Kellyanne Conway Discusses Donald Trump's Health, Tax Returns and Business in Cuba

Donald Trump's campaign manager stopped by "The View" to talk about the Republican candidate.
5:46 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway Discusses Donald Trump's Health, Tax Returns and Business in Cuba
Let. Question Hillary's health. And was even doing doing so last night to people who. She's that we looked at as there August calendars. And she spent a lot of time with their owners at fundraisers behind closed doors will spend a great deal of time. In these valley I think these rallies since Harry 151000. People 5000 more trying to get in. So I saw the new ABC news poll that came out on Sunday. And 75% of Americans said that Donald Trump is healthy and fit to do the job at present. 3% of American Idol Hilary likes what they had in America that's so we are well what's what's with the snippets what was the sniffles. A little while stiff and cold what was the snowball went out. Well it wasn't what it wasn't what Howard flew again it is thirsty I write your critics say some good dividends are. Yeah and metal and have to have revealed Savannah we go after him for drinking water American Agnelli they can't look like five people on her staff says pled the fit into community let me just the problem imagining how do you say yeah western open Max Hannemann warmed we have the band ultimately all cannon blasts. Because. We have said. Where she says he'll release that women taxable yield release when her emails we've now you don't then gone into looked and we ascent or not he says unknown they didn't really do it. Wearing his damp tax returns or why don't we know what he's. I know what size Hillary Clinton has brought company is I know how much is spent on armed rob we the transparency is insane. Witnesses yet I'm sorry I that about her what I want to know is what she was hiding in 33 he says thank you tell me. What is the time I. By not releasing various makes and imports I can't use it you can't form financed up you can he has never been hacked as you never been had. I wanna now says every other president has had to do it. Where. Are the tax attack. I'm their audit by any player isn't cool and look I don't have a right now I am in America wants to know when Heidi actually what Williams like hide under a president John different high Lincoln and about 100 and I Jackson's that I. I'm thinking that's when I'm it is not deny that. That Hillary Clinton to delete more email than she turned over I want to ask you about a story that's breaking this morning news week. That one of terms companies spent money in Q but during the embargo when Fidel Castro. Once again during his during his Jersey the whole story but these are serious second I haven't changed in investing it now there are three minutes. I read the entire story it starts out of the screaming headlines it usually does it. He did business in Cuba and it turns out that he didn't he decided not to invest there. Is Armenian terrorists are you denying that that face that his company spent any money in Cuba they they paid money as I understand mistreating. 1998 you're when asked his talk about years ago it can't write that Clinton voted to trump. It is not right now that she immediately begin to bring everybody he's the one that I don't believe you're allowed spend money and less anti humanitarian up for our government effort and in that context of dealing with this particular regime and our own Miami then don't like that rate so the question. About very critical of Castro and he's incredibly gave his speech the very next year to keep the American national foundation in Miami critical. Of those who want to do business with Castro. And he's talked about the Cuban embargo even on this Schaub again we're talking about. Did his hotel invest money in 1998. In Cuba. No I did she get money from seven foreign governments while she was secretary state. Yes and somehow that's not relevant we're at it right we found that out cartons all I want. They've got at instead they got you hate dinners as mr. talk dead when he paid. To spend time with the secretary of state plays its you know choppers dumbest thing aren't government not a well yeah yeah IA if it wasn't my. About nation take money from Saudi Arabia with glee which hate gays and women in little girls are doing their rights like contract. Well real at all we will ask her that once in Gaza what I want to not first. About those taxes and I won an arm bite your foundation when his bat foundation blondes and release. Their information so we can find out how much what is common gone out of that that you're not that headed the foundation releases are at it that's why it that this while he lent him money on the foundation to buy himself some paintings are so what do that was. And bid on. It's an additional that I. I am getting him we would really like your boss to comes at let us please get that memo can you make that happen how do we get in my lacks idle did you finally. And. Here they'll be able to talk about his vision for America they let me I hear from Hillary Clinton have a nice where's the aspirations not uplifting. Messaging vision from her I didn't hear her talk about how she's been created jobs how she's going to bring change happen. It recently Watson icons I think you miss south. She's got got got. Bring him here because. Everyone else came. Everyone else has come and we treated everybody kind of felt we ask questions we ask questions that and I can't say that we are happy that UK next time Asch in Boston give us the same way I ask.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Donald Trump's campaign manager stopped by \"The View\" to talk about the Republican candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42450666","title":"Kellyanne Conway Discusses Donald Trump's Health, Tax Returns and Business in Cuba","url":"/Entertainment/video/kellyanne-conway-discusses-donald-trumps-health-tax-returns-42450666"}