Kendra Wilkinson Says She Would Be 'Ok' If Daughter Wanted To Be A Playboy Bunny

Star says she was "bored" before life on camera and "jumped at the opportunity" to do reality TV.
7:50 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Kendra Wilkinson Says She Would Be 'Ok' If Daughter Wanted To Be A Playboy Bunny
She's become the queen of reality TV we watched her transform from one of Hugh Hefner -- girlfriends on the girls next door. To wife and mom on her own spin off Kendrick -- is splashes of celebrity contestant on -- And celebrity wife swap at -- Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is about to kick off season two of her latest reality series tender on top. That doesn't come about. Welcome Kendra. And I. I think people will like that they and not just for the obvious reasons you look great but thank you -- very real -- your husband's reaction he had. -- -- -- well you know as as you saw that that was that was a real expression houses first time at a Playboy Mansion party. So I I'm from that about world you know I lived in five years was always body community -- those things. Some light OK -- first time now -- -- surprise them. And on everybody hated first first time in just kind of you know. Live that moment for him and show like AA this this isn't it this was being. But. You know everybody knows I'm white and a mom now but that was like that actually ended up being my moment that I needed for myself to get over it just be done you know I needed that one last time -- do that you have find your back in -- old stomping ground. Doesn't show anything and -- -- but and just be not so good you know hey this surprise. Wasn't -- it it -- -- backlash on the he got a little upset because. You know is all very awkward for his his friends to see -- outweigh and and the acting now -- -- He wasn't ready for and I threw -- -- -- with it it seemed to spark a lot of conversation between the two of you about your past and your future. Is going and he's into -- -- it it will some bumps in the rather you know there are and with. Every marriage there comes a little drama -- a little bumps in the road. So we summon up in this season all of the -- -- -- in -- lifetime but yeah. Ideally I mean we run into export and we you know you know. So he just now about it he got a new job he owns a gym now and you get a chance to see what. How that affects my job you know being being married and it does affect my job sometimes so there's a lot of lake. This season just really fits together so well in such a journey and such like. Beautiful cool like crazy too dramatic -- to it and it. It's it's it's a perfect show so one of those moments he brings up the subject of an open marriage but large shocking and that using -- to it that he is that he starts getting upset. That worked out. Well. We do we are very traditional people and we are going on five years the -- The sometimes -- during is a relationship that long. It that long -- like Hollywood long that I speak at Hollywood. Seat young people they can do you know sometimes it -- capital fund -- spark things a little bit but does that mean actually. Doing what if that -- open. Marriage you know. And again we're very traditional also eager not to see what happens in the show to see if we go through that that are up and and then there's also discussion baby number -- you yeah yeah I'm not you know pretty you know we're -- we are we are wrapped up the season to use so hopefully. You know. After this well check to see -- hopefully like you know I can. You know -- -- and be pregnant maybe the third season so that things may be -- and you're trying indirectly -- rarity and so a lot of moms you know all have things in their past that they may or may not want it. Revealed to their kids right away you don't have that luxury because so much of what you've done has been very public I think if you have a girl -- -- I actually believe that I live the luxury lifestyle that way because. So many people are so shy -- talk to their kids about sex about. About body about love about you know. You know choices in life and I think if anything my decisions in my life you know -- beautiful life now I believe that the choice -- made. And the things they did it will actually be a better influence -- -- conflict than in anything in even power have a daughter you -- I would teacher at what how I lived you know I. I -- -- literally I I I speak to teenage girls all over the place one on one without cameras on. And I touched my IE influence them in some way because you know IT said -- your choices you make our you know. The use you own them you know you make sure that you know it it'll it'll be the rest your life and make sure you know -- have good head on her shoulders and what did she says look -- -- -- bunny I want what you had I want I want that -- -- for -- company -- -- -- And yes and it just depends on where she isn't life you know I was in a very Greek plays some allies like I was very. Was. I know people might think little plea -- girls are stupid and -- you know. A flag is not very big for her story and yeah I did. You know it is a different thing than a mom I -- -- on drugs I was I was very Smart person I was I was -- -- person respectful person respectable person. And you know I just wanted to have a good time and -- -- the -- and made baseball said that those things that's when it have a good time in. Make a difference in my life somehow you know exams so bored I was just not living in the way I would chose let them an opportunity came I just grabbed it. And then but all the things you see now. It is basically might work collect my idea we'd like I I made my -- -- -- -- -- -- like you know how I kind of you know migrant -- commanders signed Playboy anymore so I I that was my work you know an -- I didn't. I tried do the best I could with what I had and you know it didn't all just fall -- -- Latino we'll -- actually think it. -- having cameras around all the times he you know. Or is it is it. Great sometimes that's a -- at a time you know what it there are good times and bad times there are our -- of the bad times and just. I really wish -- right now. Yes -- now. They're ready right when it right and had a baby you know well actually before having the baby. Little pink as that you know I think of the so called document likening -- -- them like you know doing all his baby -- That they've been and then the real light moments at a -- breastfeeding in in kind you know and you know the big election on finally lake not during an -- for the -- -- is like. It just conflicted with -- real life so much at that moment and have been really really difficult. But this now we are so it we're so stable -- so balanced and so. It's so much fun to share our story now you know on -- now there are moments that really food -- -- -- this on camera. I'm -- all I'm always double ending -- -- This is Pete please let's look do you like the businesswoman must -- a little further maybe not I don't wanna see a good show to go. How does sit back and watch something that interests me that entertains me and I know people -- -- So I -- -- -- please we need to share of Anthony Lake. He's more reserved but he worries of course give them. Expert at match at -- my house. Season -- of -- on -- this Friday September 18 and he and on -- TV can thank you so much for it differently I need to think you.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"Star says she was \"bored\" before life on camera and \"jumped at the opportunity\" to do reality TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20253299","title":" Kendra Wilkinson Says She Would Be 'Ok' If Daughter Wanted To Be A Playboy Bunny","url":"/Entertainment/video/kendra-wilkinson-daughter-wanted-playboy-bunny-20253299"}