Kobe Bryant off the court

Bryant was a husband of 19 years and a dad of four daughters. He told Robin Roberts in 2015 his daughters inspired his latest book and shared their feelings about his retirement.
5:38 | 01/27/20

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Most of America saw Kobe Bryant on the court. Pushing himself in pushing his teammates and every single game off the court. He was just as focused on achievement once again Chris Connelly. Kobe Bryant basketball superstar was better known to a much smaller circle by another name death. Bryant that his wife Vanessa married nineteen years ago. Parents to four daughters to tell you the celebrated turning seventeen just a week ago Gionta. Who died with her father was thirteen. Bianca is three and seven month old who pre born just this summer told or even colder last September. That his girls inspire his latest. Bush well I have four girls at home and you know we're make sure it's important at the you'll see characters that will clean them. And that also athletes and so you're tired of hear my voice. The we persist through work hard you don't believe in yourself to Cali located at our that I got that we do. So what can put him into stories like this hopefully we'll get that same message about having your parents in the carrier all the time. When Toby announced she would retire from basketball. Robin Roberts asked whether his wife and daughters we're ready for their dead in a dimming spotlight. And how is the NASA and the girls how are they about that he retiring. They're they're good they're gone it's it's it's very little torn notices I was informed him wearing her not merit is. Before. All of this happened was little bittersweet but still a law will look enforcement except. You know what is believed to be his last filmed interview jurors scoping of the crowd debt want to tumbled dragging that his daughters love of basketball seems to be genetic. Are attributed to weaker Davis the first agreement in two. Vincent's Jersey retired room who didn't. We just has so much fun because and first time I was seeing. The game. Through her excuse her like she was having such a good time and players are coming up for sale how to heard you know brown was talking about her fade away it all in order Bruce it was exciting news she has such a great time as a father religious authority long as accessible yes yes the five time NBA champ was also an Academy Award winner. Basketball players through school to show up and durable but. I'm glad I remember dual bit more than that. This 2018 best animated short film to your basketball. A love letter to the sport that defined his life. And that he redefined. Matter what. Five seconds Clark. Have you always. Call me. Vintage Kobe and joining us now Gotham Chopra. The showtime documentary Kobe Bryant's news if the portrait of this competitive. Iconic player and got them I want to thank you for being what do from this terribly. Sad night and you got a chance to know. Colby in a way that many will never so please tell us about the man that knew you that you knew they got a chance spent a lot of time make it if documentary with. Then a thank you for having me it's units that sort of oddly comforting to talk about him and relationship with him. During what is like a profoundly. Sad time. I got to know Kobe probably I met him almost ten years ago and we became friends we originally meant friend a friend. Come through some Philanthropic. Activities. And you know Kobe and I are pretty much the same age I grew up in Boston as a die hard Celtics fan before he was of course a Laker legend he was a huge fan. And so we kind of bonded over that. But it even when I met Toby Young ten years ago he was thinking about life after basketball and all of the things that he wanted to do. So east talked a lot about film making in doing a documentary together never quite had figured it out and tell 2013. When he ruptured Achilles and that night he decided he was coming back any Texan Mimi said hey. We've got the plot. And so that's how we started working together and then of course that story I'm took about two years steak and there's so many twists and turns in this come back. And I would say over that time he says that in one of the trailers he says. This isn't a documentary this is therapy and that's really what it felt like I'm working within key was unpacking a lot of things and really got to know him pretty pretty well to that process. Us but he weathered the got to say hey OK got them you have the camera you fill me you make it would you want it to be. He wouldn't he wouldn't control as much as you were he was so involved in this documentary. It was. Agonizing cook food clothes. You know they resist CNN his same guy he is on the basketball court off the court. And and you know I I learned that pretty early on is like you know he and Shaq won championships when they were at each other's throats and so. He was in the edit room. 2:3 in the morning he was pushing everybody and end sometime dude just kinda like. We just couldn't believe it but you know I I give him a lot of credit I mean he pushed all of us towards greatness he challenged us he thought would best. He argued to invest and I feel like that was the catalyst for me I'm in terms of my career and and really helping push me. Towards the best version of myself. He made us all better luck which are wearing we loved the black moment if you're wearing right now. Another. Thank you got them thank you so my thanks so much appreciate that.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Bryant was a husband of 19 years and a dad of four daughters. He told Robin Roberts in 2015 his daughters inspired his latest book and shared their feelings about his retirement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68554605","title":"Kobe Bryant off the court","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryant-off-court-68554605"}