Laura Dern Interview: Her Role on HBO's 'Enlightened'

The actress on working with her mom and growing up in Hollywood.
8:59 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Laura Dern Interview: Her Role on HBO's 'Enlightened'
Last night you don't intend to hold me compact team this -- go through this. I stone and chip -- -- -- much ice cream not listed on my mind. You're living on your mom your husbands and -- is taken in the basement of the losers -- -- -- -- -- has nothing to do this success and I mean you can be pretty sure higher motives some British company. He and relationships here. -- -- -- You too many. He just has proven appeasement doesn't mean we don't -- cap -- and whose people steers need to listen you -- the east. What goes around comes around. Time. People here. Fifteen in Albany can't I -- it -- to keep you can ask all the way. -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening in the pop culture everywhere and you could see by this poster called enlightened. That -- -- has started the second season. Of her show on HBO. And I'm -- what's. To tell us a few things that -- national with an initial slap -- around but you can tell from that scene. That what goes on and in -- and just isn't business as usual. And so I welcome you lord turn me and you know great to see it's so great to see you and -- you're saying we've. Met before but it's been awhile. And I just I have to thank you take this opportunity to thank you. I'm being -- yet critic is being a critic is being deeply as I -- -- Florida says. Many people will interview actors and ask why they make the choices -- -- me and we'll talk about being lucky enough to work with filmmakers who. Are. Daring and you know help us sort of go out on the cliff. Thank you -- have been so generous to me. And every time I've done something that's pretty radical which you do. Every frequent you have always consistently and I'm very grateful. In the critic who has been a champion of either the film -- my performance and spoken to be fearlessness of that character and complexity of the character with -- Devotion instead of judgment. And for that it always supported me in. Pushing myself further. And so I really from the bottom of my heart you meant a lot to my career choice. Thank you for that because it's a good thing when you're out there talking about when people are doing something that shows. Kind of rebelliousness against formed yeah I think it's a great thing and you've done it again -- like you've done whole season and now. -- back people didn't say we don't want that craziness anymore they said we wanted again. Yes HBI and we and it -- that this is a character who. Heals everything in such an enormous sway and wants to do something to effect change. And she is and enormous -- creature and as boundary lists or unaware of boundary. That she in fact will do things that others -- not -- sometimes -- do them very successfully. And sometimes it will be. Cringe fast. Through Petri Y Richards tries to make change and we'll start by having a melt that I mean that's the first thing we -- it still exactly. Yeah no boundaries no anything not even for -- Yes -- -- -- starts for the breakdown in the middle of her you know corporate office that she's worked at for fifteen years. She's immediately. Cents for rehab of sorts and comes back. Deciding that in her new self discovery. Isn't it wonderful she'll just try to change everybody else -- -- -- she tries to change her mother who she's forced to move back in with -- she's lost her job. So it almost forty she's stuck home with mom she tries to change her ex husband -- a former addict. And in -- and starts to look around -- the company she's -- she's working for all these years and wants to effect change there as well. We come to the end of that first season and we seen Amy become whistle books -- you have to give us a cold will. As to what we're going this without being -- the giving it. Well would we started this whole process of developing character my kind of one liner to HBO mine money interest in the character was -- and with an obsessed I love -- C. You are as a child -- -- he was a huge influence on me and said you know -- was in. As it what if Lucy became -- warmer. That was that was sort of the interest to me so it's -- will. We enter a world where the last possible person you might -- might be the one. In -- enough or brave enough to take -- and corporate America. And try to make a difference and in fact. And that is what any -- There's a lot of -- in her. -- give -- take not this including your mother. Diane -- who's playing your mother who often does you know -- At this yeah what's that light. Other people say look. I'd like to see my mother holidays you know and you are just always there to -- you're together doing -- -- I mean I will say it's very different at -- even it was a twenty. Is it I can match. Thank god and thank god and she's how is it different. I -- you know what we're doing rambling rose every word you said triggered me now every like tempered music that's what. Progress. So -- -- so me but we. Actually get along beautifully and I am such an admirer of her and her bravery as an actor. And her discipline because she's played characters who are much larger than life and she is so. Resigned and withheld in this character which is very not Diane and very nine. Our relationship either. And she's also -- very loving mother so -- to have this dynamic is just really interesting to play out together and this is incredible to work with her. Did you want from this -- -- -- actors -- was there any choice for you and to have Bruce Dern and Diane -- there. I was being raised by two actors and at you know five to ten I was on sets with Martin Scorsese how slash B Alfred Hitchcock -- Watching them and provide -- child does yeah. Try everything we -- we characters have to be flawed protagonists have to be good and holds able -- it you know. It was like at -- a road map to become an actor I was very very blast. But. When you start to appear in -- and ended the big one to me is is smooth. It's like. Home. Look at -- do you go to your parents war criticism you know we. Never I believe we've never really had that relationship and they've been very complimentary and very supportive. But never really critics and never and commenting on the work too much. But very much supportive and commenting on choices. And that meant more than anything to really consider. Many times early on in my career I would get two movies at the same time. And that speaks more to with a career I've had been -- thing. Very difficult choices probably at least five or six times in which. A movie that became the biggest movie ever it was turned down to work for. David Lynch or to -- smooth talk instead of a brat pack found more that I had several of does. Real crucial turning point choices and and I was supported by a tribe of people who suggested to go. Toward the filmmaker and to go toward the character that explore human behavior -- most. And that's a very specific career and -- I feel very grateful for. Seeing skiing this attack did a fan nag -- and a basket. I just like. Two. Median into the that there is a -- --

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{"id":18513966,"title":"Laura Dern Interview: Her Role on HBO's 'Enlightened'","duration":"8:59","description":"The actress on working with her mom and growing up in Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/laura-dern-interview-hbos-enlightened-season-working-mom-18513966","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}