Kurt Carr discusses new album ‘Bless Somebody Else‘

The musician talks about the album, his new single and the impact of gospel music.
22:52 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Kurt Carr discusses new album ‘Bless Somebody Else‘
It's Candice Williams ABC radio and I'm in the studio once again with another wonderful and this one is inspiring interview you're ready now because we have the incomparable. Super talented Kirk car our you don't know you good to be here I am the last blessed to be here this year. Talk about this album which is this only outlet somebody else I had. Literally this song is a blessing and we gotta get into of course. Now first and foremost I want to let everybody know that is out so there's no excuse for you to go get this album which. Is a amazing piece of art and sixteen tracks. Really you've you have some heavy hitters on the hand you don't talk yet about chuck church folk. Albums so. So excited talk today about it and look you know got still in the blessed business so he decided put the fund billboard charts. If its first week out number two and how does that field to two seed that immediacy. Knowing that your album really went to that chart handle that well it's. It's a blessing from god has given us lend longevity which is a great thing dad been around for a long time and so. Kirk Franklin is number one and I'm number two we were label mates for almost fifteen years so we always kinda seemed to be next to each other though. It's a blessing. Isn't lasting. It is an you know hasn't mentioned you you really have just such a stellar career. You know to me I consider use it and legendary path when and you have been on the way on the way to you aren't you are you have funeral Manning songs. Your catalog of music is no inspiring and few you know I have to ask this question do dollar do you even think about how impact will. Your music has been to so many people I'm sure people come up to all the time in just. Give their testimony by me you know how does it feel to it to be in this based where you are impacting people you know. 1 evening I I couldn't sleep because I travel internationally. Because of the song in the sanctuary. Being translated to hundreds of languages has made to be not just a black gospel artist and a world artists. I've rarely kind of watch YouTube allow myself a never listened to my own music. And for some reason I was up one night and I just started YouTube being and like three hours later. I was still watching people in other countries seeing the music and lost it was overwhelming. To see that literally the music god has given his touch in the world. It is and it does to this case bill and eakins and if the EU now not so you know I want to jump into this album because. As they mention used nearly pulled out although all you need everybody you we will all the favorites and I want to talk about this currently tracks single bless the somebody else yeah. I. Had an idea to involve. The album the song is a tribute to my day. Longtime assistant of 25 years who passed away suddenly. And it just devastated my life and I blue literally felt like act could not go on ad aired my mom. Eighteen people in one year and including Dorothy was fifty so was such traumatic to me. And I decided housing you know I can't do this anymore and doubt it was like will do it to bless somebody else. And ice caught Erica Campbell who was in my choir when we did for every mountain. At a cost smoking nor full who was occur cursing her for two years before his first album. The three of us were gonna do attributed Dorsey and it just snowballed. And so it's west's more again and Faith Evans. Fred Hammond U allowed Adams smoking awful Erica Campbell. Joppy key. Your Kaelin car of bishop Paul Morton east Kiki Wyatt and they should TJX. And the Carty Cortez is is it ended up being an amazing. We are the world experience. Yeah and I you know as I was listening to an end just hearing everybody's little. Voice kinda come in there I mean you know first off between you. It means there's so many that you named that I will just literally fan out I mean my interview began that he you know back television act got loses affect me differently and then test. Test that idea all right you IKEA desks at junior soul it is it is so yet to hear all those beautiful voices in in people speaking on that it was such a blessing to hear. And so I want to talk about the lead up to this album because again. You know sometimes I think people forget that although you make such beautiful music business you adjourn this is your testimony. And you had such a tumultuous time prior to this album to talk about first off that journey and you know you mentioned lost a lot of people in their lives over the course of that yet he would. Leading up and how was this process different in making this album vs previous ones we know we knew that the fund banks we don't think they'll come out your middle way out by. Well you know. People always ask me why I take so long to do albums usually it's been about every three years. Pass have to live the song's first. Because I'm one of those artists like every song that you've ever heard me do I wrote a except for of course I'd redo a cover song every now and then but. Most of like every single song I write them and I don't want to just write the same song again with few different words really so. Try to we're right from life's experience and this one has just been. I mean I've been through things in my life but never a concentrated. Season like what I went through late eighteen. Close failing terrorism friends in back to back back to back. And on that one of the last ones being Andre crouch who was my mentor. Went on tour with him. On the twenty years ago just for the experience I already had albums and everything eating even know it. Just for the experience to walk with his Greek king who I think was the greatest are gospel writers ever so I worked with him and was there with him when he literally when he passed away and he told me that it was passed in the mantle to me and it was just like. Seem like such a responsibility. To speak to the world like that and initial promise that I promise the first opening song is kind of like a she beat him in a nod to him and he prompt made me promise to keep. The message of the gospel in the forefront and not to gate. Any convoluted it we just with. I'm trends and you know things that are fetish but just be chewed to what the goksel messages. Speak with you grew up so visited this as I could tell. Carriage girl over here. Yeah there. And so you know I remembered the EB pioneers and I you know listen about what needs you can tell. With them he's admitting that Iranian. Speaks do you. But of course we are wearing a different time. And I wonder how you approach being mean you know that the great thing about you and I am and Sherry you know you have your own marriages and that. It's easy to do you aren't your music and you concede that consistently. Do you ever feel. I struggled to try to let's say appeal to generation. And you know. How do you deal with the influx of this world and what people are seeing in tiniest on that same plane and you. It speaks volumes on the billboard charts you know when you being consistently do you feel that struggled do you feel the difficulty in staying on. You know think her in that sense of his generation. One of my other mentors would should not even a mentor because I don't really know her that well a person that I really respect and admire his Dion Warwick who. Arguably has poppy more hits than just about in each hit to hit maker. And I heard her say one time always speech Tutu who you are so it makes you stand now and I never forgot that. So always done that but I keep young people around me. What every 2 who I am but I don't want to get old eat certain I'm not you know not all are not young but I'm not old. So what I did this time is ahead a millennial search and I peaked. At a 500 people at the two people a guy named Travis. Regarding T oh from the East Coast that are like in the twenties young. And keep people over like that around me and young. I get young people to do the tracks and stuff so. It has a current sound my own samba current I never wanna get stale I don't want it to try to be something I'm not but I also don't wanna get stuck in. I imagine that you've been able to finessed. You know your your work over the years to be able to incorporate different sounds and things like that. Though in this album here. I feel like one of the things that we get from you is every song has a special mom talk about what song EO and I would like to ask artists mean there there the creator of this are. Aren't what song EO obviously. We talked about the title track we talked about bid that tightly around album lands on. I want songs that really couscous that's what gospel songs do. When you're really when your back is against the wall in the midnight hour you need something that's gonna. It's by to keep going there's a song a rope for Lee Andrew Johnson. I got to the point with all of the death around I don't even want to do it anymore. God's grace was like are our he would let me go just so far and then he'd pull me back. And I'm I think that songs and a bless a lot of people Leander is doing really really well she's actually when my prayer partner for like seven years. And I remember a couple of years ago someone came is that whether they work in. I said but you know what I'm not given up on her and now she is like doing soul well she's may. The necessary steps that she's needed to get in for those that don't know who she is she's an amazing singer but just has some issues that she was dealing with in cheek. Dealt with their. I'm struggles publicly so she was just a lie. And I decided to not judge a but the lover and chasing in this check on Greece from me back was shifting and lost a stumbled off the right track. But Godwin let me stay there his grace for me back and asked me. And. I mean it's it's just to be here in this eighties after having been through what you've been through his testimony itself because people you know east. Life is so short and to be able to stay grounded in have that. These type of people who are merely prayer warriors around you to really lift you up and encouraging is an important is Hooper and morning. And so you know I am also very curious because it's this process was an. Seamlessly quick one it takes time to really cultivate these songs. The best part of making this album and what was the most challenging free. Well the most challenging was the first step. Doing it because I had experienced such grief in such laws I don't even wanna do it. So when house and that prayer moment and I told god I don't. Don't wanna do it anymore he said bless somebody else that was like militant sounds like a song has started from there and as I write it just go just bills and bills and bills and bills I Easley will spend. An entire year riding cells and I don't sleep in my bed asleep on the floor my music room. And alma spent a lot of time personal time is me a piano writing and then. I develop it with the musicians and then my incredible singers that you can't talk about me without talking about Kirk arcing is the best of the best. And it just gross and there. Now you know that you just mentioned. Part of Europe Europe community and her car singers we didn't come love them as as Myanmar family yes you know. Process now I know that some you've had for a wild news new ones that come in. That process like it's ours who can beyond Acker car car I'm. Imagine because there's such a nice try but dry and the very specific try. Com and I'm so incredibly blessed them most of them that are with we have been with me for years. And I'm but I always try to give new people an opportunity. Before the millennial search I've never had auditions before never. Because I just want people that happened like minded. Spirits. And some does me just pick somebody might pick the wrong person. But I've got an incredible group of people and what I've done this time. Is I have to Kirk carpool. I have a larger pool of people. That epic from an whoever comes with music or Carson that day maybe it would be you one day. Act act act act you know out of got an ugly thing. And yet. A couple. It's amazing to be able to a group that people are mark. A single songs of praise and worship which. Again I think it's such an awesome being able to do to kind of duty with these people who. Artisan brightly at the comic again at eight. Testimony. I know one thing. You know she jail we. Obama are awfully. What do you do you know it's amazing phenomenal to see all of them these give teens but also the anointing in the spirit and the a heart that's inside the singing of the songs it's it's you gotta come see us live. And taught how weight and we can't see a lot. Barry told what we're learning planning on the to a now we're actually doing like a promotional thing now and it. A few. My friends churches kind of to get the exposure out. Win the you know that's going to be incredible. And I'm working on a Broadway Show what Billy Porter. So we've already we've been working on for three years and it would get ready go into pre production now so I'm gone beyond brawl way. The building or you know. Alia he's he's a may end amazingly talented guy. And I'm so happy army is huge right now. More than three years ago. And he was just at a point where kinky boots was over and wasn't sure we was gonna do. I'm just like looking at all of the doors that god is open and now. It seems like we're at our rock bottom sometimes that's the thing they've got that he is a catapult us of the top. So the show's call sanctuary. And he's written the book. And I'm writing I've written the music. And we really excited about it and now we have a producer this interest is in that's half the battle right there find in the monies. But I'm excited about you know being here in New York more. Oh win. I'm too old to be though I'm not gonna be ended I wanna be. No just make sure the music is our but I couldn't see myself to an 88 shows a week that's. It is it is I and guards a lot of Broadway plays and I wonder how these immediate family it's it's so arduous I mean in the numbers than staying in and everything. I'll but I am so excited about and that. You know when ideally witness he may be twice each when he you're seeing all. He knows. I was life are Ike recently we did a reading. Here in New York it's my first time being with Broadway people and my mom bought me a record card arms too short to box with god when she went to New York in the seventies. It transformed my life from date from that point always. Wanted to do theater and so all these years later to be in a room with every single person Daley picked was a Broadway. Celebrity. I was just an on and one of the ladies that was a stage managers and she was at the original reading of wicked. City took thirteen years. Oh right. In a hook. And you who knows army and is open to it we've got a development and make you be the best gospel show it's ever been on Broadway so it'll last forever. Absolutely. Right now blessing you know go. I don't know that I darkened my way right right exactly and I mean an he would be right now is the right. Well you know I am more into the music because I know we've been talking about album was. An available to me not so please support because again and you you are you are literally gonna get. A testimony. And to just a blessing from this work of art sixteen tracks it's all amazing from start to finish. On again had a lot of heavy hitters he loaded taste everybody knows like the four seasons only the top of the top. But you know I I want to talk about just the fact that. Consistently have businesses of Thanksgiving. Om and I I want to if you could elaborate. Mom you know a lot of people. Forget to thank god you know it's it's I want this and the help me this and help me that why is that why did that resonates deeply with you and your music because. I notice that you're constantly in the space of thinking I'd even do the tough times you constantly saying you know you've got to praise you gotta do that because. Every single gospel artists testimony and I notice that you stay really true to his offering up praise him a little bit about oh that's what. Praise is praise this Thanksgiving why do we praise we praise god because we're gratefully thankful. I'm it's amazing now. With people ask me how I structure my Helms and I don't. I pray and it just seems like the message is all line up every. I had no idea that I was making an album about Thanksgiving and about blessing others. With a song happy now with Thanksgiving I tell people. Look at someone say happy Thanksgiving in the first amended in July IP will lie. But everyday that we wake up and put our feet on the floor is a day of Thanksgiving. And so I think it's just a reminder. For believe is that we should be grateful. This young guy changed my life I was a chick fillet cheat you know my diet. And he was like Contra probably sixteen years old Swede in the Floyd chick filet and disarming the drive through and he was I can do little. He was like our. That always a great day how dare I contaminate God's great day. With my negativity. Homicide role. As Oprah moment. That's what we as believers should you know we have to to wake up every day saying you know I'm not going to pollute. Today with my negativity. Absolutely and again this is it's easy work of our in this instance is how he go through any kind Mary and really give this dense. Of old I think that's an ethnic and describing its full casino when you Golan through. Big day in the life of being just the person on this earth. And you really have something that's re inspiring. Om and so I'm just super excited now. Can before we go I I just to touch on. A little bit. What you hope that people leave way and on because again. You know it's about Thanksgiving it's about praise and worship but you know besides that I know you have your story but what hope people really will get from this album for both work. Good luck in getting that they haven't gotten already thinking you can go now yeah. My pastor is bishop bishop Jakes is maximum pastor. And he preached one time about the cross house vertical but it's also horizontal. And most Christians focus on the vertical like us and god we hardly ever focused on the horizontal part of the cross which is mean you. And do we praise guy but what about our brother how can we praise god and not care about our brother you know I. And walking down the streets in new York and seeing so many people on the street light. It is my heart was as I am like I got no money in my pocket as I just gave people engaging gave in gave because. My heart goes out to see other people struggling while yet I am so blessed him. I think that's what the theme of my life is right now horizontal part of my life how to why treat other people how to Y show people that I am a Christian. Not just by my songs in my voice or the music that I've written about the life that I live and my prayer is that it will become a movement. Church people do it but we don't do it enough we do a lot of judging people. Do a lot of looking down or knows of people and you know and I don't think it's that we're bad people it's just sometimes that we get you know a rut of things and I just want to remind people that we are here to bless somebody else. Absolutely. On that no you blessed us with this music. We'll have more visual coming up oh yeah then don't we can't look at on this video is. So the bless somebody else song some items like how did you get novels people together as the only god is going to be able to do that. Put us on a ghetto but we're working on finding a way to do that video where where are. Maybe some of us together you will forget that but also. A deal with my singers we did some of their lives last year. So that's gonna come out soon and you know will will will feed everybody. Please fetus does you know I'm I'm I'm wanted to Murase Alexy Allah is the address somebody else I'll thank you so much anchor who renowned wide screen atop easements Williams. Now where you from. I'm and raised in Northern Virginia would turgeon who went to what Alec to saddleback is examining the I knew it I knew it. I could tell what closet bastards. Was by a Sunday school and ninety are nagging arm I know the word got and I know this is that you were raised here and appreciate you from being one of alleged even though he don't wanna say yeah well he is alleged an and we we thank you so much for your ministry of music. And who is this can't his client signing off thanks again ticker car stopping by basically.

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