Kardashian Fashion Haters; 'Mad Men' Star's Manhood Thoughts

Rob Shuter has the latest scoop from Kim Kardashian's baby bump style to Jon Hamm's "Manhood."
3:18 | 03/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kardashian Fashion Haters; 'Mad Men' Star's Manhood Thoughts
Now for all the latest Hollywood gossip we're so happy to be joined by naughty but nice dot com -- prosecutor. Figured given the inside scoop on all things celebrity rob -- -- think this year so well let's. Kim car dash in an all the flak she's getting about -- much. Else. Rome to me to be criticized related that's pregnant. This is not stopped many people including the couple -- of in the -- newspaper. Who went -- -- -- had a sense of style. However -- can Spencer telling me she does not happen all she's not gonna change her clothing many people -- saying that she should just went black. Maybe hide the belly instead I love my new ball -- our -- look at me I'm gonna show it often says she's -- -- some very tight -- And he's been getting a lot of attention to that -- when you're a hundred. I don't want out Justin Bieber even getting a lot of attention not the right. Hi -- just think -- through some really tough times he was hospitalized in London he was -- -- what -- -- -- to -- mask very strange. He had an altercation with one of his neighbors he just been an interview with us weekly and addressed all these. All these issues he said he was when the gas -- -- -- -- he said he was hospitalized in London because he couldn't read very well however what he sent. Which I think is the take away this is a young kids trying to think it -- sat. Yes he makes mistakes but deep down he's a good person I think he really wants people tonight that interestingly. Last night he's about and. Was seen outside. Selena Gomez -- How do I make getting back look at a room that he spends -- -- They then left separately but together she came back -- whom about it -- later by himself said. Maybe in times of need to. Selena don't have medicine I must admit has been handling this break up just beautiful -- yet that is nasty -- -- -- that camera that -- everything coming out rather JP. We -- that Jon Hamm has been getting a lot of attention for a certain. -- show time is extremely. Well bless the people leave the photographs of him walking around town with I don't think any -- and not. This has been the topic of conversation full. A long time and finally somebody from Rolling Stone magazine actually asked Joseph all of about his Friday Paul and what -- Cool product polyps more reason I wasted -- We should stop. And unfortunately all this is millions -- is that we're talking once again. But I don't -- project well -- -- Think it's a he could well -- -- The worst thing and Lincoln have sent back in Atlanta this. Really that would allow me -- -- David what about Kristen and rob -- -- taking a little European vacation. I used to -- -- -- famous twenty somethings in the world. I think I just wanted to hits isn't cool kids. Unfortunately nobody fortunately to have millions of dollars in the very famous so -- want to go on the road trip together. Throughout Europe even talked about renting about them. This is what the -- is. Go to Europe and seeing the sights and could look it but it does romantic love living I think they're -- Well that's do you and a but at a discount felt like computer that you -- -- --

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{"id":18832748,"title":"Kardashian Fashion Haters; 'Mad Men' Star's Manhood Thoughts","duration":"3:18","description":"Rob Shuter has the latest scoop from Kim Kardashian's baby bump style to Jon Hamm's \"Manhood.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/latest-celebrity-buzz-18832748","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}