Lindsay Lohan's Mounting Legal Troubles

ABC News' Sheila Marikar discusses the actress' recent arrest in New York City.
2:23 | 11/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan's Mounting Legal Troubles
Another trip to New York another arrest for Lindsay Lohan the actress was taken in last night after an alleged fight at a Manhattan nightclub. ABC news dot com's Sheila Merrick -- is here to talk about it Sheila what happened last night. It was just another disaster for her it seems like every time Lindsay goes out something bad happens and -- again that's exactly. What went down she went to this cloud avenue. Allegedly got into a dispute with a woman there and then allegedly punched her -- And and it looks like the want to press charges that yes -- -- and and we've seen pictures of the alleged make them and did it looks like it doesn't think it's going to be anything bad. What is going on with Lindsay now she's also being charged with three misdemeanors on the West Coast right for lying right exactly and the might. The Portland it seemed like she was getting her life together with Liz and debt which. Unfortunately seem to be universally pan is not why she -- me going again on of that downward spiral. -- -- -- -- In California -- from a couple of months ago from a car crash -- -- we knew for -- while I was probably going to happen. But if it hasn't been a very easy ball for island EC besides -- -- interviews which pretty much across the board were negative there was also the incident in September when she was arrested outside the dream hotel for an alleged hit and run. Then she got into an argument with a congressional aide -- claim that he assaulted her because he was taking pictures of her. On her sat on his cellphone. And then -- -- incident in October where she and her mother had an argument that was so crazy that the cops got called to her house in line like is really just been one thing after another and doesn't look like her career will be able to recover from. Something I mean that's the thing how -- you hire someone who is going in and out of court all the time and has -- risk of getting arrested not showing up to -- sat. It's a really hard thing she lost that role and that movie about Linda Lovelace has. She was going through a lot of legal problems right after she was passed and she doesn't seem to have any good role -- and her life is that why he keeps showing up at night -- I mean it doesn't seem like a good idea of -- going -- nightclubs at all apparently not now we know that her mom -- also goes out to nightclubs -- -- -- and she -- an estranged relationship with her father it just doesn't seem like there's anyone in her life. That is sitting her down and things and see if you actually wanna be serious -- you can't do the things you can't go to nightclubs signaling you with hope for the best for her thank you so much -- America are thanking him.

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{"id":17839915,"title":"Lindsay Lohan's Mounting Legal Troubles","duration":"2:23","description":"ABC News' Sheila Marikar discusses the actress' recent arrest in New York City.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lindsay-lohans-mounting-legal-troubles-17839915","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}