Kym Whitley discusses 'Ladies Night Out Comedy' tour

The actress and comedian talks stand-up, her recent book and more.
23:22 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Kym Whitley discusses 'Ladies Night Out Comedy' tour
It's Candice Williams ABC radio well and I am very excited because I have M. Oh. I. There. It'll be fantastic ladies night. Tour that we've been doing and it's just. I've never been to the kings did and everyone tells me how beautiful it is. And what we have found on the road is that women come out some men. When it is solve many women. This light the essence best. In the building did you get to go to husbands gum onto the kings theater and we laugh for all different we say crazy things and I'm we have a good show it's been a good time. Yeah ads and pop first off about the origin could have been doing this for a minute now that let. Made you that come with the idea that we gotta have a nice strong woman like like like. I just name's Ivan coming together and doing comedy because. Mean we economy. An op with a the best to let alone on so we appreciate you for that but what what the origins of this Cold War. Well you know I think we've always said that but you gotta have you know a big promoter behind you to make something like that happened because. It's hard to get names. And B of -- ward. Who bring everyone together all kind of different personalities. And we've always said that you know the men get to do it all the time why can't the women weren't why can't we be on tour I'm so they brought me in age has brought mean this year they've been doing a four year. And I'm the new girl on the block. Yeah so I'm excited you know. Yes and one of the things that I I have to say I love is is just you on the grant was Sherri shepherd yacht ME role then. You know I actually had Cherie for a little while ago for them achieve promoting union over the talking about you know that the girlfriend out out just how ya hang out everybody's always with a much Havoc so much fun. You know and I love the fact that she could be so candid about job relationship where she was life. Yale and how important from I'll let him be Kim came out because she for the free app head. Not like then there's us open. Brawls with our you don't work to get on Tom Joyner morning show why as the week ended. What I tissue and care. We have friends so long we actually we both artists whose liberal long arm and now know what I was due. Teacher or something and we lived across from each other we besieged and I'm right I showed how to put wiggle. So we serve brands so long before we even made it so. And can't. Anonymous Thursday. Those are my business. Yeah as you guys are like classes that I had because I always the year you're kind of banter and I'm does roll with it. Now of course we we heard the announcement we know Tom Joyner morning show he's done you know for him livid that live other than radio least you got a radio some of the pack because we love hearing. All day you know women thinking about. Meeting. About a radio show we've been thinking about doing a podcast. Because we say we're gonna miss that you know did not have a three years to gather and but I wouldn't what do we do now and you write our boys will be ms. Lowe we have been talking about. Yes so let's get answered like the whole comedy thing because I feel like you know. This is to mean an end you can correct me if I'm wrong I know this has been done in some capacity but has not been done like. And I'm really excited for way this group of women are able to accomplish with this because I felt like in the comedy. I know this is incorrect I'm gonna make sure Ali I'll don't know black women hello Larry okay dad and misconception that OK you know old women. It'll be really funny women I don't know they might make an Alley the off if you ever bid to a a black comedy show you are gonna laugh from your go to okay. There's so much going on with that talk about. A little bit about being in this case when he first started off comedy and now do you like your ears still. Having to prove and let people know like. How really Roland and an end and out the united mean do you feel like you're still have to do that because it's it's a different time. Yes I think women always have to prove themselves. You know despite the soccer team oh even in comedy when that paid the same as the name and we are as got to prove you know that were funny black women you know they always still lie you don't have one black woman Michelle. When it's a male show all these include two black women on what do you talk about. And funny its money. There's so many funny black women now here in comedy right now that are popping up that I don't even know you know. And even better one and I just hilarious to be the that'll on social media. Also doing stand them it's just. I think it's always a struggle. But I have started to release that and just let you know what funny is funny I'm willing want to do my thing ladies c'mon they do their thing but. I think it does have that stigma that we are always in the trying to BR bass. That's the thing we. None of those I've never seen one comic there's a Anaheim now want to listen to me just go out everyone's always nervous. Everyone is like a McDonald the ground likes me every last one woman we go out to say you know was this hit him in the good we always like me have Goosen and have a good time line. It's. Worries in force and it changed for you as an artist meaning like when you first started and you know you and me. It was kind of asked you know they don't on the go out there but out. And I'm Amy I would that you OG because you come out being. Mike like Mohammed oddly self talk about the preparation for this type of you know to pour do you come in every week but like okay at at a he would have rap when I'm gonna touch on the mean what's your what you aberration like nowadays. Well. You know I I don't sore right now also with a guy named David Arnold de de arm and he's didn't social media right now. And very funny we've been donor to a call he said its sees it. So the preparation was that we won't were first for three years of the preparation before that was not. Go out every now and then I was like I'm doing. He also teaches stand up. Had to get serious. Anything now Kim we gotta say the same goes or is almost over improper comic violence in the same disease I believe in jewels got to work one is going to be able. So the preparation for this to what was going on with him for three years and then. Star gore now my own and doing dates. So now. It is. He's going to be huge audience they you know Brooklyn you know we don't just be loosened wild and crazy. Some thousand who may be out tone it down. It was a late show you know they're like non hit him in the Garrett. Seoul you do prepare for that item at the church on as I did some for American Heart Association. So I knew you know I don't bow hell would be funny about that and I couldn't you know him in the government's low. But it was still finding something that's the preparation. Yet I mean that's definitely two tests of an artist you know your audience feel like some people. Are still in that phase where you know you could tell who moved in to limit the religions have gotten agendas are. Our pain and yet and so you know you mention about the constant. I feel it is relevant and a lot of industries. As a woman as a black woman the other us element of trying to prove yourself having to prove yourself Manhattan place. You know and I felt like. Let me where our you know everybody coming up in arms with you know Monique about the whole thing because he would light. I'll hair teeth out Monique outlet like Doug helpless amid some unnamed. But what are your thoughts on that I mean obviously you know she's analogy you know act and act for her. Do you feel like. That's the way to hit it uniting mean that what are your thoughts on hold merited because people like here which is saying and I and I got you got my attention is right. Like no you still have to be in the space of be humble you have to do this what are your thoughts on that how do you approach that when you know what's right what's wrong. Well I think humble first of all is the first thing because. You know I'm a believer in Jesus Christ you don't Christian and so humble is that persuaded been humble home alive. Because up that I everyone has a job to do you have a job to do I have a job to do. This is different jobs I'm no better than you so I think we have to be the best we are in dad's race. I am. Stand up comic I'm no better the Monique MM pec I respect Monique I think she's one of the audience. And I think. Previous. Comics in order to be really funny got to be free so mores free. When you're free you're funny because you you don't care what people say. But I think. Also your your work ethic and how you treat people in all of that. Goals with I don't I don't judge us she doesn't because her lane as her laying my lane as my mind. But I can't take away her talent or any. Hope for me you know. In talent and look up to only. Mom wore. Did other things he does. That's her pants. I think that we all have to create. Are half I think the comics out there there are other comics. Who are no honorable mention by name bad. The reputation is now good. You know they treat people. You know like the interns in the people that held a true don't. You know. Home when everyone has a job to do. And I say that because I have a story that went up around and I worked or Nickelodeon when year. And would have wanted to do among my life and so so what happened why. It. I was nick I was working for Nickelodeon as a as a young. Coming up actress. And I had an that Kiet. An intern PA you know they're the most the first ones to come they got to do a lot of grunt work. DB coffee into all this stuff and I remember being. You know nice don't oppose an extra nice. And years later I walked into a Disney offers to pitch a show. And he was the Disney does that do. Not PM why now neck crazy. Is that not always like. Oh yeah. Yeah look at. I was like looking you. I have they know. That's why wouldn't it in the me. So long list. Journey. Not what the burning bridges. Not burn any bridges could you might have to go across that bridge a year. The work right now on the op networks but she didn't it work the I haven't seen it yet region add wow OK so we have to get into. Diplomat right here she's she's not just an actress amazing actress she's she she's not just the comedian she's she's not to all these awful. A list author talk about good book could be apple was. At our public life I love that book. But then I've got into its meaning have started to light restart and public life OKI need this in my life. Talk about these balloon. It. Remember imagine absent. Yeah. Hit a action well but it is all you'd see. Like this whole other side admits Kim wit me because I feel like. A something that we didn't need more like is this something that. In I'd always been doing and then now are kind of like. Embracing this this this I learn I am I am. Did a creative ideas. And I wouldn't say writing a lot of mature writer ideas down. A lot of stories and me and I have actually been gosh I guess I have been writing since I could write. Bill book costs drags wonderful journey. When I was sixteen. Before that always wrote stories. And I finally was lie you know one group of one story. And the delusional Cinderella came up because not unlike talking to. Young girls. But what I don't like it. The sell no books does that feel like I can tell a story into two less than. In the story. Just like when I do talk shows and what about the like if you're on you gets it wants attention you can teach them so. Delusional Cinderella is what we all think about were all Cinderella. We're all you know we weigh in on this man in the white horse to pick us up in all of this now with the delusion. Ha ha ha. So. I write this story about. Am I teaching. I hope that I'm teaching. What not to do you know the scope balls and over the I'm very hard as she goes on half of Libyans. Who threw drugs and out on sex. Initials you know what happens to her. So. Good you know I was very proud of I'd I didn't go through mainstream myself blues self published. You know because when I went to the big I didn't even give them that story. Mother book you know this mountain about being a mom and out of this and that and that was not my passion at the time. And I can do that does not my first. Announced so. You know you can get in on Amazon you can give them Barnes & Noble. Dilute the delusional Cinderella it is done whale donating I have not done yet is the audio book news and everyone's like Camden and audio book that I did the audiobook. Is only thing I gotta would. Welcome we've been. On yes he did you attack on who has I bet it. OK and that's that's not agree transition. You know being a mom and I. We knew. 2 premium am in the mobile moment. Since he's growing he's going hiking. Now you a little elm and pay your little romance enough. Man's W know and I'm Adam Longo and talked own about doing a reunion show or do with. Show would Josh is now. Plague it's 20 so. You know res and will it was a great show this show the world how you can adopt a child. And get a bunch of friends to help you raise him if you're afraid you know. I know a lot of women have come up to me even actresses is that ninety gave me permission. Show me that I can do this lady hugged me down and hasn't led to women countries that thank you yup thank you for a news story out so. Has been a great journey you know I'm not must sign he has recently changed my life so it's as Becky way to give back home to home Sunday someone to do this show you know at that at the kings theater and then not just wanted to elect LA and his Lopate. Yeah now I know you're on the list goes how do you make an outlook although the Arab League battle each economic be like yeah how OK everything is glad. Yeah is just was first earthquake I was he was good I casinos have because we run upstairs. The very first wine and I know an earthquake immediately because you can hear it and then not belted and I ran out Monroe method Josh let's go. Slogan. Another supposed to go grabbed their key it. And I think I knew these own up to run with me. This is not as it now. He ran behind me we ran outside immediately go down without ball and I the second when he was then by itself. And it was very interesting because. He's still is not. He wasn't afraid of that makes me happy. Com I was in the big one back and I think was 92. So it took me awhile boost the hours when I wasn't shaking my NAFTA was a EG shake it like okay. The program check in on I had app I have about my. All of your yellow guy. Knock it we are okay. And I tell you of course we are so excited about tomorrow but you going to be an ice summons them along some silently happening. A little bit about kind of because you know radio who want to get people's GMs what they groove to. Zambia last summer barbecues in. Your gold to meal at the barbecue cook after the dollar counts now. Alone and just own words Kooks in America. A robot that ironic you got something that you only one thing you did as the economy but did you wouldn't into the market. OK I do have a one thing to do is always bring to Barbeque. And that is a cold pasta and salad. That is absolutely delicious and I learned it from my girlfriend's mother. And an opera bunch of red onions and then and that day Curley house that could add up. Put the red onions and and then output at Paul Newman's like Italian dress and I'll limit that it may have stirred up and an apple like regular couple Toews of the senator. Well. Among group. As easy groups who. And then now obviously. We've got a groove something yes what she what are your classic jams for the summer barbecue whatever it may be holiday and Labor Day. I was the Brothers. Anything. They act like that is the from a song. You know I go either Brothers sometimes against them olds who. California by two pot and I like the California by. Barkley did those also almost all. You know. Girls but my goals and an aunt and had top damn. Yeah get mad dog and what did you wig down who admitted. And had at least one looted from. Oh fine and I. Album with some advice and must that there in my hand at Athens. What are the of ice for young women now. You know when it comes to dating career like because you don't you. Really do help. The next generation I appreciate that people like asking yourself let me let me see about no please. And before we go give us your your ideas and tips that we should be leaked. Think about as we move for it whether it's career dating life in general. Well I think one thing is no that is the journey not a destination don't be so I asked to give us some. And enjoy the journey and Indian remember that every day that you wake up it's another chance to make it right. So what what was in the past as in the past you can't change. Live in the now. Because because tomorrow's not promised. And you know apple got firsts and everything that I do. Just remember too in love with when you'd young women deal with the knob and an affairs of the heart. Just ask west nor Tommy that is a young girl ask of me don't feel like you can ask questions. That's what we make the mistake when you don't ask and we just jump into would just keep going and we assume. Are you married now. Was a job beast that is you know everything you want to ask how many women have you. Because let me tell you some when you don't ask you not go now know what's gone volunteer information. So. Kids and don't be afraid the Eagles a parson. That is a truce plan if they love you I liken to a comeback and they don't they're not for you. A look at the garden of bears of the careers of same thing. Go for your passion god gives us all gifts gift god gauges the went to a woman to do for free. That's idea that you go. Oh. All appreciate you think he's on hand for now. And popular as Google me. OK I got pummeled. Music music the middle me about you know and competent doesn't remember the caterpillar. Always tend to bond now. Right mind. I don't Larry Allen and I let me help and got everything before beat out okay doll like at the beginning. It's happening tomorrow at 8 PM kings' Ian air. Amazing woman right here nickname Whitney not only are let yes or her. Each act and now give it Lonnie. You have the book was picking at Amazon. Global bond. Okay dot Or Barnes & Noble the delusion of Cinderella. And is to grant. I think one million follower I'm gonna give them move big surprise. I love it OK and and make sure you guys are watching and of course he is willing signing off things against them.

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