Leann Rimes & Cibran Put Marriage On Display

Couples new reality show lays it all on the line
12:41 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Leann Rimes & Cibran Put Marriage On Display
She is one of the biggest names in country music known around the world. He is a television and movie star fresh off a hit film. And together they have joined the ranks of reality television with a new series on VH one Leann and Eddie. We asked an incredibly busy week at these premieres tonight -- and apparently we're getting a fifty million dollar divorce. Detecting and it's just branded him. I would say there's unbelievable amount of tabloid gossip about us to get the latest is that Eddie -- -- -- -- for international support because I'm so -- -- PG. And so in the studio today -- Cypriot and Leann -- joining us hey guys thanks so much to stop -- of these are watching this -- there. Clearly you can have a little bit of fun with the tabloids -- me a lot of people would just go bananas but you're able to kind of left. The -- -- and yet we've come to that point and it's been over five years and that thing you know you go through every emotion with that and then finally just have to like. You just have to realize -- gonna write something you know no matter what and sometimes it's absolutely insane most of the time and so we've. Coming -- coping mechanism now with a laugh about it and I think that's really what you see in the show. You know I think and you know that the tabloid -- the -- kind of created this kind of fictional story one sided story about how our relationship really isn't you know. What goes on and our lives and we wanted to kind of poke fun at bat and kind of -- you viewers the chance to see who we really are a couple away. I want to ask -- that because in the first episode which I watched. Very revealing to stick in your very candidate in the same. That your relationship didn't exactly start the way that you thought it would start and so it has been some years that you've had to kind of deal with the supermarket tabloid selling a lot of crazy rumors going -- But you also -- approach that in different ways and as -- first you didn't wanna address. That fifty million dollar divorce. Headlines -- that was -- -- a lot of right six is. That's -- Disney should be before they got -- -- got -- laugh because -- hundred million dollars a call that was right there you know that it. Nat me. -- it is hard to. It is hard to deal with it but I think that you know I -- -- hardest thing I think is probably -- -- in the -- like seeing yourself on a cover and then people are looking at you and then your. -- -- And you really want supermarket. I don't so much special about him -- -- -- really. Yeah -- they didn't she is going up for a gallon milk that loaf of bread let you really. -- -- I. Let's hear these stories because and that's what's so great about Hollywood LA new York and it gives you just never know. Who's -- -- be -- the corner looking for the next you know Greek yogurt honey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By doing this show that -- letting cameras and in this is really more we I think it's been described more as sort of scripted drama not so much reality television. It did you -- that -- a fair assessment well I would I would say it's more. Of a docking com a comedy. -- -- drama OK how many do you have you know in this genre I mean it's just like reality television what is that now you know I mean now it's just it ultimately it's it's entertainment. And our show. Is totally a comedy. And that's -- we -- normally mean when we started filming that's what came to work and that's what we decided to amendment and that's just think that this mess that has the -- that. It was an all that you know when you do in a tablet rumors some of the last -- sometimes we have to go back and you know talk about things and that from the past that. You know you really get to see how we reacted or how we react to it -- some things aren't a lot of things -- real time everything's a real story and then you know -- then obviously. The we heightened some other things you know and retreated and. Actually he you have a slopes where that is played out so publicly and I know often times when -- strikes you don't have much control over how you react to it though can be an historic. Do you think that perhaps now going through what -- had to go through dealing with tablets to do with a lot of rumors coming up. Would have been easy for you to wait until divorces and separations were complete and secrecy. -- -- -- -- But that's much -- you know that that's not life sometimes you know and and you know. In hindsight to go back to god I wish I would have done this different system but like you said before is how you react to what you -- And that really you know determines like who you you know who you are who yours couple went and what makes you you know what makes you tick. And you know the way we've kind of dealt with men and all the rumors and all the things that happen after that it it really just brought us closer together. Men and and made us stronger. So and I'm. I feel very confident in in where we are right now as a couple and in in various peace what we think the biggest surprises that that fans and learn from this show. I think everything I mean I think her whole life is one big misconception. You know so this is this -- -- side of the story that has. Yet to be told we would actually. The net and -- don't hacker felt very seriously yeah and it's we were you were very much. A couple that can you know. Just goes with the flow arts -- it to get this thing because Barbara Walters has now obviously left the building so I -- ask what is the biggest misconception that about the relationship. -- -- And like I -- I think it's a whole thing that I mean. Well I think you're right I mean I think -- I I think because like I said earlier the in the media has portrayed a certain type of relationship. And that fodder has been incredible. Surrounding what they think our relationships really about and yeah they. Oh yeah so I think I think just giving them a little insight into just you know the -- -- the whole thing will be a misconception you know our relationship. Is there can -- and there's a point and I don't wanna spoil it but there is a situation that arises in the for in the first episode. Where. You want -- to address a lot of -- rumors of this fifty million dollar divorce you're hesitant to do so you eventually wetlands. And you feel -- you have to kind of get combatants in return and so can't raise the question and it's it's fun and it's yet safe. I expected -- -- I'm wondering if there isn't that that temptation of using the cameras -- the autistic kind of build sides for your own arguments. And no I don't I mean. You know I grew up -- I grew up against the Catholic -- I don't know any other way but two. Yet to hear what people think -- happen until the -- To care what people think and that's just how is -- -- you know it's very normal childhood. And him have a totally different take on -- very laid back about it so. I mean we've we've juggled that because we are very different content on it and we -- that they can use what we do you know comment time. But I mean it's so you can only say that's a lie like so many times you know it's -- -- why -- been commenting on us again I think people. You know hopefully now. That it's not happening you obviously the -- Facility houses can affect your work on four because I know that you've you've you've just finished up at your record label. How is gonna -- the influences that is going to announcer you -- your fans -- going to be you know looking forward to. I'm -- excited that you know to him and that was at the record label for twenty years. You know -- Leon and I. Love music that's my first -- incredibly young -- when your record label as you pointed out is. Almost unheard yeah this -- elevenths and now -- -- -- thirty honestly it's a complete. Rebirth. I'm experimenting and having fun it's -- kind of first time I've been able to take is that backing -- I can do anything. Musically it's so what is that you know -- It's get at it this gives me you know as an entertainer I think now days you diversify anyhow you know this it has not seen or and a fun. You know kind of they have something you know sort of -- from there maybe what this and you know I don't know that I always be music and -- intelligence reform right. So is set for eight for eight episodes and the he's -- interest since you wanna go beyond that these next eight -- like that's gonna get that's got kind of clear the air you're gonna get a good. Overall feeling for what the relationship is about. What now I think you'll definitely getting clear feeling about the relationship after the exit episodes no doubt and I think we just kind of scratch the surface on the stories that we we really want to tell you can tell. And I don't you know we've we've we want rule anything out schools we'll see what happens right now is that the schedules permit. And everything goes well we might do some more episodes we'll see. And -- -- -- -- and antacid tablet story. Our -- somehow I wonder and I fear for you than enforce I don't think they're -- -- -- going to -- You joke about it in in in the episode about -- a text message from brandy plan your ex wife and you either one of you communicate with her. That not not a whole lot now you know obviously we have to try to -- -- just as fast as possible so when it comes to the kids we you know we communicate. Besides that -- we kind of she does her own thing and we gotta do armed. As it isn't stepping back then from from the Twitter from the online back and forth I -- what's been -- What's interesting. I think the press is really -- -- dreamt up this -- -- that really has been very one sided. I think it kind of pulled me into that you know going back and forth with her -- more than ever have I mean there's there are times when yes that's -- -- -- myself. But I've really you know I've kept. I've kept my mouth shut him many times I wanted to open it. You know -- -- -- all of a sudden becomes back and forth he's tired she says -- at this point. -- -- -- And I honestly have comes appeasement does knowing that if -- actually control what things about me. It is it is a tremendous amount of restraint I would imagine to have that much publicly played out and -- my hand behind my back. But the quality literally and -- actually. And tell him that this unit of the situation as well because I mean these are two women that had very important influences in your lives and in your life and in so. You know it's not want to create a more difficult situation. -- -- I'd like to watch yet it was finally but it's not not not necessarily because it is like what we were say it's very one sided I mean you know the media wants to you know create this feud between you know my ex wife went but you know I think that. The media actually looked back and -- -- when see examples of that they're only going to see examples of one side. You know going after her and that's -- and because we've always you know we've always you made it an effort to try to take the high road. Because everything is so public out there we try to you know keep some things you know especially you know things that we disagree on private. And you know one of the reasons also we were doing the show is to kind of just be able to beat ourselves and give people a glimpse of you know. How we aren't telling that to you how we would -- something like that right in right. It less than I was asking about this but are there any futures for a family it's -- Because you talk about this in the first that was yes because if I'm not treading into you know actually know him -- -- like we didn't talk about one. Well I've already had like seven kids and I now I don't know where they -- -- bet you were a hundred million dollar contract that it's amazing that if you look at myself. I mean yes we'd love to have a child I mean we'll see when that happens we do exploit challenged -- -- -- You know we talk about it often you know. All right really important. -- yeah and we know and that will be the -- Leann Rimes except. Thank you so much standing -- -- -- 100. He's right -- I mean three.

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