Lovie Simone discusses the 4th season of 'Greenleaf'

The actress talks mega-church drama and her latest projects.
14:54 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Lovie Simone discusses the 4th season of 'Greenleaf'
It's candidly and ABC radio now and I pat once again. Another amazing interview because we have a very talented. Young. Do Latimer. Woman sitting right across from me love eaten on Harry years I couldn't carry I'm well. Like you're cool thing done saying. Yeah. First time talking to you I'm very happy to do so because you're on one of my favorite theory and I'm not saying this is the gap ads and I literally watch shadow. It's called green leaves of Magid her church drama on alone and I watches religiously believe it and not. Annan and you know your character Daria she is a tret she is that a trip. It's so funny sitting here crossing you and your soul public lean years so easy so very night. But. She Ahmad. South now. And foremost. I just wanna say congratulations for all these meetings and working on this is the fourth. Even at green leaf. My good news can you believe it or owner its bloody. Yeah yeah and so before it really think one thing be cut a little like getting some information and searching. I discover you worked and I wouldn't. Like talking to today. Stern you wouldn't that and it. This but yet. So amazing that now she got into acting issue. No she's not she's actually she goes. She. Aaron yeah. This sounds and I antiques eggs is eggs and she's also like she does mr. affairs books work. Completely different sides of the spectrum range. What is so amazing I know she's obviously super proud you're super proud of her that is just magical on that well let's jump into the theory because you know even after the first episode of the foresees an amber ready indoor about the goal off. She is he has their own space now. Now she's living in her own unit yes she's right trying to figure out her next little devious Google's. The playing this character because obviously between France were introduced her and now she had the vault she meant to some saying I want to talk a little bit about how is that playing her now verses when he first item assuming that you became more immediate need filled if he were confident in who she. Kinds. It's definitely been fun because I as I grow up on literally growing with the scared yeah and we're kinda around the same age range so like. Are going through her struggles I can identify that with other people my age going through the struggles and what not. So it's been like growing up with this person next to me that is need to and it cents. Yeah. So how much of Zora. Is in love Ian how much in love visas or because I always feel you try to you know I've after I assume that you pull on things that you. Yet real life. Yes yes yes I feel like what we have in common sense of humor is very witty and sarcastic. Linden that she's really loud they. I'm I'm very mild mannered and I know how to pull it back in and at the legs or is a little manipulative. And stuff like that you know. So funny to me because that means you're fantastic actress because I I started to really believe this is how you're gonna unknown and so glad she item on her I. Give me all this hat. You're full neat she pulled me clearly. And so that is just so amazing now little bit about kind of where redundancies or this season because I know you know we don't want to give too much too and but in the past she'd she'd dealt with an abusive relationship and she's dealt with he you know. Running away in one incident at school bus only lane and you know obviously this is also make pitchers drama expected to be drama because you kind of reeled back in India Millen she does Amaral relation with god and she's and navigate. That's I feel legs or is just regular teenage girl being a teenage girl you know she's going through the motions trying to figure it out. She's also. You know I feel this season Ulysses or kind of try and figure it out and cunning get a flow going you know we'll try to get a flow going. You can kind of see how she wants to handle her relationships to her family are different in her relationships or friends in a different because you know in the previous seasons she was doing obviously wasn't working so I feel like she's kinda catching on. All of that so I feel like she's and it definitely dealer mark and me. Oriented this season she's gonna mature season. Yes and then still talking about that maturity can you know one of the things that I could say is that. Dora definitely has her own notions about who she and I'm this series hot you from playing this character what has this this particular series taught you about yourself. I mean obviously you're around the same age so there's certain things that you kind of you know get delving into playing this character and the things that she's also dealing Lynn. I mean from the beginning it's in now have you learned anything being pulled anything I mean this is still. A series it's based upon deeply rooted themes and things are actually mean real life. It happened at a cherry happen relying. Have you found anything out about yourself. I eighth day. I definitely learned. That I am not invincible. You know a lot of the things at your characters go through this kind of like you fall into those things it's not. Like everybody wants that to happen it's like you've fallen to these scenarios that you have to go my. And so that's one thing that I was because I know when actress is reading this and you know a lot of people it's easy to say oh this can never be me I I can't like a guy who never hit me you know until like. You're in it it's not just physical it's mental and spiritual all of that you know so I've learned not to wanted to look down on people going is something like but you kinda judge them way. When a title on that because it can easily happen to you. And that's a great response because in actuality Yunel it's very easy to be that person looking outside. And all of that would never happen to me because I would never never never act on dot but then when you become this character you start ABC things you didn't see before and maybe you can even. Empathize with that person and what they're going RO. That's definitely something I think is is very astute so I mean it's really great that you're able to take all that income of course you're working with its off. Dark cats. Now we talk about it and Oprah win re out of batted heads yet opting I am now. On talk a little bit about kind of what you learn for. I working with such an easy and how I mean obviously this is the perfect place to cut you well yes. Of fresh air I I got green leaf when I was sixteen so I got it when I was a senior and her eyes and I. Basically Greenleaf is my college my college variance or use you know if you look at. So being on set like learning from on the veterans on the re actors it's kinda like how why. Became an actress that I am is kinda tell island you know I have to see things that experience things act like that's all. I was able to do while act used to seeing and experiencing all of these people like taking in like little pieces like seeing how people. All in a character how they kind of get into the scene before like while they're rolling in the past and that's when yeah exactly a master classes give me. A boy your math class that I was so pleasant part. Absolutely and American hoping that it will continue on because again as one of my jams and I'm excited seeing this gonna go. On any loop so many twists so many time I'm just like she got. She got so much is happening in you guys. Tony can just be ready because if you that was. He just he says it's I cannot wait now fans Heidi Gillick and because you know this like fresh ultra always ask them say I'm share. And church will come up the well we're glad you. And sometimes it's kinda crazy because it's like running into my on to my uncles. Who asked me. I get a lot of like you need to stay away from that alliance. Light that. As far as like the younger crowd like they'll follow me on agreements happens LC the same beings. And Mike with my fans. Backs and I think they're funny and something like this oh. Yeah. Or did he tie for you why do you have. This absolutely marvelous theories going on and here you've been kill at Sundance with some paying. First and foremost we saw you. In share which was really such a monumental monumental. Drama I mean lately talking about things that you know you'd can experience in high school in kind of that culture. And you did you know such agreed to out in the ads. And then also this Amazon now becoming a series and super excited for you play the leads they. Plus south and aid. Aids so with his theories and we are delighted to great job. At Sundance but Denton now goal line into this old type of. The Ares I mean is such an undertaking are you prepared for that type of thing I mean with all you have going on how do you even begin to light delving into the not even try IMs and singing out and act like I'm definitely is still new and is games like everything is like. It's was saying yes I'm excited about. Silence is becoming its Ares I hope that I am able to Indian because salad does graduates ways and means needs arm and the excited to see. Where the world. Yes I'll just just everybody you know because I know you know there was at Sundance I want a little bit about what it's about just so you cut people yeah idea Sonos aids is about this morning's all of that diet and Ian in the mornings won't. Onto there's five actions. In the five factions are the five group student. Body groups as you can say that run underground system everything. Alcohol aims bedding. Writing papers you and stuff like that to the states controlled alcohol and drugs. Ian I'm about to graduates I have to kind of leave a leader high is how it goes and you kind of see high him. How I play with control in like handled that with. Not being the leader you know his I have to tend to the person that I entrances. Make the leader for this aids you know so is just seeing her kind them. I wrap her head around control and you know I also feel like control is one of those things where it's like. The more you try to hold onto the crazier you gonna get so you kinda see how crazy people looking again when they try and control every living around them. Yet it hasn't just curious you obviously playing Zora for so many years you tap any packed into any of that. When you went to Clinton's final full characters we would theater similar at all if there's anything that you can kind connect the dots on. But you know they're very. Type a personality yes carry it I would say yes very much so I am. I feel like Zora and selling very difference it was a completely different. Playing field because Zora is the type where she'll manipulate and she'll make you think that's what she wanted do. Itself. Is more so I'm going to tell you what to do and that's not which are going to do and you points consequences kinda thing. It was that I. Yes. You did so well and I'm just so excited to EU continue to floor light again this is one of my favorite theories green leaf. And yell I'm just curious where do you have your I said necks I mean I feel like you've just been doing so many Greek project promising drama ruled. Wouldn't let the comedy seen them like to me how you Sharon but I definitely. Am open to every job. You know I kind of one did without all of the arts that is you know I I just I want. He in the comedy actions in the romances. And I also wannabe actor for their actions and their romance currently eighties and has yet do we get some downtime I mean I assume that you know over summer break I don't probably weren't Irish making yes and your sister off from school and you are quirky and so lightweight you gonna hang out with the -- they're just. Have a vacation well I mean. The way the schedules where it is kinda like he can be working a lot and then not working for a little bit so whenever I was not working that's Alice like with my family and whenever I was working my family was coming sat with near like my friends are set. Or I'd whenever I do have free time colleges like travel doing mini road trip I just try and use some thing that panicky. We've seen because I am an introvert so I do need to kind of recharge my battery. Frequently it's now Friday that your answer over and extra credit I you know. But I a year and it doesn't like it easily from your acting and it does show that you're really dynamic in the sense that you can be able to kind of put it on when he need to and then put it away and it's time when he I am so you know looking for anything else that you can teaser Telus for a week now well I am actually. Barry. Project that's very exciting. I hate acts in the team but if you asylum in the social media at eight. And intelligent social media so in my is Simone muggy and mind and sticking him as levees and underscore. Let's check I can he not promote the heck out of ten. David Madden against what's alone. That's right I love it thank you still might not in my eyes he radio. Again green leaf you know it's Tuesday night. But as well as all these amazing things are coming your way were super excited and I want them fashion weeks. Now we got the U of these street these New York. Of course that the Kenneth Lyons signing off ABC radio well thank you so much need for.

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