Kitten Bowl V: America's most beloved rescue pet adoption event

Displaced kittens rescued from the most recent natural disasters are vying for the National Championship of Feline Football trophy.
21:02 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Kitten Bowl V: America's most beloved rescue pet adoption event
Hello everybody it's Tony Morrison here for And live on space and Good Morning America after watching. I'm here in New York City for the taping the one and only. Kimball five's. That's right to come elect behind me we have all access on the gridiron with all the players on the field. Kimball five is coming to you on the Hallmark Channel next February February 4. Welcome hello. There were fourth at twelve of next serious one of the biggest. Pet adoption events of the year we're getting a backstage access of the taping Mets can disagree they strength now and a with me. I'm over here. With me over here is Beth stern she is going to be hosting. Ten ball. Five high bats a variety and a home again and around here we honor to tell me again. Kimball don't exactly what is akin below her folks seeing red behind. I might let her folks seeing the high is your adorable kittens frolic gaining on what looks like to get up off the out. Really icky and it today avenue with all about saving clients all of these animals all high street Anthony's over a hundred passing kittens and cut the is this Sierra. Cast signed copies. There are gonna find loving homes and really that's that this is all about who. My back you mention puppies you are not a stranger saving animals of all kinds Unita sage of helping one of our partners don't stray animal league America during the talking about more also by. Didn't Walt is just one of the many ways you are so much part of the and the animal rescue mission that's so important tell us more about. Everything else you're doing out here. Also allow while my has an iPod classic and V and now my cousin and I roster as well snow over the past four and a half years over 500 cats and kittens have not the same time over the Atlantic it. And it might pattern I think kittens have come through our comment. We nurtured them and found loving homes Merced that's nonstop flight we're sending constantly our yearlong which were not to stop anytime soon also worked with wildlife rescue oh. I'm a transport her to our local wildlife. I work ambled progress ill. GAAP and no no animals Larry are not going to be rest. You don't give them all in our yard I don't know if you know vulnerable is the little road and north arguably now atrocity but he's doing well and of course we took into the wildlife center Wednesday to serve all happened. So you're hosting can bullets here. What goes into preparing for something like. Well this here I have some might processors. Planes. I know from when they were rescued and and light at its two national disasters this year we have hurricanes Herm and we had hurricane hardy and Texas and slurred that North Shore animal league went rate there right away and we brought some of the animals that were in the existing sent these shelters to clear space for the displaced animals. Silly clear their shelters and a lot of these kittens playing today. Are the rescues from her Matt and hardy. Pretty awesome maintenance costs them well thank you so much for joining ASEAN a big day ahead now. Tell us where they can find everything can ball if there and dissent before an accident out yes dying Debbi Debbi Debbi that annaly dot organ. Of course Hallmark Channel star has links and Ali information that you would need and got your local seltzer adopts. Tuning it didn't look I do it yeah let's do it. Thank you some action on my again ask where bring you back over CU the gridiron each year this take a look at all of the cats kiddies. A scary big. A lot of these players on the field are displaced. TDs from hurricanes term. Harvey. Maria a lot of natural disasters hurricanes that have been. They ought peonies really hard this year's that's going to be. A really big highlight as part of adopting. This adopt adoption event. Everyone here needs a home ceremony is a forever homes a senior great great way. For people to find. These can. So how hold. I'm bring in one of our good friends now. Matt Carroll. And beauty out here went well I have wouldn't be amazing cat leads. Tom and Harry Reid that he is not doubt he had thought actually hasn't traded right now but com. He is and this is us though Clayton actually favors snowflake Yemen it's not like how is the the gridiron training knowing that you for now black and Asian. Silence without he has yet to say salad concedes that his game plan seek. But obvious guys haven't so much bought out here yo Paul what's apathetic and great great experience for them. And that they listen to play the adapt on and of course they'll get the part that forever homes very soon. So what goes into you planning event. Like the best Seles little bit more about. Where these little guys came from. Pompous ass. These little guys aren't actually this one right here he's actually local New York City rescue season right around the corner. Unfortunately just didn't have a home it was a no local shelter Ers we took a Maine does that we do hundreds and hugs all around the area but a lot of the cat we keep. I do we have an assignment now. A lot of the tablets are actually rescued from the hurricanes recently. Hurricane Darman and hurricane RT. Toppled areas and Hughes being outside all taxes and flawed it would devastated they'll shelter is overrun the rescues were over wrought. So we took as many as we can't displace animals had a place to go arms a lot of these catch you see behind you and a lot of cattle that are competing in this off from those areas. In terms of adoption annually in terms of adoption. With the process it's if someone's watching the show. Com how can be. Adopt one of these cats. Yes all these catch your right to a website at in the league dot org. I coupon always makes about standing upon shelter. And even if you're not the New York area the great thing about being partnered up with Jimmy Page. It is you have viewers from all over the world that we have partners from all over the world Siegel right to our website at only dot org you caught up on our shelter which is try to pull watching here in New York. Or one of over 2000 shelter partisan we have all calls to world. Opera Palin's own who's a lot seeing Latin due what are some of their checklists. There household Stanley checklist that they say. Maybe talk about when they Ahmanson selves when they are things not adopting what are some things that they should. Aston zazi for saying. I want to adopt one of these. One of these little guys. Smoothie look at me com you'll you want to make sure you have to talk. Comes because of dad's daily decision whether you're looking for a cat the kitten aid to all of our puppy. Com and you know what the great thing about our shelter earned his when you walk in read and talk to you would have find out about your situation. And we don't make the best match because whether you can commit big you know I wanna Pompeo I want this sort of guide to defuse so cute. You might not have a time for a kitten or in part because they do a lot goes into it may be an older dog maybe a senior Kat. Didn't need just as much love and they will make just as good friends. And a deputy best if you thought again we have adoption counselors on the floor every day willing to speak to you read find out what's the best fifty who are you willing to speak to let ourselves there. Well what would we want to say he's withholding comment until I actual game is what's happening act and I yes yes yes the game plan set up. And I bet that you guys. They they might leave they might be the winners. They now that the red directly radium might be the winners yes acute in what he's rings which seal what are these guys playing for him. Do you think that the play for the Hallmark Channel kicking balls five title. Again is the very fierce competition that I know you can't really tell that by ABBA while there have been the high but they'll take this very seriously. Right nine. He's Tug at his microphone you really want to be known picnic. Yeah. We are we're pretty mesmerized yeah. This would happen until they long to get the way to get around. And they get to meet all these new people they get to have it have on and find potential homes. So again all watch out all I know what's on the America come together for a great partnerships. And this is what we as we get the dual bags and now not the worst thing that now this is. The kitten ball and tell me what other animals are up for adoption also because you guys in North Shore animal league America there aren't making sure that. Not just kiddies are finding a home these days. It's yes at our shelter any time we'll have over a hundred animals we'll have anything between from a young kitten in a puppy. To re senior Kat is seen you don't and everything in between. Let me say before you know that might be a better fit feel a lot of people donors don't realize what is gonna work out for them in the long run. The poppy Kadant. Maybe. Maybe that's not the best fit maybe you wanna go a little bit older dole may build an old attack again we have a lot of them. To come on down to what shelter won't be you'll meet Daniel hang out with Daniel learned that a basket view. And we'll make that match. All right Mack alpha north friendly America thank you so where thank you very much. All right Bob we are going to step back here and carefully that. They're dead right we have none other than good whereas I send my PayPal has gone on to cure going to be calling the games. Well also the commissioner of the field football league so I've been the pressure for five years some not only the analyst of the game but I'm also the commissioner academic shore. All over a little kitty cats you're dignified in the come off cute we want to promote personality all that kind of stuff. And you don't last for years been tremendous. So you can try this for years what mace channel five's so much more specialists here is because it keeps growing every your kids grown and this year because of the hurricanes down in Texas and Florida. We have a lot of new animals here we've tried to take them off the hands of a lot of people down there are so. The North Shore animal league is an amazing shelter innocent no kill shelter is something that it's close the path Stearns heart it's close to my house where I live. It is a wonderful wonderful place you'll find a kiddie or dog even for that matter. For adoption and when you meet these little kiddies personally don't face the face. They're all have a little photo Beckum junior and you don't have saying they haul water bill a bit different. Not them so Aaron. Russian premier really how do you keep from playing favorites when you are behind these plays on the field you know it's it's really hard the way I didn't want to be while the way I do a football game you know in in real life as when I do and you know and I'm an analyst I try not to get caught up into friendships and although the sub district called game straight. But it is really hard when you see how cute they are just. Some of the moves that they have I mean that would have been taken happen a move like that but the fact of the matter a look at our little guy on the on the up right over here. Simulate how much fun he's that is just Boston that is like personality plus is like say that is my upright get away from. Tell me how do you get ready Ollie effort something and it's you know it's not easy idea to get to know all the names. Every name is little bit different every year there's a new name new couple of people I do couple kiddies that. Religious kind of you stand out amongst the you know the thousands of kiddies that we have playing in can get involve all across the country. But these are the best of the best this is the ultimate all star game. And I get the normal little boy brought little you meet with them. You go over the some of their strategy and I got say they are there of their loving but they also are very competitive. As we've seen as we're seeing right now who Esiason they discern my pleasure I will see in February yes sounds good. All right guys and come back with B we're gonna get a sneak peak backstage in the control room or in a Nazi with khakis til as she's is the Coke executive producer of the show. We are gonna go find it where. We're asking a lot through we're just gonna walk through bats photography shoot rock like I've backed by a bath time. We're very lives where very live missed getting a lot of people right now walking through this IRA. Every doubt to abstained. Kathy sits. Pay any case. When the comptroller of the one and only Ken ball five. You want and then I believe got tons of cameras going here. We have. Tons of shots of kittens we had little lipstick it's. All the goals. From over the goal posts its costs and there's what goes into a massive production and as this political S and I'm sure well we every year we try to top ourselves every year we have more kittens and bigger teams and we also try and do our little fun sets we we do the parking lot again this year. But we have lots see that served for cats and Latin. And and we this year we have something called a top dog cat session stand. We're all the feline friends and canine friend fans can go in get some. You know things like cap Kurd chino and all this kind of we of course he has of course yes and then. We had. A lot Campbell parties you know across the country every year. People through our shelters and people throw kitten all parties so this year we're having our own little kitten bowl party in. Kiddies cat Condo which is kind of an uptown scale. Party for at the top of top feline music. They're gonna get pedicure is an alternative that kind of stuff I love that and then we're gonna get over it. As are juxtaposed to this downtown we have Jimmy Campbell's doghouse party. I mean he can so Jimmy and here is so they're gonna have a little man cave situation going on there down at the dog house. And still you know we have four teams play in this year. And we have Boomer Esiason the in the using Boomer Esiason and this year at Kimball. Besides having all this fun very cut Linas we're really focusing this year aren't a lot of the back stories of a lot of our cat eats. And this year North Shore animal league America who and gets us all of our cat leads every year. And has rescued. A lot of barked kittens this year from that dean hurricanes that had happened. Hurricane Irma they were down there and and hurricane Harvey so we have a lot of the cat leads that we're rescued out of that. Terrible situation down there they were brought appear by North Shore. And their playing here on kitten bowl tonight seller Kimball five. And so we're doing a love of. It's being. That stories on some of the kittens that are here at night so it's descending connecting people. Love to get a little background to our low profiles. I love that book while we're in her with Dennis wind what you guys to look at the screens here virus and TV. Know what kind of what's going on the live those watching really have no idea what little what they are looking ass if you can that's walk us through. There's a lot going on income and there's like Wyatt and tanning like what. And camera angles and what are you looking for when you're taking a chayet specifically for. Kimball five and the money that when you're trying to. We have lots of catches. And lots of passes. If you know waiting about kitten W know that when a kitten goes over our clients are and are up front it's sort field goal posts. That's a score of there's two cats on there it's two cat conversion. So they get. Adapt more points or that duck. And then at what we loved to do here is we want to get. Obviously play football get. Awesome touchdowns cost some passes as we love to call them. A lot of is sometimes a little but it cat fighting going on. But what we try to do is it 75%. Cuteness coma and we get lots of nap sometimes that happen. Cat fights but overall. 25% football 75%. Cute. I'm into that I can dig that how much funny having. I'm having a blast that had a cat crawl up my legs the she baggage she thought it was the goal post share I don't know what happened. But it was a night we're having a blast here this year and we just hope everybody tunes in. To get little finally got inside scoop thank you so much can be mocha and thank you. All right guys we say one more stop where emir friend Matt from north and North Shore animal league America one more time this again is all about adoption rain that is. The big goal on what we're doing here for acting both sides. And I'm Betty they met him the little so we're gonna lock outs you your mobile adoption unit which is very unique CU North Shore animal he. Obviously that's actually had thanks for our Mason sponsors yeah seven of them right wrist better than I don't. These are such amazing purpose were able to bring them out to locations. Not yet we could do adoption event all course tristate area plots leave the duke forced punch you rescues. The you'd actually you know right now. I just got back I just I put a little while ago got back from Houston. Even out in my problem right from the hurricane the bases I don't think what we go down to the area. We did. It's possible so this Sony's aim all the union means fully fully mobile this is already been cross country. Wants out I'm gonna just carry IA camera and camera one and X certain and I'm ticket. We're very alive right now. Under the so this is at says that. Rescue nurse Teri dobbs this is all of that and a daring most important are rescued a short dobbs over our motto bird seventy years now. And it's what we truly believe in every single out of watch have a chance to be rescued from their shared a doubts at all that points educate. Most importantly want to educate the public on what we do and what's important these animal safety and make sure we can really don't self to a don't kill one. Right no no more these guys are adorable we're ready city mall would you date. Let's take a look at I guys don't want. You'll like everybody is slowly being here good bad and we'd like and got a little. Katie Katie CS that they'll. They didn't read it means that the Palm Beach relax in between so woke up. Maybe. Time as God's holy Bible article. When you read see some of the puppies. Need yet are adorable. It buddy. He did it behind if you don't let them know in his. Doesn't ever get in the first. We have available for adoption act we'll try to lead America. This is what you'll have you'll local shelters a lot of people think sheltered all of that they don't see this but you know what hey guys. Idaho and Oklahoma gas masks happening its happening oh my gosh I coming outside on the action against. I want the mind numbing us mass going to I don't I well I look. Oh my. All right so again. This would you happy little shelter. You'll you'll beat up by guys just like this guys and girls. You these bold that he is are there only about 810 weeks old that just little babies. And they're looking for their forever home runs nine no legal right to a website had leaked out or file all the information about these guys everything you see on here. And you know you can find out how adopts. The new best. Right well I think that's a rat here at the Kimball taping I am. Going to be staying at the type either says that don't tell anybody that map thank you so much has always had a sense frequent campaign we'll. We are glad to be able to help. Get the word out and adopt expensive this year alive the running around hurricane stricken areas across the country. Can't think you know thank you so much thank you may GMA we have some love you guys at what you do yeah animals is it's amazing thank you so much everybody. This guy's name. But I this is Henry but Henry and this is done while. That's around from Toni Matt Kennedy and dynasty here. Jim all five high catch that next February February 4 Tony eighteen. On the Hallmark Channel you'll now on an essay posted by Beth Stein. Boomer Esiason is going to be kind of game it's going to be an epic. Epic events that's if remains signing off everybody.

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