Lee Daniels talks new seasons of 'Empire' and 'Star' and his upcoming film projects

Lee Daniels discusses his theater roots and comments on the NFL #TakeTheKnee protests
16:47 | 09/25/17

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Transcript for Lee Daniels talks new seasons of 'Empire' and 'Star' and his upcoming film projects
It's can't miss Lillie ABC radio and I have a very amazing talented wonderful man sitting right on me being comparable lead Daniel dueling candidates I'm. I rare Ka. I back and act. Lawyers I super excited to this Wednesday it all goes down their permit air two amazing show behalf empire. And we have star. And it's a take over it could take over and first off I'm just. Really impressed by the fact that these shuttles have just taken over a pop culture lifestyle. I mean literally a tweet about it we're talking about the they get into so many things. You know looking previous seasons going into this season's. I'm pat what have you learned not only from just you know kind of taking it season by season but from. The talented actors you have an even from just what people are seeing what have you learned in kind of brought to these this upcoming season. For which went empires all for the pole position for empire. I learned. You. You always gonna make it better as an as as a filmmaker as a creator. As a chilies and there so by bringing in like a guest stars or are. Saying he Umar noise or whatever evidence forgotten that. And the fans have made it very clear. That they just want to know about the fan. So all lit extra ice and then sprinkles on the cake. They don't want to act. What they want as they want movement and yet so ask about it and so I think that the data has spoken for itself and the research. And the fans have spoken. Putin's soul and focus more on the fan for empire. And for star. News. And what I learned I've learned that. What I learned that. I have to keep pushing boundaries and got to keep. Not being afraid because you can't win when the year overtakes you you. You're not telling you know tell America with one year you get is so easy to live here Britain you know and to recognize. Stuff this. And easy say that you know. News. Seeking in this actively do and which operate mystic and it. Like this is. Thanks as always angle way no inning going nowhere. Like this this and when it occurs back anchors this news is real. You economy is real. And you can't witching in this and it is not gonna disappear year. So that's what we're doing the shows. Just not living here. Yeah and me specifically star. It's it's amazing because you not only thinking what you pay Roman empire star I'm happy. Have affinity toward start because you deal is meant that the topics like. Of all. I love the story with cotton I mean sold real the black church and kind of all of that is his very tangible and and on this for me I'm just having grown up and that. Black church community. Also social justice I mean you talk about these things amble chilled but I feel like specifically here. Wins you know kind of some of the things at their do we and then also the idea of kind of going forward with these young girls what they've been through the dynamic of it I personally enjoyed and end to million or else as a woman Somoza. Women are Democrat thing is that but I went men. And I'll empire adds a little bit look them some for some some for India excellent yet. Yeah I don't look though shall not want both Giles but I'm just giving you my specific. Oddly I thought you are talking about you you you specifically I think and I don't know maybe it's strategically. Have really been on the Knowles with kinda what's current. Going on today. And it also reflected on your shelves I know that you recently Allen took Annie. I saw that January is to Graham age and you ask others to do that. You don't talk about why you personally feel so compelled I think he basically said that a little bit as far as. Not putting your head in the sand if you could elaborate on that like what specifically. You know. I news in the case when we were grateful when they asked me to do an early television show. New. If something was gone and we were shooting. On the set. And Taraji sound was in trouble. But all of us meet August and same age need to ration care it's. At all of our sons were in trouble. And this is before trump even announced that he was going to go office. I knew that there was something Golan. In the with bubble and black boys and skin shock. When Mick knock sense is that blue and I got and we assists this is not. This is not random. That all of our sons. They're all good of these prestigious schools. Are in trouble with the law like yeah and then they don't even know which of and in parts of the country this is not random. You know so when I was riding star beaten. He. That was in. The ability isn't sure about music that was at the heart of what I was writing about because I was in such agony. And I knew that we were going to go into very dark and spirit told me. That's why I was so public about. And spoke of the democratic national dimension beaten. And put myself vulnerable out there today I was really nervous speaking to America making sure that we collapsed vote. He had a good cook because. I knew that we were in we would some dark times and so it was almost my spirit telling me so. To answer your question. Yeah yeah I was referencing the fact that you specifically asked people to spend a picture of them taking in me. And an in the comments that you know president trump had me in regards to what he felt you know NFL owners you know should do it regardless of natural. Is who it is you know I think that he you know if it was. If it was to his benefit to support black American that's already legal and he's a player you know I mean and acting to Adam. You know he's playing all of us he's Leino you know. With would do with this stuff about North Korea and ration everything is really to get these same local we hear. When he's really do us us level where there you know. As is really it's it's it's. I think it's making artists and filmmakers. And come up with their best work because where were you in these types of its. I'm. These dark times. I think that's when the past are com's must improve and be. And I think that you've done that. On the shield consistently where people are. All just. Best Indy story lines and I am personally invested in the story lines. I think let me just say it's not just that I'm does that face of these shows the great writers that are credible have great directors on the ground. He can mean this and people get mile too much credit. But because my writers and the people that write my music and everything they really take Matt vision round so I'm just takes. It is communities that brings these huge. And I am Q is because. Some information about acts of this season so June. So do. I I don't know bite at Cigna. Print distributor. Yes you talk a little bit about that might be and why what. First jobless for him yes my very first job in in in entertainment industry and so it's ironic that we are doing. It was ironic you know cause. Work. Purple range purple rain an in and Clarence Williams the third was. In purple rain. And direct him in Butler which is to stick. It's crazy. Beaten and and then that were able to pay tribute to someone bassist. An amazing talent. How is nervous about going to be the Japanese boys really come in thank you know this. Really you know really mean we credentials while probably but they pulled off. One. Connection with people. In different because he's just. Connie and mind. At a at apple on I think you'd have shown clients in regards which you. Contributed to fail. And actually first we see. At the base but we you. Amazing. Me. Naming. Oh. And eight. To come. The base. Partly or. You know and united I did it by accident this television thing was fluke they weren't buying black television. And so I just as an outline on bucket list as an artist. You know when it empire OK just checking off the list as something to do I had no idea that I was picked or that it was gonna go for. Thirteen let alone make for episode four years is that would it. And so you know I'm a poem and a I'm a director. You know by way nature. And and I come from theater so. What do mrs. theater I missed you know I missed that really miss that saw him come back to that and that's my intent to compacted here but. I missed the camera as a filmmaker because you know right now as as day creator it's really Morant administrative. You start with something and you sprinkle your fairy and you manage you managed. You're not you know you're no longer view Europe. You're watching the baby walk in gold school and go to college you know really creating any new. So right now I'm very excited about an act and so the. It's too much capacity theater because I think people who may not necessarily know all of that in regards to what your background is on what you've been. Involved in and what not clustered in one acts director. 1 X and I am home. Really. When you. Direct expedited that was homeless that lived in the back of a church and and a theater in the church and that's where I began. And that justices you have to. If you analyst Alex we've been instantly that was a looks short timing when you're on the street and homeless for a little bit. Go from one place it next and so one of the places stadium was church. And this. Theatre next directing actors and and and that's that is ultimately in my love that's when it began you know love for the arts and me being. And I and look at this now I mean in the Evers are real for you at any point now. It. Then and it time to. Report but you know I'm always that thing is good enough. And then continue on peoples' and oh yes that was really Google really. Shift in the game. Tick them and no. Them. I know there's always more work to do there's always more messaging tee it that our people are. I go back to. We are in a dark place. It is my job as an artist to educate. Is my job is my duty as an American to educate. And you know look at sometimes. It's too real for you. And sometimes you know you know they come for me. Because it's too much but you got to be willing to this fall on the sword for Europe for you fall for your truth and I think. Q and you've been used light in the speaking on an am excited anticipating. Panel because. I bear any. Yellen think I have. Three choice I'm going to be doing three films and back 32 is so excited about 03. Tons of bio page one Tuesday Wednesday horror movie. And and one is you know. What is definitely going to be terms of endearment so I'm not sure where to I don't know which one and a I don't know Emma I'm excited about who said about going back to work. An MX I am really humbled that. It was most of my you know most of the people I grew up with are dead you know from known him from the streets and 58. Came up at a very difficult time in America and then I live the aids crises that in most of my friends that are gay or gone. You know so that wasn't killed as a kid or that I didn't catch the HIV virus is a miracle from god and an old enemy of for a reason. And that reason is to continue on my message. Via. And you are doing that and and just confirmed this is V terms of endearment remake. It. I don't mostly with C a script purse you'll see the script. No way now an amateur who's completely rule you know we don't know who's complained that world. For certain. But we are doing the I'm going to be doing. Anything but only dupe a black perspective. Among buddhism is really able to take August iconic you know as a favorite movies of all time. And am but I wanted to do it. From them from the lens of the African American because I am African and and it really wanted to explore the in that time Peary we are that. This time the black character views. Deborah Winger of plea that Deborah wingers or dead ringers characters cheaply. Cheek he gives her HIV. Because he was it was an idea and and the a roar character shall complaints character has to come to terms. With forgiving him for killing. Her 20. Yeah. WA Norton of course and I know have to go. Do we pick and I really and and I I'm. Just thankful that you know we have you right now at this particular time because you're doing things aren't or. And achieved our culture and people are inspired by which able to bring its us. It's more than just entertainment it's it's it's a community and you bring community people with a different shows that you're bringing forth. Of course have questions but I'd I am writing cash at a time I just have a quick being. Because I've been covering it accredited news. Is there an app I pacifists so. I know Monique had spoke out she had kind of brought a lot of conversation sit back. Did you have any further conversations with her after she said she you know spoke to some people about what her thoughts where. Now so. I people that you guys I'm always looking for. Well that makes two esque I really love her. And I think that. I love her. And then I'm I'm sorry about it off me because I'm really hurt by. Media but. In other in any case we we we know that there's many more great things coming up for you and thank you so much for stopping by ABC radio. Please check out empire style isn't when they starting at 8 o'clock PM eastern standard time primary can't blame a.

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{"duration":"16:47","description":"Lee Daniels discusses his theater roots and comments on the NFL #TakeTheKnee protests ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50084162","title":"Lee Daniels talks new seasons of 'Empire' and 'Star' and his upcoming film projects","url":"/Entertainment/video/lee-daniels-talks-seasons-empire-star-upcoming-film-50084162"}