Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon on their real-life love story in 'The Big Sick'

On ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers," Nanjiani and Gordon discuss what actually happened and what's portrayed in the film.
19:45 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon on their real-life love story in 'The Big Sick'
So. Final over. Norman. I'm always wanted to have a conversation was. About. When. You've never talked to people about 9/11. Volunteers and we'll just sense. What's my stance on nine elevenths. And Jack. There was a tragedy. I mean last nineteen of our best guys. Doesn't show up city. Ireland was a terrible tragedy. When did you. Hi everybody welcome to popcorn and Peter Travers. And as we tell you about the movies and doesn't mean now called the big. And I'm telling you to go because you can thank me later you could just. My guest today who male ninety and and the it is just terrific in so many ways and surprises. Me so I'm setting up and just introducing the book that is. And welcome we're happy to be here. Are you hearing me right here yeah. Desperate to be here popcorn. Can pill and relax you but that's. It does sound and I wish him at Mellon. I wish they could still is smooth as a critic. Very difficult to describe to people because you laughing and you cry and widow and there are very few movies we air. The woman in the movies put in the medically induced coma. At trial the boy friend is still doing stand. Rectal I don't know I didn't know what to call it so it one planet but let's call it that coma comedy this summer. That's good fit my life in the big bag. At that and you know it's Gary for at the coma Thatcher if that's harsh word and people strong associations with it than that and a lot of pleasant thing. No it got its not a place you would how you can tell us I it's not a pleasant thing if you hear voices saying don't go into the light but the typical house you. I didn't hear I did that mean I think I hear people around me quite a banner wasn't like completely under and this is just my experiences being in a medically induced but I can't speak for any other UB Bates is but I definitely heard. You could Ellis there you my parents were there. And I kind of thought that I was trapped. I had a couple of different I thought you were in the hospital at one point that I needed to help him and then I thought I was trapped and in institution and I needed to plot my way to get out. Both of them as if script and both. Yet really done that peck so I have already lost control we stood basically said. A little bit aback because the road. East dollars and I have no idea wage instances. Kazan. But the typical I mean if he she wouldn't you know she's great she's when she's on the show him. But. Explain. Don't mean to. So it's basically. Based on on it loosely on the first Vieira fire relationship. And we in Iowa for his dating. We had a lot of complications. Yes and move my parents wanted me to marry a Muslim Pakistani go around with the north having me out what they were trying to set me up for that and I mean that sort of fallen in love and a few months and dealer relationship that sounds really having the death. She was when intimate exchanges and they aren't I think hot yet she had mystery illness who pitches in a coma. And her parents came and I sort of hung out with the parents four the entire time that you is out. And to the movies sort of about that period of time in imminently it's been. And we wakes up well on league you know weather alerts here she hears he has. Let and then it's the story of. I'm kind of navigating getting back together when you describe it on paper it's maybe not even a movie I would want to see its melodramatic. Area and had that's Downey. I think it's the post should they could mean lean on them the ones. I'm I. Think. I've ever heard about but the challenges like it sounds a lot more having in the areas and an as is a comedy. We're making light of minutes left is their that is just kind of where humor comes from and both of our families were both kind of have family that liked to kind of find humor bleak spots and tension breaker humor and and that the movie is it kind of. About out with with all of. You it's it's it's and it's we wanted to put in everything that was important lesson in this movies though you know it's just got a lot alike different storyline. Aaron families. And pat Ellis says it into supporting your parents and how you deal with all really mean it yeah now you are on. This case it and then you had. Jeddah battalion there helping them Leland producing side. Yet Michael cell walls of directing it. Yet and Barry Mandel also produced at news you know as Wes Anderson's produced and night shamans produce so how deep into this did you say to all of them. Just keep the. Mind when we asked our men who Wear you out. No number I and they drilled and that's very early high and how important it was for us to not could be practiced with our story because they're like the movie won't ever. Be good if you kind of are so rigid with not we were but they were like you can't be rigid with the facts we have to be able to kind of create a story. And I think with Chatham Berrian and Showalter and the actors we were able to create this saying that. If partially or story but it's also all of our story that could this amazing things lives on at and that it belongs to all of us we they drilled into us so hard to never. Never get in the way of the story of the storytelling process is that we concert at the heart I think. Yes so you know I mean obviously the broad strokes of the movie are pretty accurate it's what happened and doubled it feels. To us emotionally. True how it felt to go through that. But in the movie and I'm assuming we'll get to what you face little bit. Oh with. Yes I asked. She's in the audience. Heckling. Is this true. That is actually that is that is completely accurate feel blessed you onstage saying is there any Pakistani. The guy about that that any place bags in the house and them again went. And in real life as that you're not from Pakistan I would've noticed you. I meant the guidelines via the amino try to help him out because they go everywhere with dead silent audience I thought look at people are laughing. I tried to boost the heckler if you're not a person who helps companies have a lot of stamp I'm. It just fattening impaled meet you things happening to you and and it worked out pretty well immediately just one. Taxi hack it to pray that our active. I thought I now expect oh this goes really cute. And so often show I looked for in real life I look thousand wirdzek I got to October. And she was so embarrassed about it that she Rhett she left. Then it was a couple days later embarrassed by looking for what. That was I. I had to leave look at that had to be working out it was like well like Adam I think and maybe made an act of thought. About Al. Had bad and then a couple days later couple nightly and I ran in viewers online now's I want I was like you're the go to heckled me. And we basically have the conversation we have in the movie Lewis and Michael it will whose. When you first hear that okay I'm the stories and staying bit. It really didn't know you have we're suspicious any time. I see a movie that starts with based on the true story idea. At very specifically didn't put it we did we talk about it. Yeah and put it in the beginning in the gulf parties when you first showed it to buy if there's only tested them which as you know you. I'm sure you know but. We just sort of show on rough version of the movie two normal audience doesn't know anything about it just to get their reaction. People are very surprised at the end when the real actors came up. They were shocked they were like. That was when he. It's different. And I'll be able afterwards rather than setting up that expectation at the beginning of like well let fear this field. Like perfect and I just destroy that whole feeling knowing how to act at it's just over now. Now let's go back to this second salute he finds it. And is this love at first night. Did that thing when I write her name in. You know and yes that's like yeah yeah and it has very cool very few people can do right. And and then the movers in the battle is on to immediately look like this is a move people I'm people. The real version of family and fortunately fell for it hook I think figure I thought it was incredibly charming and very exotic. I have a quiet until months later that I was like done this with other girls from Warren avenue and he was like maybe. I have had since then and it worked. Just haven't since then. Have to live could be in any could use it doesn't I'll team still created. Yes you laugh he would and that's. A thing as a good and that I don't know where it would probably doing at all that. A hypocrite and a member of the few months we were dating and Natalie Wood friends Equus oh charming but he did that amendment Munich. Thigh I mean there doesn't the girls on the Chicago area I happen. I don't like it. I want to play Eric sanitize and I didn't mean to it's probably and then does now now what I wasn't I wasn't good it would let them line. Plus it's I really wasn't but it's a really good move. Item am alive side of that move out all right this. The key thing in this to me the one that just take this from being really good to over the top good to me is families. Yes it's like you. We all have them and and Darryl ways to simplify them in a way where we can just be comfortable and have all of our own prejudices. Basically don't feel comfortable with what we've been that you don't. That's right these parents with pain. Our incredible they're pretty specific human right it happens we don't fall in love with one person we had this comes with it. Right exactly right with any kind of fell in love with someone. It's they come with so much contact they have with how they were rains that come with all their weird supper break up and they come at a federally if ever they all do. Whether another have a good relationship and apparently are not that's a part of a and I think that such a crucial part to Rick really getting to know someone and we really important. That are failing the kind of are this version of our families be in this movie. Yeah and we I mean you know we wanted to mayor a little bit in because where I'm from we have a lot we have arranged marriage. And my parents in the newly want me to have an arranged marriage and arranged marriage really is to families coming together. And here in the conception of marriages more romantic it's two people coming together however. What we're trying to. Sort of show an arm movie is its damages to people don't know yet even here it is. Two families coming together and it's nasty and it's complicated and and that all. Every member envy families navigating that. A loans they all come from their own families and that was weird for them Taylor and it's I think it's endlessly fascinating well it's a bruising. Yeah that's I'll either get out he's just. It doesn't matter ask you have it more dramatically it culture clash because of the rings matched. But I really liked how this movie gives arranged marriage is a good show. Yeah it's basically sure you can. Work went so good where which battering. My iPod would look like that divorce for yeah that's right and have a much lower divorce I'm all right imagine them part of that is that mean I'm going into a match the expectations are different and also there's too. Full family is working to. Make it work yet to make this relationship work but the united what's for a lot of people I feel like and that was another that you wanted to show at the movie wise is portray it. In the way that I understand it growing up and that which is that if that it is a system that warmth the coma. Yet what basically puts you together right with her parents played. So beautifully by Holly Hunter. Soviet thankfully okay you know. I mean what magnitude it's what we have Larry let me he had been lacking. Yeah. I mean Holly Hunter you know I've there's the sequence in the middle of them Leo or hang out what time map we have fourth seems in a row it. And Alice so nervous to do it because you know and an appointment call life it's you know. She's a legend but then when the time came it was really exciting because she's so good that she makes you go. What can look at actor whose thank. Way better than you makes you weigh batter. So I really loved her and she's still generous and specific and fox follow and it really too sensitive. Well working with there will how close were day to your real pretty far pretty pretty. For a look at my and I don't anti lovely but they just we wanted to kind of create and we drove this and my parents many times that we need to create creature of human beings characters that. Are difficult for canal to be around that's part of the united challenges that he has to stick around people that are. Hard for him to be around that we wanted to create characters specifically that would be difficult for now parents are a bit more easy going and then once we got the idea I'm. That ray or hot and Hollywood were interest in the movie we then rewrote the parts to kind of suit them even more. And then and we waited on their characters to said they kind of did the company's creations of all of us. Your parents though it's just as important had a hand wringing these women two year yeah. This one well yeah I it's it's you know it it's a complicated thing it's more and now you can actually spent some time with. The women before you. Decide back in the day kinda had just sort of decide and men and women have equal powers in the but used to decide what equipment that have a cousin that made them lovely marriage and has a beautiful out. The first time she spoke to her now husband was at the engagement party leg had an engagement fighting this that make the tendon that's Wednesday. Floyd Stockton. Though. But you know that if they're lucky in that it really really he's a great guy and then they really love each other. But you know we show also the challenge. Someone from another culture coming here. And how much work it is trying to hold on through a culture and halt a whole all have your children hold on to a culture in a while the latter. You know the western cultures very seductive like hates it's it's you know it's it's movies and TV shows and music and and video games and video games in a lead that Kubiak and they think it's all that doubts though. And it's very challenging for for someone like. You know my parents. You I need this again. So what. No it is that I tried that before and there's like its meaning by. Because I have this chapter and then you have this and then we'd look at the the other ones at. How did you screw this up so bad propose that happening at OfficeMax think again during this. I think that was a process that you know the way you sort of in the chapters we do that means it would look at it we would pick which scenes line right or is trapped. Exchange mean lady tennis that exchange rewrite it again. By Friday it would be aware of any argument that they were to come up with probably thinks it is and I'm gonna fix for me I love it you don't want to do with this. Love you but that's exactly right it's also it would speak to how we would differently. A man by the event. It wasn't just as saying like handled in the town is right if the consulate this is not how it happened be remembered things differently. And the label to put bullet this prospectus and at the scene of that pal lot and the tension. And love between Alley and Mallon the forest act and the final act sort of happens lies. From us having it. Remembering differently cap amendment passed different did you ever think I complain me. Now I just not an actor I would've tank that's whole production. I did he not an actress I think it's strange how the teen people who went through the event. Actually re enacting the events themselves in stranger to me that he is being hacked yet with the now do you we always on the set watching every everything. Except for. Can now request that during the make out scenes that I not be abandoned its nose it is and she can roll it. Seattle about fine if he was a little heat with he was once asked is and the and it didn't have probably going to be let it be that we can then that's my request for the rest of this man who it. Rupert he could people actually know right did you that should stop. I agree though this is the first of many times you behind the show I hope you don't innovative and always in song. How does lack a slight bit and music that must come. There must be something anything to each other what was your song you rom com people there must usage and loved somewhere four weddings and a funeral. Baghdad I've song was actually. A report weddings and if you. That you god I can't saying they're gonna manage that is never the point would you here he can't thing but he does that affect some vibe and all the way went. Yeah. You have to have an occurrence is on course. I. Not on me I. And mountains I think that acting. I'm trying to think what are you have no idea of their right in math. And Mac and. Seen in. One. He. And so I'll be saying. Written. One man and it mean we'll. Rule. Only it's just perfect. I'm also planning the award of this a wedding. If I'm I. Think you both people. I'm telling you see this movie it's one of the best movies you'll see this year I guarantee it's still golf.

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{"duration":"19:45","description":"On ABC News' \"Popcorn With Peter Travers,\" Nanjiani and Gordon discuss what actually happened and what's portrayed in the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48623255","title":"Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon on their real-life love story in 'The Big Sick'","url":"/Entertainment/video/kumail-nanjiani-emily-gordon-real-life-love-story-48623255"}