Kim Kardashian Takes Leave From Social Media After Gunpoint Robbery

Reality star is considering scaling down her online presence after terrifying robbery in Paris.
3:39 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Kardashian Takes Leave From Social Media After Gunpoint Robbery
This is news I think everybody will understand and and appreciate you. It's important. Kim Kardashian out. A apparently. Is doing some serious thinking about her future since the robbery People Magazine says she's she's is that no desire to return to back. Part of her public life. She hasn't returned social media and is avoiding the spot hot. Which I think you know make me look. I do because I think that I I don't think people really realize. Powell. People look at that you aim they are looking and the bad that's odd look and actually they're looking to see our new home what do you have gotten giant ring. I bet has and banned women all of the well the end and I don't think that people really take that seriously so when you put all your information outside all day and I'm calling that this play is that we not hear it but. Is that an Alley and she's gonna change coming out this. While I was there another plan I mean I'm just wondering what I haven't actually spoken to. I'm I would think that. She's making lots of what I would think she's not putting the baby out as much on sesame I would wind project that she's I have Tara. And I wonder if this is this a sigh of relief for her and it in an unexpected way you know when you lose your cell phone your like I can't that was when I can't. And I might anger without it for fight gates meego. I got ash all this freedom that I happen not being attached to my own and I wonder. If she feels that way that it's a wait for her until you get out of some of those contract legal I think actually walk away from some of this. And nobody would question because my life was just threatened. Yeah yeah making it all. Some makes your take note of the fact that there are ways to protect yourself by not putting on location services in different things when you post not showing your whole living room your house. So she there's probably a middle ground here we shall come back a little bit right. But it was a message to everybody though because I've been careless I mean I don't forget I've been careless I've. I get offered some times all of you go to this place you know would you be this great stop and has promoted and I forget women and I'm telling everyone where I haven't I'm sure there's plenty of people like me unfunny people live. Don't like me so I think she was speaking to regular people she was speaking to people who. Our art minor celebrities and just and just reminding everyone that privacy is important that as you sat there are great people love you on the other hand I'm you want it doesn't matter because when you're a celebrity that everybody knows where you live they know what your phone number raising don't know your minute to minute moment well and I don't hiring in your possession and they think you can leave that you can do your yeah. Our privacy anymore it's now what went there are things that you can do not to exacerbate yeah that is now because I elmo's I think most people particularly young people. Don't realize. How much information they're putting out there and as we've found out if you know it. With emails and stuff that's sub that it did but that doesn't disappear. People can always find this stuff on you so when you you know party in that you look crazy because she's jock and stuff. People come pulled out and they will judge because now you as social media. Is what they're going to do not US is amazed first they're now into the social media pay edges to see what your duet that's right if it is something that you know I don't think people realize how important it is. Should you know. Main tenant profile you want to happen you don't tell your friends stuff but do not to tell everybody what you do when not so you pull. You up because right. Africa now Sarah and joy it is no don't tell anybody about this will be.

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{"id":42917688,"title":"Kim Kardashian Takes Leave From Social Media After Gunpoint Robbery","duration":"3:39","description":"Reality star is considering scaling down her online presence after terrifying robbery in Paris.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashian-takes-leave-social-media-gunpoint-robbery-42917688","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}