Did Kellyanne Conway Let Slip That Trump Did Business in Cuba?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's campaign manager's appearance on the show.
5:35 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Did Kellyanne Conway Let Slip That Trump Did Business in Cuba?
Has been a very interesting week for especially yesterday because trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was here. I'm of these so that we were preempted in your back now for the rest of the country song on YouTube. And you know why haven't you know what trump surrogates say the darnedest thing. The lovely Paula asked her about a breaking story and Kellyanne may have said more than she showed that watch fox this unhappy about a story that's breaking this morning news week. That one of terms companies spent money in Q but during the embargo when Fidel Castro. When. I don't during his journey cruising the whole story but these are serious second I haven't changed and investing now in their hunt three minute. I read the entire story is starts out of the screaming headlines it usually does it. He did business in Cuba and it turns out that he didn't he decided not to invest there. Is Armenian terrorists are you denying them that that bet that his company spent and money in Cuba they think paid money as I understand mystery BP and money in 1998. Sell. Sell. It sounds like she admitted that trump was doing business in Cuba during the embargo which I understand is really well yeah now I don't want to sound granted Joshi over. But this is you Leunen. Okay. Professor or we're all over the news last week. So what do you think about Apple's curt I can Alter wrote this article for Newsweek actually treated clearly Kelly it currently doesn't understand the trade embargo law. She just unknowingly confessed that truck broke it. She didn't know that was my reading of it and I think we'll was so surprising to me was that she put it out there and yet the trump is is struggling with the Latino vote. And Latinos feel very strongly about that about Cuban about the Cuban embargo and any when that would. That would. Violate that embargo and aren't in Miami look what he needs Florida means you know and typically let deals do vote Republican of Florida. He's I have a very very difficult time given that he misstep like back her arms of the Justice Department. And my real Clough of friends and I we flew to Jamaica and they were like this go to Cuba I was like I worked for the Justice Department I am not gonna buy. 8 PM barn and he side to be president in Addis violated anti said he thinks the ski well and you added the show Kellyanne herself. Denied everything and it tweaks. This is the Tuesday for those getting hard news from the vehicle time. This officials tell me trop. One it did no bears in Cuba to respect of the embargo and three was critical of Castro now. Now would anyone care to respond to that I care to respond personal I come from hard news Kellyanne so don't tell me about hard news from the view you want some hard news and if you will give you some artists and it. And higher. Walking out there talking about how great the embargo was because Cuba restrict human rights and restricts person on my. He consultants a consulting firm to go investigate. Whether or not he can make a buck under that Castro regime that he was gonna write in elk didn't get federal probe of not like you're supposed to deal with this humanitarian effort which is one of the few instances when you're allowed. As an entity that gets permission from the government to go do that. And why was he talking about how great the embargo was to people trying to get votes while he was behind the scenes. Going through a consulting front to try to figure out he can make some money but there's talk about not like hey you pay those consultants and that's where he'd bring low voice is that show that he paid a consultant so that's not what was going not I want to know what almost 70000 dollars went toward. What were they doing and didn't spend much she's saying all will be didn't invest in Cuba OK what about travel expenses they went all the data did not under that regime approval and I don't think I believe the why are they competent. An essay that he used the loss to his advantage because that's what he says he's as the laws of America to his advantage so that's his answer to that. That's similar. He speaks so flagrantly about it he takes into consideration nothing about the international relationships. With those countries he always is worried about his business first and here we're talking about the most powerful person in the world wrapped present a whole country and it's always about his business perks that's all I guess about he's very subject I wonder you know any Latinos that are. Being keen about voting for Donald Trump. I hope that they saw that interview I hope that they're watching now because the bottom line is he's 33% of the Latino vote. All he talks about is building a wall he talks about he's anti immigration he's anti. You know female. Why if you are let in and now he violated the embargo if you're like you know. What would possess you to vote for boys are boys and a lot of trouble with the women saying that that they outshot now that he puts a Fidel Castro was fabulous. Yeah. Now he has and I have a quota and other people he gave a statement and he said I never went to Cuba I've ever been to Cuba I never did business with I don't know Cuba did not tell us. Sued O'Donnell the issue was possible Donald he's aren't powerful guy he's gonna go to Cuba he's gonna send people to do the dirty work for him and that's what happened. LT. Should be specialist hypocrisy here if you out there saying I support the embargo because I don't support with this regime stands for. And then you are investigating a way to make money under the average gene you are typically added I am I want to actually. Even if it is or not you know how we can fix it. You can vote.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's campaign manager's appearance on the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42478065","title":"Did Kellyanne Conway Let Slip That Trump Did Business in Cuba?","url":"/Entertainment/video/kellyanne-conway-slip-trump-business-cuba-42478065"}