Hello Kitty pop-up

Hello Kitty celebrates its 45th anniversary with an international pop-up.
2:49 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for Hello Kitty pop-up
I'm oblivious met this is EB Dini is locked. Haven't Katie is making her way around the world Walt Disney pop up in Los Angeles celebrates a live Katie. 45 anniversary eat the public start here and it's going through most of October but we're moving on other areas. Let's take a look inside our first stop lines and where Holland Katie but creek and. So this couldn't really fun pop up sop it's really meat for like. Everyone into sports or forever that's big for hello kitty. It's for family his friends his comments -- I take some photos really get him. The whole interactive experience of a hello kitty has offered and all the major cities that we have here. Very Isakson and London and then it goes Kerry is comes to Tokyo here ghosts of Honolulu Hawaii and it ends and I really cute back its claim. Kitsap area the public is here in Los Angeles right now why start in Allah and I think insists. Such a melting pot in LA at different cultures and it's gonna touch so many people that. Hello kitty everywhere and so such a fan from age like what your four years older reefs are letting it when you're sixteen it's just something everyone can love. And I know that this is just so many people here and I think it's a really good place to start because sick and I really just grab every line ends. LA's such as really sad stroll hot spot in the seats in general since I think. And after this the Tories set to go other places do you mean you know those places yet. I. I don't know like is the release and I wish I could pick and pay TV Dion where she's going back. We want to celebrate her 45 anniversary so they Josephine travel and it's just really. Funds and just immerse yourself in like the different color Honolulu Hawaii like we have a malevolent TD. And then we start off in her home which is London England's. And Mimi her mom on her Cobb. And her twin sister Mimi who's also under 45 anniversary is causing it to celebrate got a little bits you it's an interactive exhibit what can you do here. Here you take a bunch of photos you can stop I hope he beast pizzeria in the U arc. On beacon Tyson sweet cheeks when he go to parents. Over here and Tokyo Japan you can take a walk on secrecy Prince Harry concede and Credit Suisse on the wishing to the end leave it up there and so you must have a frontier valley. It's super interactive and welcoming ages fourteen for ever. 45 anniversary. The message is just Princeton really. Public kiddie friends around the world sport is in Los Angeles through most of October before moving on at there's the ETV announced in the near future. I'm oblivious met in this is ABC news black.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Hello Kitty celebrates its 45th anniversary with an international pop-up. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65762377","title":"Hello Kitty pop-up","url":"/Entertainment/video/kitty-pop-65762377"}