Khan Family Says Trump Has 'Black Soul' After Trump's Comments

"The View" co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's comments about the father of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier.
6:30 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for Khan Family Says Trump Has 'Black Soul' After Trump's Comments
The hot topic on Friday it was could zip con at the DNC the Muslim father of the fallen soldier who claimed Donald Trump. Has not sacrifice anything for in this country and that started the war of wards and though they continued throughout the weekend take a look. What sacrifice that evening your country becoming a lot of sacrifices. I work very very hard life. Created thousands and thousands of jobs tens of thousands of jobs. Built great structures. I want to his family to columns sold him teach him some empathy he will be a better person if he could become. But he is a black soul. And this is totally unfit for good leadership of this beautiful country. Yeah I mean you know listen. Donna you haven't sacrifice and your kids are walking around there is still with you you. You have done business things that's one thing when you talk about talk to a family the way that you have whose son. Gave his life art and flood this country how. Did you didn't. And and we just until a lot of people he was still tweeting about it. This morning he's a mister Connelly doesn't know me viciously attacking from the stage and he's doing the same. That was at 7 o'clock this morning but my thing as you know one of his tweets he says he attacked me and I not allowed to respond. We're all. About not we're all allowed to respond but should we choose to respond every time I felt like I was having conversation my picture up. Today not just because your sister hates you did not you don't have to hit back you don't the last word and I am having accommodate an album yeah boys in that was out front because the way you can what is. One of the child and so violently like he attacked. He does the wife. You know and she she wrote an op Ed piece and she was interviewed and she said I'd lost my title I couldn't even Sany they. When you're not something like that you be quiet no matter what they say because you can't talk any day if that's the thing that that worries me about Donald Trump. No matter what you always have to wait you always have to have the last word elastomer even now. Witnesses going. See this being the answer that would sidetracked when there was such an obvious response human response to that which is I cannot. Add them. The loss hated the ultimate sacrifice any it happened to a also died for the country so I did not see that coming when he started to speak I kept thinking known it's none. You know like what what's next and he kept going into thousands attended. That's was it anything you would technique that's not at the med U technique you or me yeah Danielle you know. Maybe they feel like you attack them. Their most slot. Their son died what this country for the country they are not. And crews aren't really there are. They were pistol for the who we elected him and I'm not Donald John came out initially as an initial response was to say that mr. conned who has never met and he has no right to stand in front of millions of people basically criticized him. Yes he does have seen my instinct of them that saw that proved to me as this is a guy who's out there saying I'm gonna back the constitution I'm in about the constant. You know what you're about to took a whole narrative that this guy could get. What I thought scares me is affected he paints everything with such a by a broad swath of claw. He looks at Muslims as all bank at. They're just end it he tried to fix city try to make this apology. But that scares me as you're going to be the commander in chief that you can profile at the highest level. Then goes back to you can take a group of people and put him in an intern camp this that kind of style yeah president best scares me not to have answered every location Fiat bought at Detroit. And I backed out I have at my beautiful about it. That's what Indians see as for if you're watching at home and you're getting ready to see a bunch of people come out and speak about why someone else's the better candidate you're gonna get. Some criticism and when your gonna read out. You're many heated elements hi how are you already know how I'm I'm the blackest quarter camp that's up. I mean this this is a soccer and no one's thanked. But even Paul Ryan and senator Mitch McConnell. They have ten Dan Rooney statements. They have condemned these statements saying you have no rights but baiting has speeding up and it looking yet but you know what why it and you know we went and there was only one other one president of Egypt they could have been taught on Isiah because it now. He he asked the father asked. You know he's sick you've got to say somebody say something and they did somebody say something I'm not and a minute I'm not surprised they didn't just. Because I do think there are a lot of Republicans have a fundamental problem with some of these things company sank like. Down all Muslims many have come out you had John case to come out about Mike is that Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan. But I do think it's a moment for the Republican Party or a lot of politicians are gonna have to say. This is a test of my character and why back in this party at all costs like this nominee just because that's who want. And say okay you know what I gotta stand with the party organ like say you know what. This is not what my party should represent this is not cool life. It's got to happen. Something he hasn't done. This entire campaign decides to apologize it's a little late ex some of it it's a little engine I don't think anybody will will believe that will. I think people may say you know hey yes but I don't think there's anybody out there who's backing Donald child. Who is not questioning this last. Bunch of stuff because this as you was sent its fundamental. This is. People gall and die for our country. Are we now want to say yes you can well no you can't go yes you can go out now you can't. Americans. Come and all kind of fuels an all kind of you know genders and we little all kind of different religions and you know if we ask people fight for the country. I don't think the president should be put down their families whose famous sent us how do you wanna deal would these famines or gonna come to you. 'cause they have children have been kill. And you gonna have to stand with that. You have to talk to that how the seven were freed Donald empathy he's right I cannot get some empathy and compassion.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's comments about the father of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41046208","title":"Khan Family Says Trump Has 'Black Soul' After Trump's Comments","url":"/Entertainment/video/khan-family-trump-black-soul-trumps-comments-41046208"}