Kobe Bryant in his own words

“It was my dream to be a Los Angeles Laker,” Bryant told Robin Roberts in 2015. Bryant shared his hopes for his legacy and more in previous interviews.
7:40 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for Kobe Bryant in his own words
You're looking live at Los Angeles airport. Where the columns have been lit up and lakers colors purple and gold but should be public religion Kobe Bryant. We've lost tonight with the eight others and a helicopter crash in California. Like so many I had. The privilege of sitting down with Kobe fan had many conversations with them over the years some one of the most meaningful. To me was done just a few years ago is in Philadelphia. Was when his about to announce his retirement year. And being with him in that school and sitting down with them and hearing what he wanted to do next. Report this very poor writers when a week ago. Could go basketball but affairs or proposed in Baghdad junior high and thinks that. This guy's approach we do know what did you know. Probably Obama. My Wall Street's view see years. I had these measures the flow wrestler sized. Pro competition. Would do beautifully with the big boys you know. Twenty years with the same. Team. The LA lakers how important is that to you externally it means everything to me. Also should use very different laws I mean I could I hardly had met posters. You know measure teachers had all the video cassettes of them winning championships and here's my dream to be Los Angeles Lakers and so content through. To be here for twenty years and get to know through my mentors. It's been Jupiter. I mean fans were. Do you Wear the same agency where I was in I was coming out of high school uses comes a lakers I'll just start UCL a used car with the lakers and well now here's your new executives. Of the corporations or lose to those who can easily be. But we've literally grew up. Together and that such a beautiful thing. You're very humble and saying that you have received far more than you have given to the fans that you feel that way too arrogant that you you sincerely feel that way what have you learned. About yourself through these twenty years of being in the NBA. I'll. What I've learned is through truth to always keep calling. Always use there's been constituted only in my career was the source like this is to. And what I've come to find out as no matter where it happens the storm eventually ends. When the storm does information actually and so really learn to put one foot from the other good better and different does eventually this storm passes. You have talked about wanting to. Happier place in the history of the sky we we've said that from day one. That it was very important to you that it wasn't about. Yes you made a lot of money yes all that but that was never. Your motivation. Top five players of all time. Who were those by players we would you cracked the starting five. Sure. No I would never put myself in the story. But the people who have actually learned the most meaning Jordan magic. Bird. Hakeem Olajuwon and Jerry Lewis. The rules of players that person I've learned. The most. First for the comes to mind when I say these were great. Basketball blow Los Angeles home retirement. Peace. And legacy. Wells a good live. It is not appropriate word like that. Always try to Wear purple what I was around yeah appreciate that. So much to do you'll remember this before he sat down to do that interview this is of course going to be his last season you wrote that letter he wrote a letter to. The city of Los Angeles where he played for twenty years this is part of this part of what he said whether you view me as a hero or villain. Please know I poured every emotion every bit of passion and my entire self into being a Laker who didn't shields. What you've done for me it's far greater than anything. I've countries. From the fans felt that. They really did you know listening to that interview Robin I was struck by and I think it's unavoidable. The how incomplete Colby's cancer was on legacy. He simply out of wow write whatever I remember him also saying. There's a difference between. What you do with who you war. Just think about that's federal I think that's that's why it was so typical prohibit talk about the legacy because he had the so much more know what. And I had a chance to interview him for your basketball which you when an honest report. And and hate you with interesting to see him take the same mentality he had of the basketball player and apply it not only in and TV but also in just in business in general women have. The same type of success in. Mayor Oscar and Knox. Only one ever do him. We have let us now Michael will bond and ESPN commentator who knew Toby very well and Michael I know that you had a very. A very special relationship with coping tell us about that. Well look Robin like you did I had a front row seat. Two CoBiz entire career from not long after those days at that high school gym he was visiting Philly. Bomb through the final deal days of his career as a Los Angeles Laker and it was fascinating to see. I've I said Dow them look good I just looked at the last interview we did on camera. I'm talking about what was to come and that's talk about an incomplete answer there he had so much plant and he was so passionate about it he was so engaged. And you know I people asked me today you know what it used what do you think of first and in the basketball's not I think a first. I think because when you have different mostly did also comes with a pass the sort of get you behind the curtain. And in that case with the people that you get interact with for years and years and years. There there are personal things. You know I I had a heart attack twelve years ago this week actually. And when I got a hostile and got home. At the front door it was an enormous bouquets of flowers. And it didn't know said from Kobe Bryant I was trying to figure out okay whose plan is practical joke on me. And I've I called the lakers and they confirmed that Kobe had called after my address. And that preceded a complete dressing down of what I needed to do better as I got older particularly with a song on the way. And we talked about parenthood and fatherhood and health. And all the sorts of issues that people don't necessarily see when you're looking at gains and post game. Energy use and you're talking about a last second shots and strategies to what went into this and what about this pass and teammates and decision making. And that was all there. And as I've said today god knows I loved every performance I saw and they were performances. I meals like performance theater and I think that it we can go back to some people would certainly magic and Michael had that. And Colby had it and you you've felt it every single time you Watson that you watching theater. It's so there's an accommodation of the personal and the professional. That I'm still trying to sort of get my arms around this entire tragic day and I haven't done it yet and I suspect it's gonna take a long time. When Michael we appreciate you sharing sharing that with this about distress relationship with Kobe and we are sorry for you laugh as well my friend. Thing with you guys thank you.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"“It was my dream to be a Los Angeles Laker,” Bryant told Robin Roberts in 2015. Bryant shared his hopes for his legacy and more in previous interviews.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68554180","title":"Kobe Bryant in his own words","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryant-words-68554180"}