'Live From the Couch' with Chelsea Williams

Singer-songwriter Chelsea Williams performs and talks about her new album, "Boomerang."
3:00 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for 'Live From the Couch' with Chelsea Williams
Hey everybody Allen about here live in in New York with another episode live from the couch this time. We are featuring fabulous singer songwriter named Chelsea Williams she joined us here in studio summit here you think you for having me all the way from California yeah act. I actually I wanna say we have good weather for you today need to apologize to California which are it's so cold Arctic creating beautiful all week. Welcome thank you just trio thank you for your new album boomerang without last month yes Tommy what's. I am why it's thirteen original songs and I've been. Waiting to meet its outlook for a very long time I haven't released apple record and about six years so it was very excited to make it. And it basically just got to make my dream record with little on records. Very excited that it's done there if you if you look at the same thing not to make my dream wrecker and ill. The I know how lucky I and I have to do to help people than about them of the song at what went in six years to think about. And righty and practice and put together. All those songs what is like. A lot of them very personal they do. And like is that they've been. Written over the last six years of some of them are kind of old pregnancy in an effort for six years in some of them are brand new and there are still kind of like little babies it's like little toddlers does the funding about. It. Had her up pretty personal and I've gone through a lot in the music industry and so I definitely touch on that subject alive on this record. All that point yeah I could ever appeared hear you saying you can give a song from now and now yes these four this is called dream catcher. You think anyway. How is those. And ultimately. Take it back hands. He's the he's seen. The eighty. The glass. And those aren't nice. He's seen so far only days now. Sad Erie. News around me ask you this news main east playing news years. One east and news me cats. Then there's snow. A scene the scene Sony's. You've seen cats and then there's snow day. News panic she. Okay. And yeah. Had any. Hey did I and east. Is isn't. I'm from the glass. And C. June east place it. Each stock stemmed. Gains. Now dreams as. Queens cats. Says there's snow day. Scenes amaze me. Me cats. And then there's. Or. Send Maggie. Yeah. I it just. Please. At fast. And some. She and cats and then there's subtle way. And it's. She. Kelsey Williams is here if you live from the Katz thank you for that I think you. You mentioned that I'm gonna jump right pat this outcome was a long time coming yes but you like a lot of people were recognized early for your talent he had a record deal you're working on some songs and then like it sometimes does. It didn't work out yes what kept you going at that time what's said to you know how many get right back out there how many keep singing them with us. Well that's actually I mean I have a couple moments of doubt at that point you know I have this. This record deal and they were. Pushing me and more pop direction and it just didn't feel right yes and at that moment time I was thinking well if this is wet. Being a professional musician means I don't know I wanna do it I took some time off and went to school. All the while I continued playing on on the street which is what I do in Los Angeles a lot of playing for tips since LCDs out on the street entrance street prominent into the Monica. And that's where I met says the head of the label blue line that ended up sending me. And that that's that's that a senate like. It means taking in this and others. Any given school where you thinking that I started studying geology actually I was I was looking needs during that and it was three semesters and playing music on the streets of paper books and classes and I met Kirk and he told me. I want you to make a record and I want you have. Complete creative control he he wanted to sign me on the spot and it didn't believe him food like beauty here that. Look like this it was like unreal I didn't believe them he gave me his card and I didn't even call him back the first and essentially it's not true. You mentioned you plan on the promise that it's something that you still do and Monica. People come up by CDs you Sheryl Crow has by the CD you act do you recognized in these people may come up to I think spending I recognized Sheryl Crow that's pressure I think it's possible that there. Other celebrities that have not seeking that I just don't know parable recognizing celebrities and Los Angeles that's. He's playing out there now I don't when he. Well it's it's it's my Smart. For me it's much more intimate setting than say playing in clubs sports art you know obviously the stages right and and audience is dark you can't see he can't see the audience reaction. But when on third street common out there that are lately two feet away from me staring at me which is kind of theater and not get a life. But it's also cool Connecticut to talk to them after like personally hand them a CV it's just. It's really it's really wonderful experience that you LTD by the tens of thousands and doing at the end incredibly act. You think it's taking Judy regardless of how old when your career goes from here I mean I think I always play out there regulate I really feel it Ankara out there and there for ten years it really shaped me as an artist and as a performer. And I just it's good practice you know. I think I think it's terrifying violence and who did a good back you have to consider you a little bit every day Jack gray yeah I'll how. Actually went to the point where Clinton's cult schools schools. And that way. Only he acts see. Steve then that. Seeing. Me he. The skin sometimes be so had his back home. Nailed his hands to. A. Aaron me this chance to songs. And it. For. Daisy its name mask and a names that blend me that these things. It's needed down on the pain and man. Alliances to. And you're. Me act see that through news team that happens. Bang. Yeah. Saint Louis is its intent speak Spanish. The last day. It was yeah. Name. We are live from the cap with healthy Williams here at ABC. I want to ask you about your and tree. It's music in the first place I think it's really threatens a family story about this right you mentioned you move that the California. We knew the baby yet but it was because your mom want it to be it finger right absolutely yes she was this. Songwriter and and she was trying to you know get her songs placed in other people's records and all that. So I just remember listening to her write songs as it fell asleep on the couch or like you know honestly actress musical is falling asleep and had to do then relate. Or falling asleep on the couch at the studio where she was recording. And so I've always been might have very strong. Influence on in my life music background I was on things that he needs to be. And and how a country bands that really England again we can't any sense of Mike carrying forward tradition that they want. You to continue on in me think I needed. It's my mom never told me to be a musician but when I sort of playing guitar I think that's pretty extreme yeah yes and what about now what does she think about your career she's super proud of yes patient Tommy. How he influenced when you play what you write what you're into then and now I mean what did you listen to growing up and how to that in form what you do. Well I had my mom I was lucky in my mom had really good taste in music or at least you know I think she did I grew up listening to patsy client and I'm Neil young and do people will Berkeley called the great old full grades and then it Billie Holiday and Serra on. So there are a lot of influence going L influence is going on from my mom's apartment and then I got older and started you know rebelling and listening to as kids. The that's rebellion on and it's so listening to Bob Dylan was late lasting rock me lakers'. Pick it. In the united and a musical stages of human nineteen analysts and punk now that was always treated when John I don't I guess you know. It's all over the place and Silas insulate Daft Punk or the sixties Radiohead and council of Elliott's. So you know. And holiday you know all over the place I'll definitely and you got people collaborate and keep working on Q do I do I was I was. Elect you to get to seeing on Rita college's new album she's working on which is such an honor as I grow up listening to her as much as another when I'm on the supplier on the house. And an act and such a huge and offers that was a real to being with someone that you grew up. It was cream you kind of crazy but definitely it felt normal because I was like wheat and singing along with her voice for a long time it's at and I get in the studio I'm like oh cool it. I not a effect and I don't doing it and now I'm doing and protect is but I was. Yeah you're playing tonight here in New York Maine and when Ireland to catcher where we UV prominently playing at city winery. An opening for poco. Yes and I'll be obvious song with them to actually resting on an air going to be playing rose of summer and again. And the album is ring out now Kat cats and I think you. Can some Geneva. I guess I'm sorry to hear this month called lonely girls the first single from the new record. Me thank you. He. Dressed and eight. Film I bet technology. And now. He. Its citizens when hangings. You have mass. On nice to me and I. Seeing some. It's gotten out. Yeah. I am not paying out so let's. In fact stands. Com may this town. And these these. This is high paying her own. I'm not content sayings. And some means street. Go way that come things. High event. As Spain. Eyewitness News ahead. Some of them black head of news. In. Packing and and a company now it's it's I mean who can. Then. Turned on men and pounds and patents he. This man behind praying just. His win on hi I'm saying is now. When. In his hands behind. Sounds. In. News is when. And drag me it's. That I.

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