Kevin Pollak's Hollywood Story

The comedian and actor talks about his new book and poker venture.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Pollak's Hollywood Story
He's an accomplished comedian and actor with credits like casino and the usual suspects to his name Kevin Pollack with the story is one of those. True Hollywood tales that really should be a buck. And guess what now it is titled how I've slept my way to the middle secrets and stories from stage screen and interwebs. And Kevin -- is here to tell us all about it. As well as your acting wearing your passion for -- which musicians very but -- start with you about tell us the idea for this came about. Well for years I've been saying you've heard it's lonely at the time -- he would tell you it's fantastic and middle. Good to have a career I get word based on line quality of work. -- paparazzi doesn't chase me down mystery so you got -- figured -- yet you're wearing wanted me to have a life and I haven't had a real job and thirty years. And he worked with felony meaningful it's not true story in the book -- tell us about. And your favorite. Well you know -- I have been. Insanely fortunate to study -- -- of Matthau Lemmon in grumpy old men movies a few good men certainly was being brought to the majors experience working with. Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson to mean more and Kevin they can keep for Salomon it was really amazed thing. And a great Rob Reiner film usual suspects little tiny movie. Made for little over five million dollars shot and understands weeks and nobody thought would amount to much -- -- international sensation. So all a lot of these stories and they've become a part of my standup comedy act which is how I started. And also doing impersonation -- so instead of impersonating Christopher Walken now you have a story where I met Christopher Walken. And you know. How to respond the first time they need to get -- maybe -- senior impersonation of -- What's good for -- -- wearing different. Well when I first met Chris for -- for example it was at the big ceremony with a movie stars get their hands and feet signature instrument can rent. And so I was asked to be one of the two speakers that is because Quentin Tarantino directed him pulp fiction -- -- other hand had never met Christopher -- So I was honored by couldn't help wonder how -- -- the list that you have to go. So why should whole -- but he sees me as they told me -- coming. Thank you. Thank you. Brilliant -- yeah. My hair then that bad -- that now you not only have this book out -- -- also a couple movies and the pipeline churning out. The next one to Christmas movie called savings -- -- -- play a very mean. Senator who gets the teachings of Santa claws removed from the school books. Because it sets up a horrible relationship for parents and children -- and yes her -- and a young girl in Arizona has the same Santa. Of Ashley -- And in a dark comedy had been called -- up shop and then them. Wonderful movie had just finished with and Jamie -- called grace -- -- -- Online poker and well yes first of all this year you know they just finished the World Series of poker main event audience the end Bear Bryant was really exciting like -- for the first time. In this year's tournament. Hollywood poker as a new play for free -- on FaceBook. Sponsored Meehan and that the starting field was 6600. Players and I finished 134. Which is. That. Is a little gray hair also I would sit down the table last Kurzweil and solace -- -- king -- walked up. You can't beat me -- There's a home game there and it showed a clip Hollywood -- was pleased -- recent things. Then again -- -- going to. Advising a 100000 chips for 99 cents and finally gets Clinton into Flint Oakland ever since I was accused Evans of working at -- great -- mean nothing and remind the play against the unopposed there. Now favoring. -- -- -- great thank you --

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{"id":17680988,"title":"Kevin Pollak's Hollywood Story ","duration":"3:00","description":"The comedian and actor talks about his new book and poker venture.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-pollak-interview-book-slept-middle-hollywood-poker-17680988","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}