate Spade's Spring Fling

Inside Fashion Week SS 2016 Presentation
14:52 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Kate Spade's Spring Fling
Attorney James and abcnews.com. Happy actually clear at this spring 2016. Hates it presentation. I can't even though I'm following Whitner. Click on them and nine and the woman behind it is here with me right now it's Deborah right. Chief creative officer it's making art. First congratulations comic action. Thank you happy to and you said that every year there's one big idea that influence that their collections that that there. This thing it was. We have such splendid and he said that thing that I Latin elected and that thing right. It couldn't take it that. A woman who indicate that you're I think people are this collection where he's been piling. We like they weakness in I think women getting interesting things that. He's edgy as his running at an up and she just on the and she just loves life. So I think a lot of flowers do you have a specific heat and election night you would say it's your favorite but yet it's odd that they'd like my children have been practicing it is that just Madison avenue. M and express that I got my name on these maintenance declines in just a moment of it as well. Get your thoughts on what you think about the ride in the ground it in mind than anyone you. It changed how you design. And the amount it might have to be stopped last night and I think that they liked it but what happened. At its plant everyday I. And even if you know. It's not yet but busy in Savannah is heating and I hope and bing have you know he is beginning. Nothing on in the while. It often makes your brand a little more possible in a way few women no matter where they advocate its there not that it with a light that you have the pilot that violence going on every second of the day. And women known. A lot of I'm in your collection is always collar that we use gigabytes in common it's time into them into their lives. You can stop the minute you could Scotland it gorgeous college you have close to pick it. Well thank you much time and how can actually take a look at the beautiful isn't it cute pat thank you so much for your time you're having to write something isn't. And let's take a look at these designs that kids compete on air. And at the potentates and unlike its it. You are not familiar. Being modeled do not locked down around my there on a platform for everyone to see and take lots of pictures and they stand here for a couple of hours. Let's just take a look at some of these designs. The deficit about them but also very chic black and white and very New York but I'm that she is also integrated and best. And let's walk down grow a little better. So we get further down we start seeing touches of flowers and other clothing iron on the fashions. Here on spot the shoes and the purse. Kate stated known for its. Super famine and tea tails and this collection looks to be no exception. And they took that theme of flowers not. I'm more than just explodes there are surrounding this courtroom they're giving away flowers that he is doing. Is doing some things over the flowers as well let's continue down the line. This isn't really fun bag today Don. Black and white. That it looks like his back opens up menu and then put items inside of there. And are seeing more and more flowers. Here even a mix of two different flower friend. Mixed in with some classic New York details such as the trends such as a black not a Jack and continued down the line as we get closer to the other side seeing normally playful design. Some of these. He is. Combinations Erie where two of the offense. That clinic down we're seeing some real pretty dresses with lots of sea when. But these could go from one Su. Lay off these elections right here with them. These pieces right near the black and my. Kids it's been handbags but now. Makes everything from earrings T food dish land. And home goods. So every single piece from the jewelry to the shoes. After the close to the facts it's all case dating and. Sadly continued down the line. Getting more and more collar pulling out primarily black and might it again here we got the right right world tracks. And so many really unique and cute person see this Karen Allen Hunt. This one here in the shape of a movie tickets. On the laughed and another behind her in the shape of a teapot. So many people here taking. Photos and videos and stick around as devers that units such a big part of fashion now and we see that we need. People here as well everyone has their phones and sending. Pictures to their followers. As Deborah sad she was so influenced by flowers. And we're seeing that in the colored palette as well with the bright yellows DC. Right paints bright red. As well as little details like the Fuzzy. On the person. It seems every election. A little influence of flowers. And now as we get down toward the and news. The other hand we're seeing again. Black and Mike Allen lots of Davies this head to toe daisy print is one of my favorites even the shoes. Have the same friends. Now let's get a little bit of feedback from one of the gap here that this kid's lives and sheets from the blog did deepen and that. So tell us. What you think. That the act. I absolutely love the collection and I think that all the flower inspiration absolutely stunning. Andre cheerful holiday visits in payment. That's in his minivan diet. But that's just slightly in Lincoln sent the flowers and all the great colored bag. Just let Spain 2016 need. And have you indicate state and for a long time I have read many many hands. I love that clothing in a sassy isn't everything I actually haven't you handbags she is an absolute Havoc benefits you haven't that he from that. Collection here idea I love them that bad. And with the back list asking when she turned on right now I can take a look at it looks like that's been one of them unpopular. Good evening keep asking that turner rounding get. Blankets the it is just unbelievable in the back means the death. And what do you think about that but color Allen. My game thing that the time this really isn't it about the maintenance I think and it's been extremely cheer and China enough of the blast in. That is season go away. Maybe see a turnaround and a New York women I don't know I don't. But also makes these kids stay in snow is always felt fine art the little details I mean that you're holding her baby my lap. Eyewitness not seen camping campaign and I'll send that signal if I didn't. Opponents in beta since the game then sent thank you imagining eating and let's take a look at comments to eleven I want to show you all of the other aspect it's not just a close game and this isn't always fun because. Details that it went into that we keep flowers everywhere here and in the back as well. Our drinks and they're giving away flowers to take home. You can see people it is really cute thing for the black and whites god. And that is because it's he art. I had many. Yeah. I can't stay beyond all way. Incorporated a little bit of new York and whether they collections are influenced by Aaron. I'm clubs are there other cities under. That new York and it and we can see that here it's about but towards the back and check out the flowers action. Again the minister's comment. The flowers and back here is the main area. I didn't happen yeah Brad cracked yeah I just didn't live on abcnews.com. I understand that you Don Albert K day I do yeah and he talks gets you a question sir I'm happy. Rachel so. He also has the island for years and I'm working thing. But thanks much for speaking with us. At any time. You didn't hear of the election. North stages when they collections are ready. It's my job to come again. Love the kind of behind fled the thin stripes then it's there. Send back. And she's not only is gone from. Picking handbags now making basically you can have everything in your home indicate that there how do you. I'd be different elements to create if it's actually really. Because bad they are the product is so great. I'm the designs across. Says there's no go at this and then. That yeah I do. Rather season with the laser cut. I just think it's that such a cool. It's at I think that vintage five but also like a very modern I think time we'd love talking intern like that during Fashion Week which is basically. Negating that they need just that. That was vintage but it also modern thou get on board. I am lucky I had to tell Trent Lott and we're seeing Matt Garrett. That you think that even in New York that's where women up soon. Can't Wear all black and kind of blended and sometimes that that had so printed NN. It's going to be really popular brands on prints on then we're standing behind that I love it. I think he's much mountainous and I'm Karen abcnews.com. And we are going to go and take you to the flowers thaksin back there. See not only get soon. See the clothing you also get to walk away feeling some sunflowers and some roads as. And here they are wrapping up little. Sun flowers and roses. Take a moment of parting gifts. I'm and a wrap up until my cell. Great yeah thank you so much for joining us live at the case in spring 2016. Presentation. Deborah is that you cannot go out and shot the collection really thin and you'll be back later today behind the scenes in the Nicole Miller passes out. So it stay with abcnews.com for continuing Fashion Week coverage all day.

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