KT Tunstall on What It's Like to Hear Her Music Featured in Movies

ABC News' Andrea Dresdale talks to KT Tunstall.
5:46 | 09/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for KT Tunstall on What It's Like to Hear Her Music Featured in Movies
So before we were talking about how this time and you got to film score yes now I understand it took this course it was at George lucas' Skywalker Ranch yes he's totally lake. He just let you start or know him let his Texas Aaron terrorist harness. Lake apartments are where stuff there's Charlie chaplin's cane has. Jones. Quit I mean just all these beautiful. Star Wars that seniors and things and it them just. An extraordinary place and so many films you know I'm happy mix. There undated orchestra is being recorded there much is being written there. And it's just that Barry Barry. Content. Bo it's a bubble if she she singled out there and yeah it's very easy to forget this is the world and just concentrate on creativity that's our. Well compare seem Posey film's score and then you wish. Writing a song so we hear on his personal vs impersonal. I don't know I would say I think it's just about engaging with someone else's story you're. One of the major differences is that you're working person so when this please myself. But when you I am so fascinating by director personality it's just this. It's exchanged views on is capable of having consistently written. As well. They'll they'll come up with the concept of me. We'll see. Maybe hundreds of millions of dollars and maybe this is people. Turn this vision of brain into this reality and it's just massive. Even a small film. It's a huge undertaking and to keep your sanity while you're in charge I just find. Incredible answer to be part of that process I really enjoy operating funds are delivering something for a director this month. Oh man. The scene. But of course you're not working to solve structure you're working picture. You're very off the way music and lyrics so why taken away from what might themselves as. Is really being more emotional circle with the instrument choice with the arrangement. Learning. Go only to go it's. It's really an amazing thing she continued job out like you and yes for sure I really encouraging because I was on the road already. And a great composer Anna Christopher Lenox. What to contribute to mom's name and illness. Honest he disliked its vocal arrangements are tall we'll he had written. I don't that there might collapse are open microphone in my head and turn us and thousands. Totally. It's great realized that I don't happen. She's really is possible says. Someone. You when you go to see a movie and you hear your music for your vocal arrangements that. Ever because I never get to hear my own show you're on stage it's a completely different experience that once you know what I currency imbalance. And I can be Scotland when I play they say so get. And of course it's really. Six so having my music. Massive size is an innocent time is. In the ears the closest thing yet it's so thrilled obviously your clothes and I tonight watching movies listening thanks. Well we only took me. I haven't seen. Some direct. Go out to the crisis. And yours. That. Wouldn't you are doing this earth. Did you feel pressure all from one did you come back. You know come back to the world. Story I hate how always. Keep it should that's. Making sure. I'm getting music as social media has the day. The pressure on the music because. It's cool. Mind. It's even and the secretary. And we're still shocking to us but I have to break. But was obviously. We're glad you're back in here and we're in record is this is singled me things such horrific. Great lines in this she hears from my game. I give and enemy mine militarily and interview in just like we wait to shake your. I thank them. Do we do it which is your choice personal feeling is excellent. Ever felt I had garlic and magic touch her ultimately fit the people around me I'm did this sign is always feel sigma. Is it and so. I don't know if it would be one absolutely fine in the face is the first. It was hard girls as well it definitely and he made it behind you is was. It was a strong one and particularly accuses it very universal message is. If something bad happens she feels tablet and maybe it was one I think because it reduced amounts it's obvious on that. Applies. Many people stories. A pressure him into tears maybe it's a good thing for a monkey sounds you album he and this is like from.

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{"id":42073121,"title":"KT Tunstall on What It's Like to Hear Her Music Featured in Movies ","duration":"5:46","description":"ABC News' Andrea Dresdale talks to KT Tunstall.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kt-tunstall-hear-music-featured-movies-42073121","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}